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Weighted Living features a range of articles, guides, and product recommendations for everything weighted. We believe anyone and everyone, including yourself, can enhance the way they live by simply adding a bit of weight into their life.

Nearly all areas of your life can be improved with weighted additions. Exercise and sports are a big one with plenty of weighted sports equipment and fitness gear to boost the calories you burn, trim down on the unwanted fat, and add a little extra muscle onto your body.

On top of that, weighted products can also be used inside your home, for your pets, and for your children.

Now, there are hundreds of weighted products out there in each of the categories, which is why we created Weighted Living – so you don’t have to research through them all. We’ve gathered info on all the products, compared which ones are the best for which prices, and sought out experiences of previous buyers – resulting in a buying guide like no other.

If you’d like to see a specific type of weighted product here or would like to send us another message – we’d love to hear from you! Send us a message on weightedliving [at] gmail [dot] com

Otherwise, explore some of our latest guides below.