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Are Weighted Blankets Hot? Guide to Better Sleep

do weighted blankets make you hot during sleep

A good sleep at night is not less than a blessing. Some people don’t have this blessing due to the depression and anxiety they suffer from at night. These disturbing nights increase their anxiety. For these people, professionals recommend a fantastic therapy to use weighted blankets for every sleep to get a good sleep. Weighted blankets put pressure on the body and relax it. Due to this therapy, depression reduces and helps people to sleep well.

Here is a question that arises commonly about weighted blankets: Are weighted blankets hot? 

The answer is that it depends.

If a blanket is heavy, it is not necessary that it must be hot too. This depends on the fabric used to make the blanket.

Mostly, this question is asked by people who want a heavy blanket but not a hot one. Some hot sleepers also ask this question to get pressure therapy and a night of warm sleep. Read the article if you are one of these people to get our complete guide about your query.

Are Weighted Blankets Hot? Guide to Better Sleep: Summary

What Are Weighted Blankets, And What They Do?

Weighted blankets are heavy blankets with some extra layers of fabric. These blankets are heavier than standard blankets used for depression-reducing therapy. Weighted blankets use a deep pressure on the body to produce a neurotransmitter called Serotonin, which helps get a good mood and stimulate melatonin. 

Serotonin regulates and increases the sleeping hormone melatonin, which helps get good sleep. These blankets can work for both hot sleepers and cold sleepers. The differences occur in the blanket fabric, whether you use a cool fabric (like linen) or a warm fabric (like cotton). 

Benefits of Using Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are excellent for deep pressure stimulation (DPS). These blankets with 12-20 pounds reduce your anxiety and have many other benefits. Following are some benefits of weighted blankets:

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

If you are a stressed patient who is not getting a good sleep at night, try weighted blankets. These blankets are amazing to reduce stress by putting pressure on the body and producing hormones like Serotonin. The production of hormones makes you happy and helps you to sleep well. You can use these blankets even if you are not a stressed patient. Weighted blankets also reduce temporary stress due to some workload or any other reason.

Have a Unique Calming Effect

When a weighted blanket puts pressure on a tired and stressed body, it causes a relaxation effect on the body. The deep pressure of weighted blankets is a good option to keep your body calm. Due to a relaxed and stress-free body overnight, you get a good sleep which gradually helps end your stress.

Improve Your Sleep Quality

If you awake overnight whenever you have a tired and stressed body. If your daily work disturbs your sleep badly and makes you feel more stressed and tired. By using a weighted blanket, your body gets relaxed and calm, which helps you get better sleep at night. In this way, these weighted blankets improve your sleep quality.

Are Weighted Blankets Hot to Sleep Under?

When we talk about weighted blankets, many people assume a weighted blanket means a hot blanket. But it is not a fact. Some people need heavy blankets, but they are cold sleepers. Weighted blankets suitable for these people are available. Similarly, Some people need heavy and hot blankets, and these hot and heavy blankets are also available.

How is this possible? It doesn’t depend on the weight of the blanket; instead, it is about the fabric used in a blanket. Hence these blankets might be hot or not.

What Are the Best Fabrics for Weighted Blankets?

You might be wondering about weighted blankets that suit you best and which one you should choose. Don’t worry, I’m going to discuss all-season blankets.

Cooling Bamboo

Brookstone Cooling Weighted Blanket

Bamboo fibers are light which makes a weighted blanket more breathable. These fibers are more eco-friendly and breathable than cotton due to their moisture-absorbing feature. This stunning feature of bamboo fiber provides an excellent and longer sleep to a hot sleeper. Bamboo also has the property of thermo-regulation. 

This thermo-regulating property maintains the body temperature. Because of the thermo-regulation, bamboo fabric is suitable for the summer and winter seasons. Bamboo feels similar to 100% cotton due to the lyocell and bamboo viscose used to make it. Bamboo fabric materials are soft and less static, making the blanket resist wrinkles.



Cotton is an option that can not be neglected at all. Because it offers almost all the features that make a weighted blanket a good choice for all the season. Cotton is a soft material that is clean, breathable, and lightweight


As the name indicates, eucalyptus tree, this fabric is used in the weighted blanket made from the wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree. This organic material is breathable, eco-friendly, and allows the body to breathe easily. Eucalyptus is an excellent choice to be safe from a warm climate due to its cooling and heat escape feature.

Weighted Blanket Materials to Avoid

It depends on whether you are a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper. If you are a hot sleeper, avoid polyester base fabric that will make you feel warm at night. They don’t allow water or heat to escape and make a hot environment for you.

Polyester fabric also causes overheating and helps you to get an unformattable sleep. Cotton, linen, and bamboo sheets are other options that are light weighted and moist absorbers. But what if you are a hot sleeper? So, if you are a hot sleeper, you should avoid materials like wool, fleece, and flannel. They are materials suitable for cold sleepers.

Are Weighted Blankets Hot for Kids?

Some kids find the weighted blankets hot and heat up very soon after lying under these blankets. You must want to avoid a warm fabric like Minky fiber. One simple thing you can do is purchase a blanket with a removable cover. At the start, allow your kid to sleep just under the inner material of the blanket.

After a few days, when your kid becomes a bit used to the blanket, allow your kid to sleep under the blanket with cover. This will help your child to get a good sleep.

You should purchase a weighted blanket according to the age of your kid. A weighted blanket for adults might be harmful to a kid.

How To Stay Cool Throughout the Night?

sleeping better with weighted blanket on

A weighted blanket can make the environment hot enough to sleep for you if you haven’t chosen a good one. But, if you have a weighted blanket according to yourself, what can make your night uncomfortable sleep? Some other factors like your mattress or room temperature can also cause heat. 

Use a good mattress and keep your bed at a low temperature to solve these problems. You can turn on the fan or any Air conditioner if needed. This will help you stay cool throughout the night and have a good sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are weighted blankets used for?

Weighted blankets are used for many purposes. The primary purpose is to get rid of anxiety and depression. This happens when weighted blankets put some pressure the body and relax. Weighted blankets are also used to get a good sleep when your body is relaxed and stress-free.

Are weighted blankets safe?

Generally, weighted blankets are safe for adults and teenagers. Using a weighted blanket with an appropriate measure can be a safer side. It would be best if you had a blanket equivalent to 10% of your body weight. Weighted blankets can be harmful to kids under the age of two years because they may face suffocation.

Are weighted blankets hot in the summer?

Many people assume that a weighted blanket means a hot blanket. This is not what they assume, and it depends on the fabric used in the blanket. Some fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo can be used in summer because they do not produce too much heat. So, you can choose a weighted blanket even in summer and enjoy an excellent cold sleep.

Are weighted blankets warmer than regular blankets?

Many weighted blankets are warmer than a regular blanket. But weighted blankets don’t mean warm blankets. Many weighted blankets have a significant weight but are warm like regular blankets. This entirely depends on the fabric used to make the blanket.


I hope now you have an idea about are weighted blankets hot or not. People assume that weighted blankets must be hot because of the weight, which is not a fact. There are blankets available that are heavy but not hot. 

How is this possible? It is because a weighted blanket doesn’t mean a hot; blanket’s material effects the temperature. It depends on the fabric used to make the weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are used to perform deep pressure therapy. In this therapy, the weight of a blanket causes reduced stress from a tiered body. Lessons help to improve the quality of sleep.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

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