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Are Weighted Shift Knobs Dangerous to Use?

are weighted shift knobs dangerous to use

Are you an owner of a manual transmission car? If you are, it is safe for me to assume that you know what a shift knob is. Would you rather use a plastic or a weighted shift knob? Possibly, you do not realize why some experts assert these shift knobs are treacherous, but are weighted shift knobs dangerous to use?

Look through this informative article to get helpful information about the weighted shift knob. The information you’ll receive here will help you decide if you would like to consider these knobs.

Are Weighted Shift Knobs Dangerous to Use?

What are Weighted Shift Knobs?

Mishimoto MMSK-BK Weighted Shift Knob Black

Everybody wants their car to reflect their personality, interests, or dreams. You can achieve this in various ways, one of which is by changing the gear shift knob in your car. Weighted shift knobs are a metallic knob used to move the shifter in the car transmission.

There are a variety of shift knobs available for vehicles such as cars and large trucks. These knobs are generally made of stainless steel or aluminum. Just about all these shift knobs have a beautiful smooth finish and hence are definitely comfortable. These weighted shift knobs allow drivers to change gears easily without breaking a sweat.

Are Weighted Shift Knobs Dangerous?

Weighted shift knobs tend to cause undue damage to a car’s gears. Heavy shifter knobs reduce the gap between the vehicle’s gears and the shifter rail. Unfortunately, unlike plastic shift knobs, weighted ones are unbearably heavy. Therefore, moving the shift knob back and forth is too strenuous as you drive your car. For this reason, controlling your car’s speed as you drive becomes grueling.

Although weighted shift knobs are generally dangerous, new brands are making reliable and safer weighted shift knobs for their customers. For example, they make shift knobs with a reliable weight that never impacts the vehicle. Furthermore, manufacturers add an insulation cover to prevent overheating. Hence you can fearlessly use the knob to switch the gears whenever necessary.

Is it Safe to Use a Weighted Shift Knob in Your Car?

Yes, they are, for the most part! Most weighted shift knobs have a well-brushed finish. Additionally, the knob has a nice tubular design and is easy to grasp in your palms as you drive. However, I advise you to consider a relatively light shift knob as opposed to heavy ones. I propose you select a shift knob that weighs in the region of 360-550 grams. I can boldly guarantee you that you will have the smoothest driving experience.

If you’re keen enough, you will realize that newer weighted shifter knob manufacturers are installing LED lights on their products. On the grounds of this, drivers can safely drive the car even in the evening after nightfall.

Also, these new weighted shift knobs make it easier to shift the car when it’s inevitable. Ordinarily, it is too energy-demanding to shift a car, particularly a vehicle with manual transmission. In my opinion, as you now know, about weighted shift knobs, it makes sense to switch out factory-installed knobs for weighted ones.

Weighted Shift Knobs: Good or Bad?

Contrastingly, weighted shifter knobs are good to use when driving any type of car. As you will discern shortly, these shift knobs are smooth and easy to grip for shifting purposes while you drive. The beauty of weighted shifting knobs is that although they’re bulky, they have standard dimensions. Therefore, drivers can rely on these pressure-resistant shift knobs for effortless gear switching.

Most people consider them bad, particularly as they may tamper with the transmission cycle. To give a wide berth to this eventuality, go for the shift knob with an average weight of not more than 660 grams (roughly 0.66 kilograms).

Best 4 Weighted Shift Knobs

In 2022, customers are blessed as they are diverse weight shift knob brands in the market. Therefore, you have a huge pool of shift knob brands to consider. However, I regard it imperative to share with you the top 4 brands of weighted shifters for sale.

Here is the review.

Lunbowon Weighted Shift Knobs

The Lubowon Weighted Shift Knobs are manual shift knobs made of aluminum. Lunbowon weighted shift knob has an appealing design with a smooth red finish. The fascinating bit is that each of these shift knobs comes with three sturdy adapters.

Mishimoto Weighted Shift Knobs

The second item on our list is the Mishimoto Weighted Shift Knob. These knobs are made of steel and have a shiny finish. It features 360g (0.3 kilograms) of weight, ensuring intuitive gear shifting. Shift knobs by Mishimoto come in various colors, including black, purple, green, etc. The shift knob also has an ergonomic shape, ensuring a comfortable hand position.

Dewhel Shiny Weighted Shift Knobs

The third option on our list is Dewhel Weighted Shift Knobs. This shift knob is made from aluminum and has a total weight of 0.2 kilograms. You can choose from the color Red, White or Black shift knob. DEWHEL weighted shifter is an aluminum knob that is flawless for any hand size. The beautiful purple finish will sweep you off your feet. Aside from that, the knob has a moderately sizable thread.


  • Shiny appearance
  • Three color options
  • Lightweight
  • Winsome cylindrical design
  • Relatively glassy and appealing appearance


  • Quite overpriced

Frienda Weighted Shift Knobs

Lastly is Frienda Weighted Shift Knobs, which has a lever and a rigid knob. This shift knob is designed from aluminum & comes with one free adapter. Every one of Frienda weighted shift knobs’ package contains several useful accessories. Additionally, this shift knob isn’t just corrosion-resistant but also non-deformable. Consequently, you can use this shift knob conveniently for a long duration.


  • Installation isn’t difficult
  • Gives assurance of smooth driving
  • Warrants’ value for money
  • It fits superbly


  • Threads might not fit as expected
  • Available in black only

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Weighted Shift Knobs: FAQs

1. Why Are Weighted Shift Knobs Too Costly?

Weighted shift knobs are made from pricey materials such as aluminum. That is the primary reason why these shift knobs always stand the test of time. Additionally, most manufacturers make most of these shift knobs from metallic materials.

Further, manufacturers put a lot of effort into producing these shift knobs. I assume that you know that these knobs have well-crafted and good finishing. As you and I expect, the knobs fit perfectly.

2. Is It a Bad Thing to Rest my Hand on the Shift Knob?

No, it is not! Resting your hands on the weighted shift knob for some time won’t trigger any movement or rotation. However, I wouldn’t recommend it though unless you’re driving. Resting one or both hands on the shift knob may damage the car’s transmission system little by little.

Apart from that, accident experts caution drivers against driving with one hand.

Always rest both hands on the steering wheel when driving. Over-resting your hand on the shift knob for too long makes you ill-prepared to handle any emergency. Failure to do so you are likely to cause a grisly accident. Therefore, you should stop this costly habit, particularly when driving cars with manual transmission. As long as you install the shift knob properly, you will not need to keep switching gears.

3. Are Weighted Shift Knobs Comfortable to Use?

Yes, they are! Weighted shift knob brands make these knobs from aluminum and add a smooth finish. For this reason, it is easy to grip and drive the car for as long as you choose. Note that most shift knobs have a cylindrical design and are proportionately medium. Hence it is easy to grasp the knobs!

Weighted shift knobs have multiple rubber rings around them. This warrants a firm grip as you ride your vehicle. We both know that good gripping is distinctly paramount if you wish to drive at a fast speed. Finally, the shift knob is available in varying sizes for crystal clear reasons. Accordingly, you can plump for the weighted shift knob that best befits your preference. Medium-sized shift knobs are much more comfortable to use. I advise you to choose a large shift knob for a truck and a medium one for a small-sized car.

4. Do Weighted Shift Knobs Guarantee a Smooth Driving Experience?

Yes, they do! Unlike plastic shift knobs, weighted shift knobs make shifting much smoother and faster. Thanks to this, you can drive much more comfortably, especially because it ensures that your hand remains perfectly cozy. Interestingly, most weighted shift knobs have an eye-catching ergonomic design. Thanks to it, you can hold the knob in your hands for a long drive. As contradictory as it sounds, although the shift knob is smooth, it has non-slip properties.

5. What Are Weighted Shift Knobs Made of?

As a rule, most weighted shift knob brands make their products from mainly steel and aluminum. The handle and the sides of these knobs are made from metal (mostly AL). It’s no surprise that these shift knobs last for a long time.

What informs shift knob manufacturers’ decision to choose these materials? Well, it is because these materials guarantee a wide range of benefits. For instance, these heavy-duty materials make them tough. Therefore, they do not snap easily. Thus you can use this shift knob on your car for a long time.

Are Weighted Shift Knobs Dangerous to Use? - My Final Words

Lastly, there are many pros and cons of using weighted shift knobs on your car. On the good side, the pros exceed the cons by far. Therefore, I would not encourage anyone to keep advising against using these shift knobs.

The article illustrates that weighted shift knobs improve an operator’s driving experience. As long as you get a suitable shift knob for your car, you will have the time of your life as you drive your vehicle. Therefore, choose weighted shifter knobs in contrast with other knobs like custom, car-specific, or stock-shift knobs.

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