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Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy

benefits of using weighted blanket during pregnancy

A research states that sleeping disorders are common among pregnant women in the United States, where an almost 8 out of 10 women are a victim of this problem. Fact is, a healthy sleep is beneficial for every individual both in terms of health and well-being, but its importance is on next level for all pregnant moms who are also carrying a human life in them. Although, weighted blanket for pregnancy has helped overcome this sleeping concern. However, reservations still exists regarding its safety and usability standards.

But don’t worry! This article covers all benefits that you would want to know before buying a weighted blanket during pregnancy. Let’s start!

Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy: Summary

Using a Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy

A weighted blanket is not like the traditional blanket that you’ve been using all your life. Rather it’s a calming, sensory, or anxiety elimination blanket that features heavy quilt pockets, which are filled with evenly distributed glass beads, sand or plastic weights. You must be wondering about the need for these fillings? Well, they are added to ensure extra weight that promises a giant hug-like feel, which feels very comfortable and relaxing to the mother. Of course, when the mother is relaxed both mentally and physically, she’ll sleep longer and peaceful. This will ultimately impose a good healthy impression on both mother and baby inside the womb.

Moreover, the weighted blankets for pregnant mothers are also designed as a way for Deep Pressure Touch therapy (DPT), which enhances the nervous system for promoting healthy, faster and longer sleep. The availability of weight ensures a therapeutic level for easing all sorts of body discomforts, that are bought during pregnancy.

Why Do You Need a Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy?

is it safe to use weighted blanket during pregnancy

Sleep is extremely important for a pregnant woman, since she has to sleep not only for herself but also for her child. However, in the earlier stages of pregnancy, sleeping becomes really difficult for moms who had to go through tiredness and lazy feelings all that time. The reason is, during the first trimester of the pregnancy period, there’s a dramatic increase in progesterone levels that are responsible for excessive sleepy feels. However, getting quality sleep is challenging for many pregnant women, which further worsens as the second and third-trimester approaches. The failure in sleep is due to many factors, including the size of the baby which increases with time. 

In all these scenarios, a weighted blanket plays a great role with its reliable and effective results, in regards to sleeping concerns among pregnant mothers. There are so many benefits of using a weighted blanket during pregnancy because it is featured with evenly distributed fillers that offers a gentle massage to all the sensory points of the body. Weighted blankets can not only relax your muscles during pregnancy, but also relieves pains, aches and pressure that leads to healthy and peaceful sleep, all the way.

All the Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy

A weighted pregnancy blanket is a sign of premium craftsmanship that contributes to a healthy sleep during the pregnancy period. Want to why this blanket is special? Here are the benefits of using a weighted blanket during pregnancy.

Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

It’s always easy to feel overwhelmed during many life changes in pregnancy, despite the best efforts for women to stay cool, calm, and relaxed. The women that are becoming mother’s for the very first time, often experience an increased hormone production with more anticipation of motherhood about the baby’s care, health and safety. This causes stress and anxiety levels to rise among newly pregnant mothers, which ultimately leads to sleeping disorders. However, the use of weighted blankets have ideally taken care of this situation, where more and more women are finding it helpful in alleviating these feelings. You must be wondering how it’s possible? Well, the science behind it comes from Deep Pressure Touch Therapy, which is also known as Deep Pressure Stimulation Therapy.

This therapy is basically the science of applying gentle pressure to the body, so that it can enhance the production of serotonin – a chemical that helps in sleep and relaxation. The weighted blanket is designed in such a way that it supports such therapy, which is why it’s beneficial in pregnancy. A tactile sensory in the form of cuddling, hugging and firm stroking is what you would feel within this blanket. This will make you comfortable, happy and relaxed which is exactly what you need for the baby’s health.

Weighted Blankets are Safe to Use During Pregnancy

One of the side effects of pregnancy is the swelling in the legs and hands, which is caused due to inflammation. Since, a woman’s body is producing about 50% more fluid during the pregnancy period, therefore the risk for fluid accumulation in tissues become higher, which results in swelling pains with a puffy appearance.

This is where, weighted blanket comes into play during pregnancy as it helps to exert gentle and even pressure on the body, which feels very comfortable and relaxing. The blanket would help accelerate the healing process of inflammation, since the mother would be in the comfortable mode and would be least thinking of inflammation pains. Henceforth, leading to peaceful periods of sleep during nights.

Weighted Blankets can Help Treat Restless Legs Syndrome During Pregnancy

Nearly 1 out of 3 pregnant women are said to experience Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) during pregnancy. This type of condition can severely affect sleep qualities with the constant itchy feelings, that are associated with triggering the urge for legs movement. This makes the sleeper to wake up right in the middle of the night, which is never a good option for someone going through a pregnancy period. Although, there are several medicines that can treat RLS, but again these medicines may have dangerous side effects. Therefore, weighted blanket acts as a more secure and functional way of reducing RLS symptoms among pregnant women.

As soon as weighted blanket touches your body, it activates its Deep Pressure Therapy that helps relieving the RLS symptoms by releasing serotonin and reducing cortisol levels. This will automatically calm your nerves, soothe the body pain, and eliminate every type of discomfort.

Weighted Blankets Help to Promote Good Body Posture

Back pains are a common problem among pregnant women in the US. But do you know these pains are caused due the growing weight of the baby? Well, in this case, it’s important to have a good posture that comes with a healthy night sleep. This means, when you’ll sleep longer, tighter and healthier, it automatically improves your posture which is important for both mother and baby’s health. Not forgetting, a good back posture improves blood circulation and eases muscle tensions. Therefore, weighted blanket acts as a perfect choice for improving sleep qualities, and improving back postures among pregnant women.

Weighted Blankets Help to Calm Down Your Nervous System

Do you know an overactive nervous system can lead to increased heart rate, hyperactivity, shortness of breath and anxiety? Well, this is mainly caused due to bad sleeping qualities or insomnia. Since, sleeping disorders are common among pregnant women, so chances of an overactive nervous system is also high which is definitely not good for both mother and baby. \

Another one the amazing benefits of using a weighted blanket during pregnancy is that weighted blankets play a great role in this regard, as they help to distribute an even amount of pressure and weight, that calms the body and activate the relaxing parasympathetic nervous system. This ensures healthy and peaceful sleep among pregnant mothers’.

Improved Daytime Life

When you sleep healthy and longer, you’d be totally fresh and active during the morning. You’ll feel nicely refreshed and motivated to complete your daily life work. However, your day could go lazy and tired if you just suffered horrible sleeping patterns during the last night.

The weighted blanket is crafted to ensure a healthy and peaceful sleep among pregnant women. This means, the mother would always be in a good mood when she wakes up in the morning. Ultimately, paving the way for her to experience an improved daytime life with social gatherings, morning walks, yoga sessions, foody intervals, entertainment, etc. The fact is, when the mother would be happy and relaxed, ultimately the child inside her would also be in a healthy development phase.

Temperature Adjustment

The weighted pregnancy blanket is featured with a variation, called “cooling weighted blanket“. This blanket is equipped with a cooling effect that helps adjusting to the temperature, especially during the summers. The blanket is made from a specialized breathable material that prevents sweaty sessions during the night sleep. Therefore, enabling you to continue sleeping, peacefully and longer. Moreover, there is also an option to remove the cotton cover in some of the weighted blankets, so that you can snuggle during hot nights of summer. 

The fact is, hormonal changes play a major role in increased body sweat during pregnancy. Henceforth, it’s why many pregnant women often easily get irritated due to the uneasy feeling regarding the body temperatures. This is where cooling weighted blanket actively comes into play, while offering a comfortable living space minus the discomfort caused by the excessive sweating.


Pregnancy is like a 9-month roller coaster ride of emotions with life-changing feelings of carrying a life inside you. Therefore, sometimes you’re at a peak with happy moments, while sometimes you’re at the lowest point. From having that lovely baby glow down to experiencing ugly mornings with sickness, insomnia, laziness, swelling and hormonal changes: this sums up pregnancy life very much.

However, the weighted blankets have ideally helped making this phase easier, comfortable and relaxing for many pregnant mothers. On the first trimester during pregnancy, many women are heavily stressed by sleeping issues during nights, just like all other women. Subsequently, this can be very concerning in regards to your baby’s health following the adverse effects of sleeping disorders on your mental and physical well-being.

Despite, the best and reliable results shown by a weighted pregnancy blanket, I still believe a pregnant woman must remain in touch with her doctor throughout the pregnancy period, don’t just assume that the benefits of weighted blankets during pregnancy is convincing enough to think that weighted blankets will solve your stress during pregnancy, it’s not.

After all, the hormonal changes in every woman are not the same, so it isn’t likely that if weighted blanket suits one woman then it will surely suit other women as well. Therefore, if your pregnancy sleeping concerns are persisting, then better get advice from your doctor. The healthcare professional would let you know whether a weighted blanket could be an effective part, or you require other comprehensive treatment.

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