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Benefits Of Using Weighted Boxing Gloves

Benefits of Using Weighted Boxing Gloves

If you watch a professional boxing match, you will notice that the boxers have their hands constantly in their faces trying to prevent injury. They always keep their hand up to create a defensive formation against their opponent. 

Boxers never fail to use their hands and fist throughout the competition. It’s always moving. A professional boxer throws up to 40-80 punches throughout the game. To keep up, he needs a great deal of stamina, endurance, strength, speed, etc., to maintain this cycle of events. 

If he cannot keep up, he will tire early or get hit by his opponent. You would never see a boxer keep his hand by his side unless he wasn’t sporting yet. 

For a boxer to keep up with all of this, he would need extra help or effort, which is where weighted boxing gloves come in. There are numerous benefits of weighted boxing gloves for boxers in particular and others who participate in sports. 

These are no ordinary gloves used for sparring, but those with excess weight are used only for training purposes. Weighted gloves have extra weight added to them on the back of the hand. A typical boxing glove has a weight that ranges from 1lb to 6 lbs, while a weighted glove has extra weight added to this. Some of them have fixed weights, while some have removable weights. 

The principle behind a weighted glove is that the body, including arms and muscles, adjusts itself to the extra weight so that when it is removed, the hands can be faster, have more strength, and the arms toned. If you are still wondering if it is relevant to use a weighted boxing glove, you should read this. The benefits of weighted boxing gloves are discussed below.

Benefits of Weighted Boxing Gloves: Summary

Weighted Boxing Gloves Benefits

As initially mentioned, there are many benefits of weighted boxing gloves, and you should not neglect them. It is majorly used for training to get you accustomed to using the boxing gloves effectively.

Boost Muscle Strength & Speed

One of the peculiar qualities of human beings is their adaptability. They can learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations. Your body adapts to the problem with weighted boxing gloves, making your muscles more robust and faster. Hence, you will notice how light the regular boxing glove feels when you remove the weighted glove. This allows you to be more effective and efficient during boxing. Due to this, weighted boxing gloves are a superior alternative to dumbbells because of the numerous benefits of weighted boxing gloves.

Improves Cardiovascular Endurance

Another benefit of weighted boxing gloves is that they improve cardiovascular endurance. Weighted gloves don’t just increase muscle mass, strength, and speed, but they also increase your endurance level in the cardiovascular system. When you push your body to the limit, the cardiovascular system has to exert extra effort. Eventually, it will become accustomed to the increased demand.

Using weighted gloves for a while will eliminate any extra weight from your hand, allowing you to throw punches for longer periods without feeling any extra weight on your hand. The use of weighted boxing gloves can also lead to a higher Rate of Perceived Exertion scale. Therefore, you can exert more effort for a longer time.

Enhances Stamina

Weighted gloves add more resistance, and you may feel exhausted after using them for a few minutes. Well, it will take some getting used to. When you first begin practicing shadowboxing with weighted boxing gloves, you will find that your arms do not function as happily. Continuously doing this will reduce your stamina at first, but as your body adapts, your stamina will increase as well. Once the arm muscles get used to the added weight, they will automatically become stronger.


The weighted gloves are designed to fit around your fist so you can use your hands when exercising. Suppose you hold the dumbbell while training; you cannot do anything else with the same hand, not even remove a strand of hair. Thus, weighted gloves make you more comfortable and allow you to perform other tasks.

Do Weighted Boxing Gloves Hit Harder?

do weighted boxing gloves help you punch harder

It would feel unnatural when you try to do your regular shadow boxing routine with the weighted boxing gloves on your hand will find out that you can not do them effectively or easily. Within the first few minutes, you will find it challenging to make all the boxing routines with it. But with time, your body begins to get used to the additional weight on your hands. 

It increases your stamina, and you can make more powerful punches or hit harder. This depends on how well you take in calories to boost your stamina. 

With a dumbbell, you can’t perform all the styles you would go on stage. For example, you would not try to throw your punches with the way you hold a dumbbell. Else you will just end up hitting yourself over and over. However, with the weighted boxing glove wrapping over your hand, you can practice all the moves you would go on stage. So that when you finally enter the stage and fight with an ordinary glove, you use it better. 

When your body must have adjusted itself with the extra weight and developed along the line, your stamina is built up, and you have more strength to wait out or throw more powerful punches long after your opponent has gotten tired. Hence, you can count this benefit of weighted boxing gloves to strengthen your stamina and help you hit your opponent harder.

Do Weight Increase Speed?

Still asking whether weighted boxing gloves increase your hand movement, then maybe you should try it too and experience it first hand. With a weighted boxing glove, the boxer can do the exact movements he will make in the boxing ring during his training. He can try to protect his face by covering it with his weighted glove wrapper fist. He can also throw as many punches as he can while wearing it because it is easy to work with. 

This means that he will eventually get used to the weight of the glove. Performing the movements in the boxing ring, throwing punches faster and efficiently despite the weight on both hands. Consequently, when he removes the weighted boxing glove and puts on an ordinary glove. The ordinary boxing glove will feel extremely light. Hence he would use the same velocity and apply the same force he used during the training with the weighted glove. As a result, he has more speed for his movements which gives him a lot of advantage over his opponent.

Do Weighted Gloves Help With Arm Toning?

Yes, indeed, there are arm toning benefits of weighted boxing gloves. This is another great benefit of weighted boxing gloves that you enjoy if you make more use of them. Weighted gloves tone and strengthen your arms like no other. Keeping your hands up is constantly putting pressure on your arm muscles, and the key to muscle growth is repeated periods of stress and rest. So, using weighted gloves will increase the muscles in the forearms and burn fat resulting in more toned arms. 

The use of dumbbells causes harm as well as its benefits. You can injure your joints or even wound yourself in the face. The use of weighted boxing gloves makes all the difference. It is all-in-one equipment you need as a professional boxer. Toning your muscle arm, as we mentioned, is also necessary for you to be a successful boxer. Less fat in your muscles, advanced muscle size, and more powerful contractions, resulting in more efficiency and effective use of the muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are weighted boxing gloves?

Weighted boxing gloves are gloves used by sportsmen or boxers, particularly for training. It has an extra weight added to it on both hands, making it harder to get used to or adapt immediately. Boxers can develop advantageous features that help them become better in their careers with a weighted boxing glove. 

Are weighted boxing gloves effective at increasing speed?

The answer is yes; you can take the benefit of weighted boxing gloves to increase speed. While training with this extra weight on the back of the hand, the muscles try to make up for this additional stress by developing more and trying to overcome the resistance. After a few attempts at using this, the muscle gets used to it, and you can now efficiently work with the glove. Remove the glove and put on an ordinary boxing glove, and you will see that you can now quickly move your hand however you want faster. The regular glove feels way lighter on your hands which is beneficial.


The idea of a weighted boxing glove has been generally adopted. Take a look at the amazing benefits of weighted boxing gloves you enjoy if you employ its use, even if you were not boxing but engaging in cardiovascular sport or other exercises. 

Say you are a baseball player; you also have a lot to gain from the glove. Increasing your speed is one notable benefit of weighted boxing gloves.

Another benefit of weighted boxing gloves is increased strength. Using a weighted glove during training as a boxer is almost like where a student writing an exam was given his question before the exam date. 

Indeed, he would finish before the other students and finish well, having seen the questions beforehand. Training with a weighted boxing glove prepares you for what you will meet on the training ground, hence a more advantageous performance.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

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