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Benefits of Weighted Shift Knobs

benefits of weighted shift knobs

Driving is one of the most enjoyable experiences because you can feel and touch the things you drive. Shift knobs are integral to the driving experience, connecting the driver to the vehicle directly. Adding an upgraded shift knob such as a weighted shift knob can improve your driving experience, comfort, and shifting performance. Read more about the benefits of weighted shift knobs.

Benefits of Weighted Shift Knobs

What are Weighted Shift Knobs?


Benefits of Weighted Shift Knobs

Many people may hesitate to replace their factory-installed shift knobs, thinking it will only add to the cost. You may be correct, but many of the products are affordable and provide several benefits, such as:

Enhance Shifting. People will choose heavier shifting knobs because they think they’ll shift better. Meanwhile, some prefer it to be lighter. Personal preference takes the final word here.

Making It Comfortable. Especially with manual transmissions, you have to exert quite a bit of effort to shift. The aftermarket shift knob will benefit you in this case as it will smooth and improve shifting comfort, depending on the construction and materials.

Superior Alternative to OEM. Weighted shift knobs are a superior alternative to your factory shift knob and are available in a wide range of styles. It provides a smooth grip and a premium driving experience because of the material used on the exterior.

Adding Elegance. Lastly, the Weighted Shift Knob can be a great addition to your car’s interior for added style. You should replace the knob on your shift stick with a more stylish one. A wide selection of colors and designs available will add a touch of style and personality to your car’s interior. 

Weighed shift knobs are easier to install than regular ones and will never go crooked. The downside is that they’re not always as easy to use as handles and are more difficult to clean.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Weighted Shift Knob?

Mishimoto MMSK-BK Weighted Shift Knob Black

If your vehicle is equipped with a shift knob, your first concern is whether it will fit. Many people believe that the best shift knobs can be used in any vehicle. The reality, however, is that tailored products can be useful. Obviously, you’ll have to consider whether you drive an automatic or manual car. The majority of shift knob replacements are for manual transmissions. You should make sure that you choose a gear shift knob that matches the type of gear you use.

Furthermore, you must know which thread type can be used for your gear shift lever. Different adapters are available for different gear shift knobs. For some, threaded adapters are available, while for others, they cannot. Before purchasing a car, double-check all the requirements.

Choosing the Best Weighted Shift Knob

Making the right decision is difficult due to the abundance of available options. Below are some factors you should consider carefully as you narrow down your options.


Some shift knobs will not be universally compatible. Buying a product and discovering that it is incompatible with your car is frustrating. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s technical specifications and ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle’s model and brand.


A major reason people use aftermarket shift knobs is so they can decorate the interior of their cars more stylishly. When considering the options, consider aesthetics. You should choose one with an appearance appropriate for your personality or what you want your car to look like in general.


If you need assistance installing shift knobs, you don’t need any technical expertise. Anyone can do it. Ensure that the manufacturer provides detailed, step-by-step instructions to make assembly simple.


To get the best value for your money, you should also consider what products come with your purchase. It is best to ensure that adapters or threads are already included so you won’t have to purchase them separately.


Price may be a major factor in many people’s decision-making. I think you should pay attention to the quality of the product rather than just the price. If you want to enjoy a superior quality product, you should not hesitate to purchase an expensive shift knob.


You can ask those who have purchased shift knobs in the past for advice if you are still unsure what to buy. Alternatively, you can look online for reviews about specific products. There are a lot of people who are generous in sharing their experiences, so narrowing down your options should be easy.

Weighted Shift Knobs: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any shift knob?

A lot of shift knobs are universally compatible. Their installation is possible on a wide range of cars and shift levers. However, if the shift knob you get doesn’t fit the shaft properly, you will need an adapter. You must research the product to ensure it is compatible with your vehicle.

Why are shift knobs expensive?

A heavier shift knob makes shifting more effortless by smoothing out the shifting experience. The reason for the price difference between the weighted and non-weighted knobs is simply the materials used. Metals such as stainless steel are very heavy, and they are expensive.

Are manual transmissions easy to mess up?

The truth is, you can definitely cause damage to a manual transmission if you’re not careful. Keeping the car in gear when you’re stopped is not recommended when driving a manual car. Your transmission can be damaged if you keep your car in gear when it is stopped.

Does it make sense to drive with a loose shift knob?

With a loose shift knob, you may have difficulty changing gears, which is frustrating and dangerous. To avoid this, the shift knob must be replaced immediately, regardless of its condition. 

Which material is best for shift knobs?

Depending on the manufacturer, shift knobs can be made of plastic, metal, or leather. As for attachment types, there are threaded, screwed, push-in, and bolted shift knobs and clip-on knobs. Whenever you buy a shift knob, check the thread size to see if it’s threaded or screwed onto the knob.


The bottom line is that a problematic shifter can cause gear shifting issues and even lead to tragic accidents. The purchase of a good-quality shift knob will not only improve your driving experience but will also improve the look of your interior. A top-notch knob should be easy to install and operate efficiently. 

Having a beautiful design is a plus. The ones we list already make driving more enjoyable for many drivers. It’s both a practical and aesthetically pleasing feature your car, and you deserve. 

Although it may seem like a small thing, it makes a big difference. Therefore, it’s a good idea to replace your shift knob. 

Not only will it enhance the interior aesthetics of your car, but it will make gearshifting more comfortable. Know the differences between the products you have available to you and how they differ. 

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