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Best Ford Focus ST Weighted Shift Knobs

Best Ford Focus ST weighted shift knobs

If you Since there have been cars on the market, there have also been shift knobs. At first, custom gear shift knobs served mostly as decorative items rather than performance-enhancing components of your vehicle’s transmission. Over time, weighted shift knobs, which include additional mass, have evolved into custom shift knobs.

Weighted shift knobs are made from denser materials than standard shift knobs. As a result, they are heavier without having to increase their size. Such gear shift knobs are designed to make gear shifts faster and smoother. Modern cars have weighted gearshift knobs that serve a specific and useful purpose beyond merely looking cool. They make driving more comfortable. Throughout this article, we will discuss the best shift knobs for Ford Focus ST. We will also discuss what should be considered when buying a weighted shift knob.

Best Ford Focus ST Weighted Shift Knobs

Best Ford Focus ST Weighted Shift Knobs

1. Billetworkz Weighted Shift Knob

Billetworkz Cosmic Space Shift Knob is the first item on our list of the best Ford Focus ST weighted shift knobs. This Ford Focus ST Shift Knob is a great option if you need more precision while shifting. This stainless steel gear knob weighs about 500 grams. The weighted knob provides an all-around superior driving experience, but it also provides crisp, precise shifting. This shift knob has been ergonomically designed to allow for ease of installation. Installation does not require any modifications. 

This shift knob is precision-machined and powder-coated. This shift knob works well with factory-installed reverse lockout on Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST. As mentioned by reviewers, this knob feels cool and smooth, and the heavyweight enhances your driving experience.

2. Billetworkz Cosmic Space Shift Knob

Our second pick is the Billetworkz Cosmic Space Shift Knob, which is also made from aluminum. This shift knob from Ford Fits all Focus ST and Fiesta ST shifters. This design allows for easy installation, comfort, and a smooth-shifting experience. Getting this shift knob installed is easy; no modifications are necessary, and it gets lined up perfectly once it is installed. 

Specially designed to improve precision on the road, this shift knob is specially weighted. When you grip this knob to shift, you will feel the difference. You gain more control and precision thanks to smooth and quick shifting. This shift knob features a heavier and smoother design that makes it worth buying.


  • Enhances the look of the car
  • Provides a great gear shifting experience
  • It’s nice & sturdy
  • It won’t fade


  • Customers complain about the cold constantly.
  • A little heavier.

3. Clidr 6 Speed Manual Transmission Shift Knob

Clidr 6 Speed Manual Transmission Shift Knob ranks third in our list. It is an elegant and high-quality 6-speed gear stick shift knob that makes an excellent replacement for your old shift knob. The new shift knob can also enhance your driving experience and sense of manipulation, providing a smoother and faster shift. The 6-speed MT gearstick shift knob is made from ABS plastic, making the product durable and corrosion-resistant.

The simple installation procedure, direct replacement of the original knob, and no modification, cutting, or drilling are necessary. After removing the old gear shift knob, leave the white plastic sleeve on the shaft, and push the new one in. The reverse lockout works perfectly in the Ford Focus ST.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Perfect for the price
  • High-quality and durable


  • Heats a little
  • Cold in the early morning

4. Mishimoto MMSK-BK Weighted Shift Knob Black

Weighted Shift Knobs from Mishimoto are relatively simple shift knobs. But it is much better than it looks. A glossy finish gives it a classy appearance that’s appropriate for any home. The company’s logo on the product makes the overall appearance sleek and modern. Despite weighing only 0.8 pounds, it provides fast-shifting while remaining compact. 

This ergonomic design makes it easy to carry, even in high-octane situations. You can make difficult shifts without any extra strain on your hands. Furthermore, it has universal fitment and can be installed right out of the box on most gear systems. A lifetime warranty from Mishimoto covers this product. 


  • Make shifting simpler
  • Sturdy & well made
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some users find it too small
  • Gets hot outside

5. Ford Genuine Shift Knob

The Ford Genuine Shift Knob is a great addition to any Ford Focus ST. It is polished and sculpted for good looks and a solid shift feel. This shift knob is made from high-quality material, making it a must-have item. Fitting exactly to your Ford vehicle, this shift knob is sure to impress.

Buying Guide of Shift Knob

The gear shift knob plays a major role in your vehicle. Functionality and comfort are important, but you can also add a bit of individuality if you choose wisely. However, selecting the right shift knob means understanding how to shop for one and the benefits of a heavy shift knob. Our buying guide includes information on these aspects and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

When replacing your factory-installed shift knob, look for one that is functional. When your transmission and ability to shift gears aren’t working properly, your transmission and shift knob will also be compromised. Here are some other points to keep in mind:

Manual or automatic transmission

Every shift knob will not work with automatic transmissions. The majority of these require you to have a buttonless system in place. When your automatic shift knob has a button on the head, you need to purchase a shift knob specifically designed to fit this type of shifter.

Perfect Fit

There are a lot of replacement shift knobs that are universal and are designed to fit a wide range of gear shifts. The adapters are positioned between the shifter and the knob to allow the appropriate connection to be made. Some, however, are specific to a certain car model. Be sure to check the details of the shift knob before purchasing it.

Ensure comfort

You must choose a shift knob that feels comfortable to you. When it’s not, you may find that it affects how you drive and may even cause your gear shifts to be erratic.

Quality Materials

Having a good-looking shift knob is important, but it should also last. Ensure the material and covering are durable, such as carbon fiber or steel. It should be noted that metal can heat up quite rapidly and intensely on a hot day. In the same way, a plastic shift knob may cause excessive sweating in the heat, which can cause your hand to slip more easily.

Benefits of a Shift Knob

Aesthetically pleasing. Normal shift knobs look okay. In contrast, if you want to customize your car’s interior, cool gear knobs can be very affordable.

Effortless shifting. The traditional gear stick can be very challenging. With custom shift knobs, shifting gears is easier, and driving is more comfortable.

Better grip. Holding a shift knob that is tailor-made for your car feels good. Shifting gears is as simple as applying the right amount of force.

Improved durability. Using materials such as aluminum alloy for shift knobs gives you longer service life. Investing in a shift knob that lasts longer will save you money by not having to replace it as often.

Customizable. In aftermarket shift knobs, you can customize the position cues, which is one of the more underappreciated features. Teaching someone to drive a stick shift can prove to be very useful.

Ford Focus Weighted Shift Knobs: Frequently Asked Questions

Does the weighted shift knob provide smoother shifting?

Weighted shift knobs provide smoother shifting in different ways. A weighted knob will effectively smooth out the effects of notches and resistance points. When shifting, you are normally faced with resistance due to the gate pattern and counter springs attached to your shift arm. 

Weighted knobs provide more momentum as you shift between gears, which helps smooth the shift. As the shifting process continues, more momentum and mass are created. With more energy available, a gear selection becomes easier. With more energy available, you can shift gears more smoothly.

Are weighted shift knobs harmful to my transmission?

You shouldn’t worry about your transmission being damaged by a heavier shift knob. Some people incorrectly claim that weighted shift knobs damage transmissions and wear them out quicker. Common sense and physics can easily dispel the first myth. Your car’s transmission does not directly engage with the gearshift. Weighted shift knobs exert force because of their weight, resulting from gravity. 

Gravity acts horizontally and vertically. Vertical forces will not affect your transmission nor result in the selector fork engaging with the rotating collar. Instead, this weight is simply supported by bushings that hold the linkage between the shift arm and the shift fork. There is no transmission in these bushings, so they won’t wear out with the increased weight.

Is there a downside to heavy Shift Knobs?

Heavy shift knobs do have some downsides. A full metal model, for instance, can get very hot when exposed to direct sunlight, and it can be very cold in the winter. However, for the knobs to become unbearably hot, extreme summer temperatures such as those in the southern United States must be present. 

You can keep the metal knob from getting too hot by draping a cloth bag or a rag over it when parked. Most drivers wear gloves to protect their hands from the cold during the winter. The Hybrid knob can be used as another solution to the temperature problems. 

These models have a solid stainless steel core inside and a Delrin exterior. This design prevents the shift knob from getting hot or cold regardless of outside temperatures and exposure to the sun, but you still get all the benefits of having a weighted shift knob.

Does resting your hand on the gearshift knob affect your transmission?

Contrary to popular belief, resting your hand on the gearshift will not lead to premature transmission wear. Misunderstandings about transmission design have led many people to believe that gearshifts directly engage the transmission. Although the gearshift directly engages the transmission, it still has enough play to prevent the selector fork from being accidentally moved. Some claim you can wear out your synchros by holding the gearshift with your hand. The selector fork won’t function unless engaged, and that won’t be done by a vertical force or a human hand. It’s the same with gearshift knobs that are weighted: You won’t damage your transmission.


Weighted shift knobs are made from denser materials than average-weight knobs. Therefore, they can weigh more without affecting the knob’s dimensions. Some drivers believe that a heavy shift knob has more momentum than a light one, thus allowing it to move through the gears with less effort. As a result, shifting becomes smoother, reducing stress on the transmission and engine.

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