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Best Weight Racks for Home Gyms

best weight racks for home gyms

Whether you’re a gym owner or a fitness instructor, I bet you understand the importance of weight racks in the gym. Selecting a weight rack for home gyms can be difficult, so let me introduce you to a great weight rack available online. I strongly encourage you to read the top 15 weight racks for home gyms in 2022. I hope you will pay attention to the features and pros of these weight racks.

Best Weight Racks for Home Gyms

Top 15 Weight Racks for Home Gyms (Barbell and Dumbbell)

1. CAP Dumbbell Weight Racks

The CAP Dumbbell Weight rack is the best weight rack for the home gym. CAP makes these weight storage racks for dumbbells from steel. Thus, it is no wonder these racks are sturdy and last a long time. Additionally, the product has a broad base that offers much-desired stability.

Secondly, the rack has a shocking capacity of close to 25 dumbbells. However, you should ensure that the total weight does not exceed 200 pounds (approximately 90 kilograms). Color-conscious customers need not worry; CAP Barbells has them covered. Right now, the manufacturer makes weight racks of different colors such as: black, red, orange, and white.


It is accurate to say that the CAP weight rack price is not fixed. Somewhat it varies a bit depending on the dealer. For instance, you can purchase this weight storage rack from Amazon for $34.99 as of 2022.


  • Stable
  • CAP Barbells gives a 30-day product warranty
  • Weight capacity of 90 kilograms
  • Some don’t require professional assembly


  • May stain the dumbbells

2. HelleX Dumbbell Weight Rack for Home Gym

HelleX manufactures its weight racks from tough steel material. This heavy-weight plate rack can hold a maximum of 450 pounds (204 kilograms). This rack is primarily for round dumbbells.

HelleX weight rack includes a detailed manual and a long-lasting floor mat. Although the mat is thin, it is resistant to scratching. It takes 10-15 minutes to assemble this dumbbell weight rack.


  • Stable stand
  • Does not crack the floor
  • Enhances longevity of your dumbbells
  • Has a marvelous triangular design 


  • Costly

3. Marcy Weight Racks for Weight Plates

Unlike most weight racks, the Marcy weight rack for weight plates has an out-of-the-ordinary weight capacity of 300 pounds (136 kilograms). Its distinctive triangular design provides more space to hold more weight plates. Further, this weight storage equipment has a wide base that makes it steady. The rack has collars that hold the weight plates in place. Therefore, there is no chance of the plates falling off.


  • Safe for any floor
  • Can hold heavy weight plates
  • Only weighs 20 pounds


  • Each plate’s hole must be 2-inches
  • No variety of colors

4. AKYEN Weight Rack for Dumbbells

AKYEN weight rack for dumbbells is next on our list of the best weight racks for home gyms. This weight rack has a jaw-dropping weight capacity of nearly 800 pounds (362 kgs). The greatest news is that AKYEN makes their racks from pure steel material. That is the reason why this rack can hold multiple dumbbells at the same time.

The manufacturer makes the rack’s stand from steel: hence it is sturdy. Additionally, they add a powder coating so it can’t rust. To top it all, AKYEN adds rubber on the feet of the stand to safeguard your floor from damage.


  • High-quality racks
  • Reliable
  • Does not stain the dumbbells
  • Holds over five pairs of dumbbells


  • Can only hold dumbbells

5. UBOWAY Weight Rack

UBOWAY manufactures its weight storage equipment from both steel and iron. Each of these UBOWAY Weight Racks weighs just around 19 kilograms. Further, the manufacturer adds a powder coating to protect the rack from rusting. It features four different layers to accommodate as many weight plates as possible. The rack can hold dumbbells at less than 220 pounds (100 kilograms).

The manufacturer uses tough screws to join the layers; hence there’s zero possibility of collapsing. The best part is that this weight storage rack can accommodate dumbbells of different sizes.


  • Frames are well-polished
  • Easy access to weight equipment
  • Best for both plates and dumbbells
  • Does not damage the floor
  • Resistant to damage by dumbbells


  • Takes up too much space

6. Cozy Castle Weight Rack

The Cozy Castle weight rack sticks out from other weight racks for its pyramid design. On top of that, the rack has an impressive H-shaped stand. The stand has rubber caps that protect your floor from any possible damage, perfect for home gyms. Apart from that, the rack has a steel coating to completely prevent rusting. It also has five plate horns to hold weight plates.


  • Does not consume too much space
  • Wear-resistant
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Lasts long as it’s made from steel
  • Holds the plates firmly
  • Requires no professional assembly


  • Has no collars

7. JX FITNESS Weight Racks for Dumbbells

JX FITNESS makes all their weight racks from pure steel. It features three different layers for both order and ease of access. The top layer is intended for the storage of 3-4 kettlebells. The second and third layer is intended to store weight plates and dumbbells. Additionally, every weight storage rack has an H-shaped base for support purposes. Therefore, you can store all your gym equipment without collapsing. Each JX FITNESS weight rack can hold close to 1200 pounds (544 kilograms).

Besides that, the rack has four 2-inc weight posts. Therefore, you can store two weight plates on each weight post. The good thing is that each post has a clip collar. These four clip collars play a fundamental role in holding the plates in position. Therefore, the risk of an accident is immensely lowered.


  • Cheap
  • Perfect for any type of dumbbell
  • Safe for any type of floor
  • It does not scratch


  • Consumes too much space

8. KICODE Weight Rack for Dumbbells

The next item on our list is the KICODE weight rack for home gyms. KICODE utilizes steel screws to connect this weight storage rack. For that reason, there is no possibility of collapsing. Therefore, this weight rack does not pose any safety risk.

More often than not, each KICODE weight rack has a high weight limit of 1000 lbs. (453 kilograms). Consequently, this rack can hold dumbbells whose weight ranges from 5 to 100 lbs. The pipes of this KICODE measure approximately 1.5 mm, meaning the rack can easily hold a maximum weight of 455 kilograms.

The rack is multi-layered to accommodate as much equipment as possible. The upper layer is the best for storing kettlebells, whereas the second layer is for dumbbells. The bottom-most layer is for 5-7 weight plates.


  • Has 3-tiers
  • Does not scratch the floor
  • Highly steady
  • The dumbbell holder is reinforced


  • Too heavy

9. JOLISTEN Weight Rack for Dumbbells

A JOLISTEN weight rack is 7-tier storage equipment by JOLISTEN manufacturers. This rack is unique since the tiers are adjustable. As you might expect, the manufacturer makes these racks from steel. This weight storage equipment is roughly 10 inches tall and 17 inches wide. Phenomenally, this storage equipment has a weight limit of 400 pounds. Thus, the rack can hold 4-16 dumbbells of 5 to 45 pounds.

This weight rack is for dumbbells of between 3.6 to 4.1 inches. You shouldn’t worry as the edges of these racks are smooth. Therefore, they have powerful anti-scratching properties.


  • Portable
  • Assembly takes a few seconds
  • Saves space
  • Has 16 hooks
  • Warranty of 12 months


  • Imperfect for a dumbbell over 15 lbs.

10. Royal Fitness Weight Rack for Plates

Royal Fitness makes this gym equipment from stainless steel: hence rusting is the last thing you should worry about. This heavy-duty weight storage rack has a weight capacity of 300 pounds (176 kilograms).

The Royal Fitness Weight Rack for plates has a rectangular-shaped base and thus is quite steady. The equipment is good for weight plates of different sizes. Each of this storage equipment has six storage racks. Hence you can store a minimum of 6 weight plates.


  • Portable
  • It doesn’t damage the floor
  • Affordable
  • Movable


  • Not easy to use

11. BRTGYM Weight Plate Rack (Wall Mounted)

BRTGYM weight plate holder has a large weight limit of 275 pounds (125 kilograms). Consequently, this rack can hold 3 to 4 weight plates, weighing at most 45 pounds. BRTGYM adds nice black paint on the holders to make the holder rustproof. No wonder these holders last for a long time. Remember that the company makes these racks from iron.


  • Each package has two holders
  • Installation is easy
  • Enhances tidiness at the gym
  • Does not consume space
  • Light


  • Intended for weight plates only
  • One-color option only
  • Must be mounted on the wall

12. Fitness Reality Weight Rack for Plates

All Fitness Reality weight racks have a limit of 1000 pounds each (454 kg). The rack has six storage posts for hanging the weight plates. Since these racks are made from steel, they can hold multiple plates as long as they do not exceed 455 kilograms.

This weight storage rack has a floor stabilizer that helps to boost stability. Because of this feature, a Fitness Reality weight rack cannot flip over. The beautiful part is that this rack is chrome-plated, so it cannot scratch the floor.


  • Highly indestructible
  • Consumes little floor space
  • Ideal for any floor type
  • Comes with caps for alignment purposes


  • Weights are sold separately.

13. Elevens Weight Rack For Dumbbells

Elevens weight stands are designed for weights such as kettlebells, weight plates, and dumbbells. It has plate-coated finishes intended to enhance the rack’s aesthetic value. This storing equipment has multiple layers, which you may find interesting.

Apart from that, the rack has a wide stand that helps make it stable. More often, the equipment features four pointed weight plate holders. If you check carefully, you will notice the stand has rubber sleeves. Elevens designs all their racks using steel; hence it can last multiple years without any risk of damage or accidents. The fascinating bit is that this well-designed has a good weight limit of 1200 pounds.


  • Four different color options
  • Has a rubber cover to safeguard the floor
  • Tightened using heavy-duty bolts
  • Massive weight limit


  • Quite heavy

14. Sunny Health and Fitness Weight Rack

Each Sunny Health and Fitness weight rack comprises three extended layers. Therefore, you can store as many medium-sized dumbbells as you like on these layers. The manufacturer designs these high-quality storage items from stainless steel.

Often, the rack has an enormous weight capacity of 835 pounds (378 kilograms). Aside from that, the stand features rubber caps hence boosting traction. Rubberized caps also play a significant role in enhancing safety by preventing the weight plates from sliding. Further, the rack features six thick posts intended for storing weight plates.


  • Highly scratch-resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Enhances organization


  • Not very stable
  • Quite rare

15. XMark Weight Rack

Our final item on the list is the XMark weight rack for home gyms. XMark manufactures their weight racks from rubber; thus, they are completely rustproof. More often than not, this weight storage rack features two large tiers. The beauty of this rack is that it is immensely space-saving.

This weight rack also has five slots for storing weight plates. Often, the rack’s stand is made from rubber; thus, it can’t impair your floor. Unfortunately, this rack solely exists in the color gray only.


  • Trustworthy brand
  • Perfect for a home gymnasium
  • Free client instruction manual
  • Perfect for dumbbells under 35 pounds


  • Too overpriced

Weight Racks for Home Gyms: Buying Guide

Selecting good storing equipment can be difficult if you are unsure what to look for. The following are fundamental considerations you must consider before choosing a weight rack.

Total number of layers

When buying a weight rack, I recommend finding out how many tiers it has. This will be particularly genius if you have multiple weights. In most cases, most of these storage racks have 2, 3, or 4 tiers.


Materials used by the manufacturer determine how long the storage rack will last. Manufacturers usually make their weights storing equipment out of stainless steel or iron. If you choose an iron build rack, you must find powder-coated iron racks. Alternatively, you can choose steel racks that are not only wear-resistant but also shiny.

Total number of dumbbell holders

A buyer needs to determine the rack’s number of dumbbell holders before choosing it. Please make a decision based on the number of dumbbells in your gym. For instance, the YYBJJCK weight rack is perfect if you own ten dumbbells.

Weight Capacity

Before picking out any storage rack, find out about its weight limit. Standard racks have a weight limit of 1000 pounds and up. Because most dumbbells weigh 5 to 45 pounds, you should select a weight rack with a large weight capacity.

Weight Rack Mat

Nowadays, some brands are kind enough to include a mat in the package. On the other hand, others sell mats separately at an unjustifiable price. Therefore, you should select the rack brand that includes a mat in the package.

Be specific

Technically, some racks are for a specific type of gym equipment, such as dumbbells, weight plates, or kettlebells. Alternatively, others are multipurpose: hence you can use them to keep any weight.

Therefore, it is important to choose wisely.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Weight Rack

Studies reveal that some customers regret choosing low-quality weighted storage racks. Therefore, I will discuss common mistakes a person should never make.

Not researching current prices

Different stores set various prices for their weight racks for profit-related reasons. What’s most unfortunate is that some of these stores are so money-driven that they set the prices way high. Therefore, you need to know the current market price. This strategy will help you know which online store has the most reasonable prices. Trust this when making any purchase to avoid wasting your money.

Conduct fewer researches

It is safe to say that not all weight rack brands meet the expectations of their customers. Hence, it would be wise to research different products before placing an order. I recommend you visit reliable online stores such as Amazon and read customer feedback. You will be shocked to learn that some brands constantly get poor customer reviews.

Ignoring Floor Space Specifications

The essence of using weight storage equipment is not just for tidiness but also to save space. Therefore, buying a large rack that will take up too much floor space is senseless. Instead, you ought to choose a reasonably small rack with multiple tiers. You can store your items on different layers. Consequently, your gym will look tidy, and you’ll save some floor space.

Not Reading Customer Feedback

Most weight rack stores have a functional customer feedback system for their customers. That being so, customers can leave an honest review of the products for future customers. Some customers buy racks with poor customer reviews due to their ignorance. Therefore, I recommend you take a few minutes and read the customer reviews first.

Not checking what's included in the package

Unreasonable brands do not include pertinent items such as mats in the package. That means you will have to pay separately for these items.

Best Weight Racks for Home Gym: FAQs

What Are the Features of the Marcy 3-Tier Rack for Dumbbells?

The Marcy rack is 3-tier equipment used for storing dumbbells. Like most weight racks, this equipment has a relatively wide H-shaped stand. Each track is reinforced with powder coating to hold the dumbbells. You can also store other types of weights, such as kettlebells. Each tier is capable of accommodating a dumbbell of any size. Unfortunately, Marcy 3-tier racks only exist in the color gray alone.

Why do Do Weight Rack Manufacturers add a Mat?

First and foremost, rack manufacturers add the mat to keep your rack waterfree. Recall that most of these floor mats are made from rubber, so it is fully water-resistant. Apart from that, it helps to enhance the durability of your weight storage rack. Additionally, floor mats may help cushion your floor against the weight rack. Some of this equipment has a stand made of steel; thus, it can damage the floor.

What Are the Features of the PLKOW Rack?

A PLKOW rack is gym equipment for storing kettlebells, dumbbells, and floor mats. It features four different layers for storing your gym weights. The uppermost layer is good for storing kettlebells (2-3). The second and third layers are for storing the dumbbells. What is unique is the fact that the rack has four wheels. Therefore, you can move this rack along by pulling the storage post. PLKOW rack stands out for having a staggering weight capacity of close to 400 pounds. Consequently, it can hold ten dumbbells, three kettlebells, and four weight plates.

What is the Best 4-Tier Weight Rack for Dumbbells?

N\A weight racks are the best four-layered storage racks on Amazon right now. They are all made from high-quality steel; hence they are not just heavy-duty but also space-saving. N\A uses a rustproof coating on this weight rack: hence it is damage proof. I mainly prefer this weight storage rack owing to its stable stand. If you check keenly, you will see rubber pads on the stand intended to cushion the rack. Usually, the rack features 8-weight rack holders to hold 6-8 dumbbells. However, each of this equipment must not measure more than 3.74 inches.

Why Should I Pick YYBJJCK Weight Rack Over Any Other?

The YYBJJCK weight rack has ten rustproof dumbbell holders. Aside from that, the manufacturer uses SPCC steel to manufacture these world-class storage racks. Unlike most racks, this one is multipurpose, so you can use it to store yoga mats, kettlebells, and dumbbells. You can place your kettlebells on the thicker tray and the mats on the thinner one. What I like most about this rack is that it does not take up too much space. Therefore, you can position this space-saving rack in the corner of your workout room to store the weights.


Adding a weight rack to your home gym can be your most important purchase. With our complete list of the best weight racks available on the market, you can rest assured you are getting the best value for your money. 

Don’t let any weight rack dealer take advantage of you and sell you an inferior weight storage rack. With my recommendations, you can confidently select a weight rack for your home gym. Please double-check the dimensions before selecting a rack so it fits into your space.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

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