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Best Weighted Body Pillows for Comfort

Best weighted body pillows for comfort

Whether you’re expecting a baby or simply like to sleep on your side, a body pillow might be a lifesaver. In other cases, it may provide both back and stomach support if you’re hunched over on your side, and consumers claim the sense of holding something in their sleep is extremely pleasant. 

Anyone who likes to snuggle with a cushion while they sleep is a good candidate for a body pillow. People with back problems and pregnant women especially like body pillows that fit between their knees to help straighten their spine and relieve pressure points.

Best Weighted Body Pillows for Comfort: Summary

How Much are Weighted Body Pillows?

Because of the greater breadth and filling capacity, best weighted body pillows tend to be more costly than their smaller-size counterparts. Shoppers may readily buy weighted body pillows in the $20 to $50 price range despite the fact that certain versions can cost as much as $100.

What is your height? When picking a body cushion, keep your height in mind. Although the majority of them are 48 to 54 inches wide (or four to four and a half feet long), most people who tuck the pillow between their knees but do not need a barrier between their ankles will find them appropriate. For taller folks and those who want a cushion between their ankles, longer models may be more appropriate. Choosing the correct proportions might be aided by trying out a variety of pillows of varying widths.

1. Top Pick for Weighted Body Pillow: Meiz Pregnancy Pillow

There are a lot of pillows available in amazon. Meiz Pregnancy Pillows is our top pick for the best weighted body pillow for comfort. Unparalleled 360-degree support from one of the world’s most luxurious large body cushion. Used for a variety of purposes, including pain relief, support during pregnancy, and lazing about the home. It is made in the United States and is guaranteed to never flatten or clump.

Because many germs cannot live on polyester fabric, machine washing Meiz weighted pillows polyester fabric efficiently prevents dampness. It’s also a breeze to clean. The polyester fiber used in the Meiz Pregnancy Pillows can be machine washed, which means that it will not expand or shrink, and it can retain its fluffyness for a long time.

2. Tempur-Pedic Body Pillow

According to naymag article, the Tempur-Pedic Body Pillow is 48 inches long and has a rectangular form. This pillow is a standout because of its composition; the core is constructed of strong memory foam and engineered into microcushions that ease pressure areas around the body. When used by side sleepers who have alignment concerns, the pillow’s medium firmness and moderate conformity may be a great positive (which often includes pregnant women). It’s protected with a machine-washable, breathable polyester knit cover. As a result, many sleepers find that best weighted body pillows composed of firm memory foam tend to sleep hot. Customers with larger budgets may want to choose the Tempur-Pedic BodyPillow because of it’s higher than average pricing. A five-year warranty is included with the purchase.

Good For:

  • Anyone who sleeps on their side (including pregnant women, those who like straight, non-curving pillows, and those who have issues with spinal alignment)

3. Sweet Zzz Body Pillow

With a down alternative fill and a cotton shell, the Sweet Zzz Body Pillow provides a comfortable night’s sleep. The degree of fill of a pillow may be adjusted by the person sleeping on it, allowing for a personalized sleep experience. In light of its high level of craftsmanship, the cushion is an excellent value. Despite its size, this cushion can comfortably cradle the whole body when put between the legs. The pillow’s soft substance helps it to mold to the body, making it especially pleasant for side sleepers and pregnant women. Sleepers may alter the loft of their mattress at any moment because of the changeable fill. The organic cotton cover of the Sweet Zzz Body Pillow has been certified by GOTS. Instead of trapping heat, the down substitute fibers used in the fill prevent the pillow from being too hot. Additional breathability may help allergy sufferers have a good night’s rest. There are no shipping charges for clients in the contiguous United States when they purchase Sweet Zzz products. A 50-night sleep trial and a 4-year guarantee are also included with the body pillow.

Good For:

  • Those who are prone to overheating when sleeping
  • Those who like the softness and coziness of down
  • Pillows that may be adjusted by the user
  • Those who are allergic to certain food

4. Zoma Body Pillow

Hot sleepers will benefit from the Zoma Body Pillow’s ventilation and temperature control, thanks to its innovative design and materials. The down substitute fill and shredded gel-infused memory foam utilized in the construction of the pillow do not significantly absorb body heat. Designed to keep you cool while you sleep, the cover is breathable, lightweight, and ventilated. Zoma’s cushion is a good option for those who are looking for a good mix of pressure reduction and support. Side sleepers are encouraged to use the long rectangular form since it cradles and supports high-pressure zones. This cushion may also be useful for expectant moms, who may be able to sleep well with it propped against their stomachs. Medium firmness and a 6-inch loft characterize this cushion. Sleepers who like the feel of down but want a feather-free fill may find this body pillow to be a good fit. Washable polyester and spandex cover; spot cleaning recommended for pillow body. In addition to a 100-night sleep trial, the Zoma Body Pillow comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Good For:

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Affluent snorers
  • Customers seeking a cushion that alleviates pain points
  • Shoppers that like a more edgy atmosphere.

5. Best Luxury Yana Sleep Pillow

Full-body support sleepers will appreciate the Yana Sleep Pillow‘s premium materials and sturdy construction. Use the cushion in a number of postures since its U-shape is adaptable. Side sleepers may utilize the space between the arms to feel supported on both sides, while individuals with joint problems can use the arms as additional support beneath the knees or lower back. between the arms. The cushion is filled with shredded latex, and the cover is made of organic cotton and bamboo-derived velour. When it comes to resilient pressure relief and form retention, latex is the go-to material. The Yana Sleep Pillow may be a suitable option for those who prefer mild contouring over the close-conforming sensation of memory foam.

The stiffness of this pillow may be adjusted by the user by adding or withdrawing fill. Since latex and bamboo-derived textiles are meant to help sleepers keep cool, those who have a tendency to overheat may also find that this pillow works well for them. Machine washing is possible for the pillow’s cover. Using a household washing machine to clean the cushion is not recommended since it weighs 16 pounds. Within 30 days after purchase, unopened pillows may be returned for a complete refund.

Good For:

  • Couples
  • Natural-materials devotees looking for a body pillow
  • Those looking for a fill level that can be adjusted
  • Those who are trying to get some restorative sleep yet need some pressure alleviation

6. Best Weighted Body Pillow for Pressure Relief: Coop Home Goods Body Pillow

Designed to relieve strain, Coop Home Goods’ Body Pillow is made of materials that are ideal for this purpose. Their cushion is CertiPUR-US certified foam filled with gel and is 20 inches by 54 inches. In addition, 40% of the rayon used in the detachable pillow cover comes from bamboo, while 60% of it comes from polyester. The end product is a body cushion that is both breathable and cool. The foam body pillow provides a wide range of customizable support since it molds to your body’s specific contours. In addition to being hypoallergenic, the Coop Home Goods cushion is also resistant to dust mites. For those who are allergic to down, this is an excellent alternative to down pillows. The whole body pillow may be washed in the machine, not just the cover. A 100-night sleep trial is included with the purchase. You may return the body pillow for a full refund if you don’t like it.

Good for:

  • Pregnant women who sleep
  • Side, stomach, and back sleepers
  • Allergy-inducing bedding is a worry for everyone who is worried.

7. Most Comfortable Weighted Body Pillow: Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U

With a length of 60 inches, the Moonlight Slumber Moonlight Comfort-U body pillow is suited for sleepers of all heights. For pregnant women and others who desire more cushion support in certain regions, the mattress may be curled between the legs and around the back. The Comfort-U may also be used as a bedside reading or television chair. The microfiber core and a breathable cotton cover let the pillow maintain a comfortable temperature when you rest your head at night. A flexible construction enables the cushion to be moulded in many various ways without wearing out, and it is exceptionally soft and cuddly. Moonlight Slumber’s Comfort-U comes in a variety of hues, including ecru, grey, and navy.

Good for:

  • People of various weights may sleep comfortably. ” (light, average, heavy)
  • Affluent snorers
  • Women who are pregnant
  • who like U-shaped pillows between their knees and/or at the base of the spine

Buying Guide for Getting the Best Weighted Body Pillow

For best weighted body pillows, if you’re looking for a pillow that’s both big and long enough to fit an adult’s whole body, look no further than body pillows. Because of their distinctive design, they provide better support in various parts of the body. These mattresses are popular among side and stomach sleepers, pregnant women, and those who suffer from back discomfort because of their ability to conform to their body shape. Here, you’ll learn about the most prevalent body pillow shapes and sizes, the types of people who like them, and our recommendations for the finest ones currently on the market.

Common Designs and Features of Best Weighted Body Pillow

Yana Sleep weighted pillow

There are a variety of body pillow sizes available to suit sleepers of varying heights, ranging from 48 inches broad to 54 inches wide. There are a wide range of lengths of body pillows available today, ranging from less than 10 inches to more than 30-inches long; the length of a typical body pillow is 20 inches.

Body pillows typically weigh five to seven pounds, but some may be as heavy as ten pounds. Additionally, body pillows may come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Large pillows that have the same straight, rectangular form as smaller pillows are available. Curved C-, U-, or J-shaped designs are used by others.

In order to better support the neck and spine, these versions are available. Some may even be shaped for more support where it’s needed. Different materials may be used to make body pillows. Foam, latex, feathers, and down are some of the most common fillers. The material of the cover also varies, although cotton or synthetic textiles like polyester and/or rayon are the most common. Many body pillows are broad enough to be used as comfortable headrests or backrests when reading or watching TV in bed, as well, making them ideal for both purposes. Dakimakura pillows (originally from Japan) are also becoming more popular in the United States and elsewhere. For the most part, they resemble Western-style body pillows in terms of their size, form, and pattern or image.

Important Considerations for Weighted Body Pillow Shoppers

While shopping for a best weighted body pillows and comparing various brands and models, here are a few crucial considerations:

Are the Cushions on the Weighted Body Pillow Heavy?

Even though most body pillows are rather light, side sleepers who cuddle their pillow and sleep with one arm or shoulder underneath it may experience pain and discomfort if they select a heavier kind.

What's the Preferred Fill Material Inside Weighted Blankets?

Some materials like latex memory foam or feathers/down are superior at providing support and comfort than synthetic materials like polyester or down substitute. Models made of latex, foam, or feather/down are the most luxurious, but they also cost most.

Do You Like to Sleep in a Hatter Setting?

Shredded foam, down, and other ventilated fill materials may be more conducive to the needs of those who tend to overheat throughout the night. Natural fibers like cotton, which are more breathable and cooler than synthetics like polyester and rayon, are a significant consideration when choosing a mattress cover.

Are you Pregnant Looking to Alleviate Stress from Baby Pushing Against Your Stomach?

Pregnant ladies like long weighted body pillows because they can tuck them between their thighs and feel the cushion against their back.

Should You Use a Weighted Body Pillow with Back Soreness?

The ideal choice for folks who need more back support may be longer body pillows with irregular forms, such as C, U, and J-shaped versions.

Can I Just Try Out a Weighted Body Pillow and See if I like It?

Customers may return the weighted body pillow for a full refund if they aren’t happy with it within a trial period offered by many manufacturers. Customers who don’t know what size or material they want might benefit from sleep testing.

What's the Typical Warranty on a Weighted Body Pillow?

Most pillow warranties only cover manufacturing problems for a period of five years or less; however, some guarantees last up to ten years, while other pillows have no guarantee at all. Problems that develop as a result of a customer’s shifting comfort preferences are generally excluded from this list of faults. The longer the warranty, the more likely it is that the pillow will be replaced or repaired at no cost to the owner if a warrantable issue occurs.


In the United States, a ‘body pillow’ refers to a pillow that is at least 48 inches long and can be used for your body to rest one. Memory foam and polyester fibers are the most common fillings for body pillows on the market today, some of which can be weighted and many times a weighted body pillow can be used to reduce stress and anxiety. Straight/rectangular, U-shaped, and C-shaped variations are among the many forms available.

It’s not unexpected that the cost of a weighted body pillow might be much more than that of a standard-size cushion. This guide to body pillows examines various styles and advantages for sleepers, as well as our favorite body pillows presently on the market. We make our decisions based on consumer and owner feedback and extensive product study and analysis.

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