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Best Weighted Kickboxing Gloves for Training

Best weighted kickboxing gloves

Rather than performing some cardio routines with small-sized dumbbells, another easier and more effective way is to exercise with weighted kickboxing gloves. 

If you get the best-weighted kickboxing gloves for yourself, getting the work done in the gym will be much easier. Sometimes we don’t feel like lifting dumbbells because of the fear of losing our grip. However, you can elevate your gym routine very effectively with the suitable weighted kickboxing gloves. So, let’s look into some of the best-weighted kickboxing gloves you can get for yourself!

Best Weighted Kickboxing Gloves: Summary

Why Will Weighted Gloves Be Perfect for You?

Weighted gloves may be the answer if you want to take your cardio exercise to the next level. They’re terrific for arm and shoulder muscular training and can also help you gain speed and endurance. You’ll also burn more calories without devoting any more time to your exercise.

There are also additional reasons you need to wear weighted kickboxing gloves, and it’s to protect your hand and your opponents from injury.

Advantages Of Using Weighted Kickboxing Gloves

Exercising using weighted gloves has a lot of health advantages. This exercise gear will help you enhance your speed, muscular strength, and cardiovascular endurance. In addition, when you increase the weight of your hands during workout routines, your body faces more resistance which makes your exercise more challenging and efficient.

Weighted gloves are safer and handier than tiny dumbbell aerobic workouts. Unlike dumbbells, your hold on your weighted gloves will not slip if your hands get sweaty. They also enable you to utilize your hands more naturally. You’ll have no trouble taking a drink from your water bottle or adjusting the volume on your headphones, and it’ll be less of a hassle.

Talking about kickboxing, these gloves will definitely protect you from wrist and finger injuries which are extremely common in kickboxing. You can watch an old-school boxing match with no gloves or safety gear to know how important they truly are.

Top 5 Best Weighted Kickboxing Gloves

The Combat Sports Boxing Fitness 10 oz Bag Gloves

If you want a boxing glove that can be used for a variety of purposes, you might want to think about purchasing the Combat Sports Boxing Fitness 10 oz Bag Gloves. These gloves include padding molded into them specifically for striking heavy bags, but you may also use them for sparring.

These gloves have a streamlined shape and are constructed with a mesh palm. This compels you to create a tight fist since you won’t be sweating as much. In addition, the vinyl exterior is designed to endure for a long time and is easy to clean. 

These gloves additionally have a thumb attached to provide additional protection against damage to the thumb. Any boxer would benefit from purchasing the Combat Sports Boxing Fitness 10-ounce Bag Gloves. They are an outstanding choice.



  • Cushioning on the knuckles for a lot of impact absorption. 
  • Comfortable fit, which is a secure elastic hook-and-loop system. 
  • The mesh palm provides air ventilation.
  • The leather structure will survive with repeated use.
  • Some customers complain that the glove is too stiff.

RDX MMA Gloves

The RDX MMA kickboxing gloves are explicitly created for martial arts and provide breathability as well as ease of movement to help you maintain your advantage over your opponent.

They are made out of the durable and enduring synthetic material known as Maya Hide. The gel-infused padding included within the Polymax contoured Tri-Slab P3 cushioning of the glove functions to absorb shock and protect your hands and knuckles.

In addition, they are easy to put on since they include a quick hook-and-loop closure as well as a Velcro wrist strap for additional support. The palm-side design has a D-cut that not only enhances grip but also allows excess moisture to evaporate.

In addition to their breathable design, they have cutting-edge technology that effectively absorbs perspiration, making them among one of the best boxing gloves available for kickboxing. During a kickboxing workout, even if you do not share gym gloves with anybody else, your own gloves may get somewhat moist due to the exertion.

On the inside of these gloves is a moisture-wicking micro fabric that quickly absorbs sweat and allows it to drain through the cloth. These gloves are ideal for outdoor activities.

If there is not a buildup of sweat, you will not have to worry about your gloves slipping while you are mid-workout, and there will be less of a buildup of germs and odor.



  • Design that is flexible and breathable
  • Maya Hide of superior quality
  • Wrist brace
  • Knuckle protection
  • Micro-fabric that wicks away moisture
  • Popular brand
  • These do cost a lot.

Sanabul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves

Although of excellent quality, these gloves are reasonably priced and appropriate for various workouts such as boxing and kickboxing.

The Sanabul Essential Gel kickboxing gloves are ideal for intensive training.

Because of the somewhat larger shape, they can withstand more significant pressure, but they are still thinner than boxing gloves, so you must exercise caution if you use them for both ordinary boxing and kickboxing.

They offer excellent gel impact protection for kickboxing alone, allowing you to feel the force of your strikes without feeling discomfort.

The disadvantage of bigger gloves is that they may be less flexible than some of the other kickboxing gloves in our consideration. As a result, they are less breathable and may allow more perspiration to accumulate.

Fortunately, the mesh palm on these gloves enables a bit more air to enter than heavier boxing gloves.

With many sizes to pick from and a tight fit, you’ll like how these contoured gloves stay to the natural contours of your hand and don’t move when you workout. This will enhance your balance and ensure that each action has the most possible effect.

The leather material is also very robust, making it a more typical choice for heavy gloves.



  • Affordable
  • Wrist protection made of super-durable leather
  • Gel impact resistance
  • Thicker for a more intense workout, Suitable for boxing
  • Sizes and colors are available.
  • Bulky
  • It can become heated.

There is wrist protection with a simple hook and loop fastening, allowing you to effortlessly remove them when your hands get too hot. With the elegant black and colorful detail design, you have a variety of colors to pick from in addition to a variety of sizes.

Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER Fight Gloves

Because they are thicker than some of the other alternatives in our review, these STORMBRINGER kickboxing gloves may also be utilized as boxing gloves.

They are composed of fantastic quality buffalo leather, which makes them much more durable than other synthetic materials, and they have extra cushioning as well! In addition, these are the finest kickboxing gloves for heavy impact due to the triple-density polyurethane foam and better wrist protection.

Despite being boxing gloves, several customers have discovered that they cannot withstand the strain of sparring, and these leave the knuckles painful. Because you won’t be using your hands constantly during kickboxing, there should be plenty of cushioning, and the PU foam is intended for optimal impact absorption.

The issue with the additional padding is that you may get overheated during a full-body kickboxing session. Fortunately, these gloves contain a moisture-wicking lining that should keep you cool.

They are, however, not the most breathable choice in our assessment.

These high-quality Muay Thai gloves should keep you going through your kickboxing courses and stand the test of time. They feature a simple hook and loop Velcro closure and are available in various colors and sizes.



  • Premium buffalo leather with triple density PU foam cushioning
  • Maximum absorption of impact
  • Color palette
  • There are three sizes.
  • Some buyers have reported that they are too tight and unpleasant on the thumbs.
  • The sparring padding is too thin.
  • It can become heated.

Some customers have reported that the smaller gloves are too small, but you can choose between 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz gloves, so you should be able to find a size that works for you.

MeGaLuv Kickboxing Gloves for Women, Men, Children

These flexible gloves, designed primarily for kickboxing and effective for various activities such as Taekwondo, martial arts, and grappling, are breathable and provide the necessary range of movement.

Because of their smaller sizes and compact fit, these gloves are also the finest kickboxing gloves for women.

Manufactured from superior grade synthetic PU leather and Lycra, these kickboxing gloves are made to endure. However, several consumers have complained about the longevity of these gloves, claiming that the stitching has come undone.

You can’t anticipate that the highest quality manufacture will have such a low price. But, despite this, they provide enough cushioning with 8mm EV lining cushions.

As the force is discharged via the open finger holes, these cushions protect the backs of your hands. In addition, the sweat-absorbing substance and hollow flexible form help keep you cool.

However, this cushioning may not be sufficient for rigorous workouts, such as punching bags.

The separate thumb Terry fabric also absorbs moisture and keeps the hands relatively clean, while the adjustable magic wrist Velcro protects the wrist and keeps the gloves secure.



  • Breathable design
  • Leather substitute
  • Sweat absorbency
  • Suitable for both men and women, as well as children
  • Sizes available
  • Wrist protection that is adjustable
  • Not as long-lasting as other solutions.
  • Inadequate padding
  • It can be smaller than the size chart says.

These kickboxing gloves are available in a variety of sizes; however, some buyers have reported that the sizing chart is wrong, resulting in gloves that are smaller than anticipated and maybe a little too compact.

How To Use Weighted Gloves Safely

When initially starting out with weighted gloves, it is essential to take certain precautions. Suppose you have had arm, wrist, or shoulder problems in the past. In that case, you should see your doctor before engaging in any weighted glove exercises. You might worsen your injuries if you start moving too fast.

Purchasing Weighted kickboxing Gloves: Things to Consider

Here I will discuss some qualities you should look out for in deciding on the best-weighted kickboxing gloves.

Sizing: How Do Weighted Kickboxing Gloves Work?

Boxing gloves are categorized by weight, using ounces, not size. This is one of the most common misconceptions regarding boxing glove sizes. 

Some of the commonly used sizes are 8 oz (as used by canelo), 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz and so on. These sizes do correspond with hand circumference sizes as well. 

Another thing to remember with regards to the sizing of gloves is that the size (weight) is correlated with the amount of protective padding that is added to the inside of the gloves. 

It would be best if you remembered that the sizes have no correlation to the weight of the glove i.e a  gloves fit for bigger hands may not mean it’s heavier too, as it might have lesser protective padding and vice-versa. 

Anything in excess of 10 ounces is considered to be in the heavyweight category. 

The Glove Strap

The hook-and-loop closing technique is found on almost all weighted gloves; however, the breadth and location of the strap vary widely. Some types include a large strap at the wrist to give support, while others have thin straps to allow for maximum movement.

Make sure you choose one that fits your hand perfectly.

The Glove Fabric

The fabric of weighted gloves must be comfortable and breathable. The gloves should also be strong enough to withstand repeated usage and cleaning. The majority of weighted gloves are composed of Lycra or neoprene, both of which are somewhat elastic and fit nicely to the hand. There are also various choices made of materials like leather, nylon, and other rigid materials.


Getting the right products for yourself is very important. Get the best-weighted kickboxing gloves for adequate security for your hands and your opponents. 

If we were to pick a single winner out of all these, it would be the RDX MMA Gloves. These are worth every penny that you spend on them and the difference in quality is clearly noticeable.

You can choose one out of the five products given in this article. The links to their Amazon product pages are also attached!

Happy Sparring!

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