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Best Weighted King Size Blankets for Comfort in 2022 – Ultimate Buying Guide

best weighted king size blankets for comfort in 2022

Are you looking for the best weighted king size blankets to help with anxiety, sleeplessness, or autism as a safe alternative to standard treatments like medication? Well, you are in the right spot! These weighted blankets have become increasingly popular, and they are now available in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials to suit your preferences. Aside from that, specific blankets are more suited for children, while others are more suitable for adults. Although the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Pediatrics have no official statements on the blankets, it has become a common element of stress alleviation and healthy sleep routines for many people.

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So, if you’re curious about how and why it works and you want to get the sleep you’ve always wanted, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about weighted blankets.

Best Weighted King Size Blankets for Comfort in 2022 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Weighted King Size Blankets – Top 10 Options

Here is my list of our list of the best weighted king size blankets which has been carefully selected and rated based off comfort and durability.

1. Best Weighted King Size Blanket #1 : Gravity Weighted Blanket

Since the Gravity Kickstarter campaign went viral, gravity blanket got identified for its excellent weighted blanket. For construction, glass beads are used in an underlying weighted layer with gridded stitching to hold everything in place in the Gravity Blanket. It comes in different versions with two sizes and three different weights options

  • 15 lbs 48″x72″ Twin/Throw
  • 20 lbs 48″x72″ Twin/Single
  • 35 lbs 90″x90″ Queen/King


This Weighted King Size Blanket improves sleep quality by using lightweight on the body. Internal modifications have been made to the newest iteration while keeping the blanket’s unique look and feel. The exterior duvet cover is machine washable and constructed of super-soft micro-fleece, while the interior blanket should only get hand-washed. Aside from that, you have the option of choosing between a conventional blanket and a cooling blanket. The cooling version of the Gravity Weighted Blanket has a cutting-edge fabric that wicks sweat, maintains your comfortable, and provides you feeling energized every morning. It offers everything you need in a decently weighted blanket, with over 4.5 ratings from 920 people.

2. LUXOME King Size Weighted Blanket

Even without the cover, the LUXOME King Size Weighted Blanket is permeable, pleasant, and resilient to use. Because of its thin weave and bamboo covering, the Luxome blanket keeps you cool, while the ultra-plush super soft side makes you never want to get out of bed! They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your blankets after using them for up to 30 days. It comes in four sizes: 8, 15, 18, and 30 pounds, with the blanket’s surface area, increasing as the weight increases.

  • 54″x72″ | 15 lbs
  • 60″x80″ | 18 lbs
  • 100″x85″ | 30 lbs

3. Luna Adult Weighted Blanket

The Luna Weighted Blanket has Oeko-Tex Certification, which means it is free of dangerous substances. It comes in various sizes and weights, with 11 solid colors and 11 patterns to choose from. Weighted blankets are often pricey; however, Luna has a great weighted blanket at a reasonable price. The blanket is considerably lighter and more breathable, as well as being easy to modify. The Luna blanket is a kid-friendly alternative appreciated by parents and guardians, with over 15,00 reviews and a nearly 5-star rating.

4. King Size Weighted Blanket by HomeSmart

The King Size HomeSmart Weighted Blanket is big enough for two people, breathes well to keep you cool, and is machine

washable. It can get washed and dried in the machine. If you wish to add a duvet cover, there are ten loops on the blanket where you may tie one on. Weighted Blankets get made up of millions of tiny glass beads that work together along with tiny glass beads sewed into 5-by-5-inch compartments to maintain the weight uniformly distributed, allowing for a peaceful night’s sleep. You can select from a variety of options.

  • Light pressure (15lbs or 20lbs)
  • Medium pressure (25lbs or 30lbs)
  • Heavy pressure (35lbs or 40lbs)
  • Extra Heavy Pressure options (50lb)

They give a lifetime guarantee and a no-questions-asked return policy, which you may have unheard of in the business with confidence as 4,514 ratings with almost 5 stars.

5. YnM Weighted Blanket: King Size Weighted Blankets also Available

The YnM chunky knit blanket is an excellent option for individuals looking for a blanket that isn’t too loud. It’s composed entirely of hollow fiber, which is both long-lasting and breathable. It clings beautifully to your body’s curves, making you feel as if you’re getting embraced, and it’s a natural approach to assist in soothing your body for a comfortable night’s sleep. Lightweight bamboo blankets in various weights and hues are available from YnM for hot sleepers. You may also get a duvet from YnM to preserve your weighted blanket while you sleep.

It has over 43,703 ratings for almost five stars and is currently ranked #1 Best Seller in Kid’s Weighted Blankets. They also have

6. Degrees Of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

You can use the Degrees of Comfort king size weighted blanket all year long because it comes with two coverings. Both come with a zipper enclosure to keep your weighted blanket clean and easy to clean. It could also function well in locations where summers aren’t too hot. Smaller pockets filled with superior glass beads got used for a more uniformly distributed weight distribution. 

Weighted blankets are the easy, practical solution, the Degrees of Comfort blanket also has weighted king size blankets available. With strong fiber stitching for long-term comfort and a 365-day money-back guarantee, Degrees of Comfort is one of the most comfortable and effective weighted anxiety blankets ever!You

7. Quility Weighted Blanket

The cotton fabric of the Quility Weighted Blanket gets complemented by a detachable and machine washable synthetic outer cover. It stands out for having so many possibilities, with five sizes, six colors, and eight weights ranging from 5 to 30 pounds to pick from. 

The upper layer is 100% cotton and gets lined with non-glue polyester cushioning and two additional polyester layers containing millions of quality micro glass beads. To determine your size, see their weighted blanket weight chart. It has received over 41,658 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.7 stars.

The Benefits of Weighted King Size Blankets

Researchers have found that weighted blankets king sized or regular sized, can help in relieving physical and mental symptoms. Weighted blankets can benefit children and adults with the following ailments as an alternative therapy.

1. Weighted King Size Blankets can Reduce Anxiety and Nighttime Stress

Anxiety affects everyone at some time in their lives. It’s a sensation of dread and foreboding, generally concerning something that will happen in the future. Many of the physical symptoms of anxiety get caused by autonomic arousal. Your autonomic nervous system regulates fundamental biological functions based on what’s happening around you. 

Autonomic arousal can get reduced by deep pressure stimulation. So, weighted blankets can help you relax by putting your nervous system into rest mode, minimizing the effects of worry, and providing a general sensation of peace. Also, medical treatments are known to generate anxiety symptoms, and weighted blankets may help to alleviate these feelings.

2. Weighted King Size Blankets can Help You Beat Insomnia

Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep issue, with around 10% of the population experiencing long-term insomnia 18% experiencing anxiety disorders. Stress and worry can either start a sleep disturbance or exacerbate current issues. Weighted blankets help initiate sleep and enhance sleep quality since the increased pressure may assist in settling your heart rate and breathing.

3. Helps Treat ADHD

More than 11 million people get diagnosed with ADHD each year. Kids with deficit hyperactivity disorder have difficulty maintaining self-control, especially while paying attention and sitting still. By activating their sense of touch, the weighted blankets keep toddlers from being distracted by other sensory stimuli in their environment. Participants who wore the weighted vest for a continuous performance to increase focus and minimize hyperactive movements showed positive outcomes in the research.

4. King Sized Weighted Blankets Can Help Adults with Autism

Weighted blankets can assist persons with autism cope with stress and anxiety, and they can also help them focus better on the task at hand. The weight of a weighted blanket can give relief from overstimulation and allow them to relax. According to this research, weighted blankets may help patients with ADHD sleep better.

5. Serotonin Levels

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter created by Nerve cells that allows them to communicate. Serotonin works with other hormones to reduce physiological reactions such as blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. Serotonin also acts in conjunction with other hormones to lower physiological responses, including blood pressure, heart rate, and stress. A weighted blanket improves this sensory integration and normal nerve response to lessen the physiological effects of excitement.

6. Melatonin Levels

Melatonin is the body clock hormone mainly produced by the pineal gland throughout the night and has long got linked to regulating your sleep cycle. The creation of Serotonin triggers the release of melatonin, and it works like magic for persons with sleep disorders. High melatonin levels can help you fall asleep faster, as well as improve your eye health and fight seasonal sadness.

7. Can Treat Chronic pain

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic pain affects one out of five AmericansAccording to studies, the broad pressure provided by a weighted blanket can help to lower the severity of chronic pain, making it an accessible, at-home treatment option. A weighted blanket uses deep pressure treatment to treat problems in various joints, and it can also assist ease back discomfort.

Note: Overall, there is no actual proof to back them up, and no credible scientific research supports the assertions. Weighted blankets have not proven to be genuinely beneficial, and further research is required; although the current studies get conducted on small groups of people, if you decide to try a weighted blanket, consider that results vary.

Drawbacks of Weighted King Size Blankets

Nothing can be flawless. A weighted blanket may not be appropriate for persons with certain conditions, and there are a few drawbacks to sleeping with a weighted blanket.

Weighted King Size Blankets can Make Your Body Hot

Many people are hot sleepers under a weighted blanket, which soon get excessively warm or uncomfortably hot. However, waking up soaked in perspiration from a deep sleep in the middle of the night is no joy. A weighted blanket made from the not so natural fabrics can be hot.

Weight Adjustment Takes Time

A weighted blanket will be a pleasant addition to your bed if you’re used to thick blankets. However, an extra pound on the body is challenging to acclimatize for everyone. Weighted blankets get not suggested for children under the age of four since they are not yet strong enough to remove a heavy blanket from their little bodies, and some manufacturers even advise against using them for infants under the age of two. 

Even if you’re an adult, Be prepared to wrestle with your blanket if you’re not used to sleeping with blankets but know their benefits. Furthermore, you won’t be able to bring your blanket with you if you’re going with restricted baggage space.

King Sized Weighted Blankets Can Get Expensive

Purchasing a weighted blanket might be an expensive endeavor. Like other medical or comfortable items, weighted blankets get priced according to the different components that go into their creation. The increased cost is due to the additional time, high-quality materials, and specialized equipment required to create them. Consequently, skimping on a well-made, high-quality weighted blanket might be a costly mistake. However, keep in mind that any investment in your health is worthwhile.

Not Every Manufacturer Is Sustainable

plastic pellets or beads to give it weight is not very environmentally friendly. If the sustainability of your blanket is a concern, choose a The problem is that most of these blankets aren’t eco-friendly. The typical method of stuffing a blanket with weighted blanket that is free of artificial additives. The good news is that there are entirely sustainable manufacturers, and you may only need to put in a little more effort to find one.

Can King Size Weighted Blankets Pose Any Risks?

Weighted blankets get typically deemed safe as long as the user has the strength and dexterity to pull the blanket off when required to avoid suffocation or entrapment. Although, using a weighted blanket has relatively few dangers.

  • Weighted blankets get not recommended for sleep apnea, a respiratory disorder that causes patients to cease breathing for short periods while sleeping.
  • It may also be unsafe for chronic respiratory or circulatory problems, type 2 diabetes, asthma, low blood pressure, or claustrophobia.
  • As previously stated, it should not get used for children under the age of two since they may cause asphyxia, and suffocation is a problem for even older children with developmental disorders.
  • Before utilizing a weighted blanket, pregnant women should also consult with their doctor about any risk issues particular to their pregnancy.

Tragic Past News: Two fatalities got related to the overuse of weighted blankets: one of a 9-year-old child with autism who got folded up in a thick blanket in Quebec, and another of a 7-month-old infant who died.

Note: Before using a weighted blanket, people with these conditions should consult a healthcare expert.

Tips for Correct Usage of King Sized Weighted Blankets – Personal Recommendations

Even if you’ve chosen one of the best weighted king size blankets from my list, it is critical to learn how to use it properly. Keep the following tips in mind.

  • There is no wrong or right moment of using your weighted blanket when it comes to comfort; instead, tailor it to your sleep routine to ensure it’s comfortable and soothing.
  • Some individuals appreciate the experience of sleeping beneath a heavy blanket right away, while others need a little longer to adjust to a weighted blanket. Allow your body to adjust to the sensation of resting beneath the additional weight.
  • Below the neck, the blanket should cover your complete body. If your feet become too heated, you can leave them exposed.
  • Select a blanket that is appropriate for your body weight. As indicated above in essential factors, have yourself a blanket that is 10% of your body weight. If you’re on the fence about which size to choose, opt for the smaller one.
  • Use it regularly to reap all of the benefits.

Maintaining a consistent sleep pattern, with regular bedtimes and waking hours, is critical for your health. A weighted blanket will not help you if you are not excellent at your sleeping chores.

Long History of Weighted Blankets King Sized and Normal Ones

People naturally prefer to sleep in a warm environment since sleeping lowers blood pressure and reduces breathing frequency. Since birth, we’ve got taught to utilize blankets because a blanket generates a microclimate that is generally warmer than the surrounding environment around the skin. A basic blanket can help us cope with our decreased nocturnal core body temperatures, and it also raises the amounts of Serotonin and melatonin in our brain, which aids in relaxation and sleep. Sleeping with your blanket on top of you helps you feel safe since it separates us from the outer world and protects us.

Furthermore, because no one enjoys scrambling at night, wrapping oneself in a blanket might feel like one giant hug. According to Alanna McGinn, a sleep consultant, humans need blankets to sleep, even in summer. So,  trapping heat that escapes from the body at night wrapped in a blanket can prepare the brain and body for sleep. 

Fact: Early blankets were woven of wool, known for their warm and fire-resistant features, and were said to have been invented by Flemish weaver Thomas Blanquette in the 14th century.

How are Weighted Blankets Different than Regular Blankets?

In 1997, Keith Zivalich designed the weighted blanket, and the following year, he sold his first blanket. Weighted blankets have become a worldwide phenomenon for providing deep pressure stimulation, and weighted blankets are thicker than most people buy.

Although many people were initially opposed to the notion of weighted blankets, Things began to change after a teacher who worked with challenged children was given a weighted blanket and asked to try it out on her kids, many of whom were on the Autism Spectrum and had sensory processing disorders. Currently, millions of people all around the globe utilize his innovation to enhance sleep and alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, autism, and other mental illnesses.

A weighted blanket, by definition, is a hefty sheet that weighs anywhere from 4 to 30 pounds more than a conventional blanket, making it far heavier than the ordinary comforter or down quilt. Heavier materials or layers of cloth loaded with small glass or plastic pellets can get used.

Science Behind Weighted Blankets

Your heart beats too rapidly when you’re agitated, and slowing your heart rate might make you feel more relaxed when this happens. It was at this point that weighted blankets get considered. To release oxytocin, they apply gentle pressure to the body.

The concept of alleviating tension with external pressure is not new, but it got pioneered by Mary Temple Grandin, an American scientist who developed the Hug machine, which applied mild stress to the body as deep pressure therapy to relieve anxiety in autistic children.

Scientists struggle with methods to treat psychiatric diseases, and body temperature is a significant component in sleep quality. Therefore a solution: weighted blankets, meanwhile, employ deep contact pressure stimulation to stimulate pressure points all over the body. In theory, the deep pressure you feel from carrying all that weight has a relaxing impact. So, if worry and anxiety are getting the best of you, a weighted blanket can be just what you need.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Weighted King Size Blankets

I’ve compiled a list in this post to bring you the best of the finest Weighted King Size Blankets, but first need to understand the criteria used to evaluate these weighted blankets.

Measure #1: First Things First, For Whom you Need the Blankets - Blanket Weight and Size

Consider who you’re buying a weighted blanket for before you go out and get one. It directly determines the weight of the blanket, and an optimally weighted blanket should be roughly 10% of your body weight as a rule of thumb. Of course, the ideal weighted blanket weight gets determined by your preferences, and favored values might range from 5% and 12% of the sleeper’s body weight. So, as not to leave you perplexed, here is a comprehensive chart that will assist you in meeting this criterion.





30 lbs

4-5 lbs

50 lbs

6-7 lbs

70 lbs

8-9 lbs



16 lbs


18 lbs


20 lbs


120 lbs

11-12 lbs


13-14 lbs


15-16 lbs


While purchasing a weighted blanket for an adult is pretty simple, if you are buying one for a child, make sure to read the manufacturer’s warning that blankets should not get used by children under the age of two or four. Individual size differences and overall comfortability will determine the size for couples for the best king size weighted blankets. Unfortunately, most weighted blankets are only available for purchase online, making them challenging to sample before you buy. Try to stick to the 10% guideline as much as possible.

Measure #2: Size of Blanket

The majority of blankets get designed for a single user at a time, and they should be long enough to extend from the chin to the feet. Individuals taller than average should double-check the measurements of blanket alternatives to ensure that they are long enough. Sizing charts get often found on product packaging or the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website. Because I’m talking about the best king size weighted blankets, it has to be at least 80 inches by 86 inches or may range up to 108 inches by 100 inches, and they are the most considerable size available for any weighted blankets.

Note: While it may be tempting to save money by having kids borrow a parent’s blanket, weighted blankets should get adequately sized for youngsters for safety concerns. Even so, children should not use a weighted blanket that belongs to an adult. However, covering the entire body may not be necessary for people suffering from RLS. In general, utilize your bed’s size to select the minimum size of your blanket.

Masure #3: Filler Material it Comprises offMe

There are a lot of alternatives when it comes to weighted blankets. When browsing for a weighted blanket, you’ll see that most of them employ either plastic poly pellets or glass beads. Sand is a low-cost alternative for filling weighted blankets, but it appears to be the least long-lasting. Organic and inorganic fillers may be available from several manufacturers. Choosing a blanket with a decent filling, on the other hand, is crucial, and Low-quality fillings may become crushed or clumped together at one end of the blanket.

  • Glass beads, on the other hand, are the most fabulous fillers to use since they are so tiny that they mimic salt crystals, resulting in a thinner finished blanket than those created with plastic pellets.
  • Poly-pellets can act as a well-weighted filler; however, they can be slightly loud.
  • Although rice and sand are affordable fillers, they are not suited to searching for long-lasting results.

Measure #4: Maintenance Effort

Because of their weight, weighted blankets can be difficult to wash. While some are machine and dryer compatible, the majority are not. If you’re worried about stains or pet fur on your blanket, search for one with a detachable cover. Some businesses include a cover with their weighted blankets, while others sell it as an add-on so you may save time washing coverings instead of the entire blanket.

Measure #5: The Budget

All of these considerations directly impact the price of a weighted blanket. So, seek an alternative that provides you with the most of what you want in return for what you have in your pocket.

My Top Choice From Best Weighted King Size Blankets List

Gravity Blanket is my top pick for the best weighted king size blankets; they may appear on the pricey side owing to the high-quality glass beads in each blanket, but they give exactly what a weighted king size is blanket should. The blanket has a beautiful, uniform weight distribution across it, and the gridded stitching keeps the glass beads uniformly distributed throughout the blanket and prevents them from pooling on one side or the other.

Furthermore, according to Gravity, over 55 % of customers have reported a stress reduction, and over 70 % have improved sleep quality. So, rather than experimenting with other possibilities, you should test these blankets and speak with individuals who have observed their effectiveness.


A weighted blanket can take your comfort to a whole new level, whether you’re relaxing or sleeping, and they’re a great complement to have in any space. Many weighted blanket users indicate that the modest pressure helps them sleep better and feel less anxious. 

I’ve included several possibilities; you must think about the qualities you want in your weighted blanket while reading this detailed guide. Thousands of consumers currently use these blankets, and now that you’ve learned about the best weighted king size blankets, you’ll want to give them a try as well. Remember to keep the essential points in mind before utilizing, and go through the FAQ section for extra information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weighted Blankets

What's The Best Way To Clean A Weighted Blanket?

Answer: Different care instructions may apply depending on the materials used to make your weighted blanket. But, almost all of them have detachable, machine-washable covers. Choose a bleach-free, mild detergent and wash your blanket on a gentle cycle in cold or warm water. If stains are still holding up, take them to a professional dry cleaner or buy an at-home dry cleaning kit.

How Often Should You Wash?

Answer: The frequency with which you clean your weighted blanket is determined by how frequently it gets used. If you use the blanket every night while sleeping, wash it every few weeks to avoid perspiration and body oils from accumulating.

Is It OK To Sleep With A Weighted Blanket Every Night? When Should You Use It?

Answer: They’re perfectly safe to sleep with all night. Some sleep experts advise using it for 20 to 30 minutes, while others urge sleeping with it overnight.

What Weighted Blanket should Couple Use?

Answer: It is pretty usual for couples to share a weighted blanket. In addition, research suggests that utilizing two blankets might elevate sleep troubles. It’s perfect if both people are happy with the blanket’s weight and size. It’s critical to consider your size and weight discrepancies before selecting a weighted blanket as a pair. Couples should take 7.5 % of their total weight; if the percentage difference between you and your partner’s weights is more significant than 25%, it gets recommended that you acquire separate blankets.

Oversized Weighted Blanket Is Better?

Answer: You may be attracted to buy an enormous best weighted king size blanket, but this may result in less efficient weight distribution. It implies that the weighted blanket’s sound effects will get felt by your bed rather than your body. As a result, attempt to choose a weighted blanket that fits your needs.

Is it for Everybody; Who Should Be Extra Cautious?

Answer: Before using weighted blankets, sure sleepers should take extra care and consult their doctor since a weighted blanket may be problematic for those with specific medical issues.

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