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BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket Review - Is it Worth Buying?

BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket review by Weighted Living

Are you about to purchase the ever-so-popular Quilted Weighted Blanket by Blanquil? If the answer’s affirmative then you’ve first got to make some calculated moves. A smart buyer always begins by comparing the perks with the liabilities because making a new purchase is a tricky process. First, you’ve got to get to the root of it all and read all you can about that particular product online.

So, if you’re planning on buying a good weighted blanket for breezy afternoons and cold winter nights, might as well do your homework in advance. We’ve jotted down each and every detail about Blanquil’s Quilted blanket. A detailed review on this blanket awaits you so grab your reading glasses and get to business;

Blanquil Quilted Weighted Blanket: Overview

BlanQuil As a Brand: Are They a Good Weighted Blanket Company?

This is a fairly new company that has gained popularity over time thanks to the remarkable sleeping accessories manufactured by them. Mainly this company manufactures weighted pillows, sleeping masks, and blankets. Additionally, this Texas-based company was launched back in 2018 and has been in business ever since. If you’re searching for their Better bureau accreditation online, you might not be able to find it as this is a fairly new company.

As far as the company’s reputation is concerned they’re not under the radar of any legal troubles and seem to be stacking up some pretty decent product reviews online. Their customer support portal seems to be doing its job pretty well according to the reviews left off by customers. There’s only one problem that seemed to bother some customers, which is the delay in the product delivery. Although the company can be held accountable for the lacking of the shipping company, this is still something you should know before check-in out with one of their items.

Blanquil Quilted Weighted Blanket: Specs

  • Dimensions: 48” x 74”
  • Weight variants: 15, 20, and 25 lb.
  • Removable Micro-plush Duvet Cover
  • Inner Filling: Eco-Friendly Glass Pellets
  • High-strength Reinforced Ties for Durability      

What’s So Great About The BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket?

BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket-min

The description on the website entails that just like any other weighted blanket, the quilted weighted blanket by Blanquil can; reduce stress, create a comfortable sleeping environment, provide deep pressure therapy, and noticeably reduce your ability to toss around in your bed during the night. 

The fleece polyester duvet adds a luxurious touch to the blanket and feels super comfortable against the skin. Additionally, the pellets used inside are non-toxic. Thus they won’t cause any damage if any contact’s initiated with pets or kids.

Here are 5 traits that truly make this a remarkable purchase;

BlanQuil has a “Sleep-Trial” for All Their Weighted Blankets

BlanQuil’s refund and return policy are one of the many perks you can enjoy as a Blanquil customer. Even though Blanquil’s weighted blanket seems to earn high praise, you can still feel like it’s not meant for you. But, you needn’t worry as you can return it within the 60 day return period. Furthermore, if you were delivered a damaged Blanquil quilted blanket, you can return it within 30 days. For more information on this, do check out their official website’s refund and return section. Lastly, you can also enjoy free shipping by directly ordering from their website if you reside in Canada or USA.

Room For Unlimited Customization

Blanquil’s quilted weighted blanket leaves room for the alterations you crave. For instance, there are multiple color options to choose from according to your liking. If duskier shades appeal to you then you can take a pick from the variety of colors available. Similarly, someone with a knack for bright colors can also try their hand at customization to make the blanket match the aesthetic of their room. Not only this, there are 3 weight options available for customers. This leaves room for those that need deep pressure stimulation but don’t want something too heavy thrust against them during the night. People have different preferences and these unlimited options can garner to all of them.


Blanquil’s weighted blanket isn’t expensive at all if you compare its price to the average price of weighted blankets. Usually, these kinds of blankets fall somewhere between $100 and $300. The quilted weighted blanket by Blanquil really doesn’t disappoint in this regard and it’s completely worth every penny you’ll pay.

Much Swifter Laundry Routine

Blanquil’s weighted blanket has made running laundry way easier than before. Its washability is super easy because of its removable duvet. It comes off easily so you don’t have to run to your nearest laundromat to take care of any stains. The duvet is also dryer-friendly and machine washable. Thus you really don’t have to put in any kind of manual effort and you don’t have to break a sweat.

Top-Notch Durability

This quilted blanket’s going to last you for plenty of seasons. This claim can be backed up once we take a look at this blanket’s construction. This weighted blanket features 77 independent baffles. Additionally, you’ll also find that it has eight connection points made of high-strength reinforced ties which connect the weighted section to the cover of the blanket. Consequently, the weights don’t shift inside the blanket providing you with overall seamless pressure. This manner of construction will also make sure that your blanket doesn’t fall apart or wear off that quickly. This quilted blanket is so tightly secured that any kind of jerking around or pulling will not leave an impact on the distribution of the filling.

Eco-friendly Nature

Global warming’s showing its wrath in its full swing nowadays. Thus it’s understandable if you wish to utilize items that won’t trigger the natural system even more. Those who are always looking for eco-friendly products will absolutely adore Blanquil’s quilted weighted blanket. The filling present inside this weighted blanket consists of eco-friendly glass beads covered with poly-blend shells. These are not only non-toxic as compared to the typical plastic pellets filling, but it’s also easily washable. So, you’ll be utilizing something that doesn’t harm the environment and provides you optimal comfort simultaneously

4 Things You Won’t Really Like About The Blanquil Quilted Weighted Blanket

  • Hot sleepers and the people who sweat profusely might not be huge fans of this blanket. That’s because the presence of the duvet cover and the micro plush texture can trap a lot of heat during the night. If you’re sleeping with a blanket, there’s plenty of warmth already available. An extra load of warmth can make you feel uncomfortable during the night and you’ll probably end up a soggy mess. This blanket lacks cooling properties. If you’re someone who tends to have hot flashes ever so often, you might want to look into some other alternative on Blanquil’s website.
  • You’re not going to like this item much if you’re 120lb. as that would be a little too much to handle for you.
  • According to the reviews, some people dislike the fact that this weighted blanket comes in only one size. So, even if you are slightly larger than the conventional height, the blanket probably won’t fit you. Either your feet will end up missing out on the fun or your upper body will have some qualms. On the flip side, this is also a weird situation for people who wish to purchase a weighted blanket for their kids. Not having a child-sized weighted blanket is a big disadvantage because parents would miss out on this opportunity. Buying a much larger weighted blanket for kids can amp up the risk of suffocation which is just an overall unfavorable situation due to lack of size variations.
  • This weighted blanket is comparatively smaller than other weighted blankets as stated earlier. It’s way smaller than a full-sized mattress. So, if you plan on sharing with a partner, forget about that. If you’ve bought it for a king-sized bed, you might have to purchase 2 sets to actively enjoy deep pressure therapy.

How Can I Take Care of My Blanquil Quilted Weighted Blanket?

According to the care instructions, the company advises against entirely washing the Blanquil weighted blanket. Instead, you can remove the duvet and wash it in the machine. Additionally, to maintain the Blanquil Quilted Weighted Blanket’s durability you should be avoiding any detergents with bleach in them. Use cold water while washing the duvet and then you can use the spot-cleaning mechanism to clean any residue from the blanket. The key to spot cleaning perfectly is to not wait too long if you’ve spilled something that can leave a stain on your weighted blanket.

That’s because removing a fresh stain is much easier. This would also require much less effort without the inclusion of any harsh chemicals. The care instructions for this weighted blanket also entail that users can use the dryer on a low setting while drying the duvet cover. On the contrary, the weighted part of the blanket should always be air-dried instead of placing it in a machine dryer. This will keep the filling in its earlier position instead of shifting the weight around.

Final Words

This quilted, fuzzy blanket is recommended to anyone who’s been struggling to sleep for a while. Deep pressure stimulation might just work its magic on you by reducing anxiety and boosting feel-good hormones. Hold on tight to Blanquil’s weighted blanket because you will be needing this accessory to doze off into REM sleep every night.

BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket: Customer Reviews

BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket review from Weighted Living

If you’re still feeling a little iffy about spending your hard-earned money these Amazon reviews might provide you some insight;

“Was looking to buy the Gravity Blanket because I saw it on Facebook & KickStarter. I read their reviews and most were bad (some downright awful) – then one said “buy the Blanquil because it’s cheaper and just as good.” I hadn’t heard of Blanquil before, so I did an Amazon search and saw it was essentially the same description and less money. Bought it for my wife and she absolutely loves it!!! She falls asleep right away (which was an issue) and stays sleeping most of the night. Thank you Blanquil.”

  • Mathew W.

“Best night’s sleep I have ever gotten. I am a very light sleeper and tend to toss and turn all night. I have had sleep anxiety since I was a child due to nightmares. This was a great investment for me. I sleep great! The blanket is very high quality and so soft! You can also remove the cover to make washing easy! Absolutely would recommend this product to anybody!”

  • Erica Osborne
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