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Do Weighted Blankets Work in Helping You Sleep Better?

do weighted blankets work in helping you sleep better

In this era, many people are stressed and struggling to get relief from this stress. They cannot get proper sleep and spend their nights wondering how to get a good sleep. There are many ways to reduce anxiety; a weighted blanket might be one if you are also worried about your sleep and finding a way to reduce your anxiety and get a deeper sleep.

Do weighted blankets work in helping you sleep better? In short, Yes. A weighted blanket can amazingly reduce anxiety and help you sleep better. This is due to the pressure of the weighted blanket on your body.

In this article, I will discuss about some facts related to the weighted blankets how a better selection can effect your sleeping. Please read the article to learn all about weighted blankets and how they are helping you to get a night of better sleep.

Do Weighted Blankets Work in Helping You Sleep Better? - Summary

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

A Weighted blanket is a heavy blanket used for a therapy named deep pressure stimulation therapy. Weighted blankets put pressure on the body and relax the body. These blankets are stunning for anxiety, insomnia, and some other conditions.

How Do Weighted Blankets Help You Sleep Better?

A Weighted blanket is a good choice if you’re suffering from anxiety or depression. Using deep pressure stimulation (DPS) theory with weighted blankets helps you to get relaxed and stress-free. Here are some benefits of using weighted blankets:

Weighted Blankets Work in Calming the Nervous System

A disturbed nervous system gives rise to anxiety, increased heart rate, and short breathing, which causes an unformattable sleep, this is where a weighted blanket works in helping you sleep better. 

When you put some pressure on the body, the fight-or-flight condition activates. The fight-or-flight condition in the body brings your nervous system normal and relaxes your body functions. A relaxed body sleeps well, so weighted blankets give you a calm nervous system to sleep well.

Of course, people feel improvement from weighted blankets; but are these blankets enough to treat anxiety? Deep pressure therapy proves beneficial for many people, but if someone is not feeling good even after the therapy, they should consult a doctor. Doctors can guide you best on whether to continue DPS therapy or try another one.

Ease Stress and Reduce Anxiety

Stress and anxiety interrupt your sleep and make you feel more tired and lazy. When you use weighted blankets, your body feels calm and relaxed. This relaxed body leads to ease your stress and reduces your anxiety.

Provide Comfort and Security

Weighted blankets are very soft and heavy, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. When you wrap up a weighted blanket around you, it works as a swaddle around a newborn. You feel tightly bound to your blanket and secure.

Improve Your Sleep Quality

If you struggle to get a good peaceful sleep at night, you should try weighted blankets. These blankets are used for therapy that works to reduce your anxiety by pressure. The weight of blankets relaxes your body and allows your body to have a good sleep.

Improve Your Mood

When you can’t sleep well due to anxiety, it can be unpleasant. It is also possible that you often become upset or angry due to lack of sleep. Weighted blankets play a role in producing good hormones like oxycontin and decrease stress hormones that make you feel good. You will sleep well at night, and ultimately it helps you improve your mood.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Weighted blankets work in helping you sleep better by simply adding some extra pressure on your body and relaxing it. Weighted blankets use a stress-reducing therapy (DPS) deep pressure stimulation. I will explain how they work by some points to make it clear.

Calm Your Nerves

Stress affects our body functions and disturbs our system. It may reduce our heart rate or cause short breathing. When you use a weighted blanket, it helps to normalize your heart and breath rate and calm your body.

Produce Some Hormones

Weight due to blankets triggers your mind, releasing some stress-reducing hormones. As a result, hormones like serotonin and oxytocin are released by the body. These hormones are effective in keeping your mood good and sleeping well.

Sensory Therapy

Weight blankets help people to cure Autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. For this therapy, you need to lay under any weighted blanket. A weighted blanket will exert some extra pressure on your body, and you will feel your body relaxing. A relaxed body helps you to get a good sleep at night.

What Are the Best Weighted Blankets to Sleep Better?

Suppose you are thinking of getting a good weighted blanket and haven’t bought a good one. Here I will give you the five best options to choose from them.

Gravity Blankets

Gravity Flex Travel Blanket-min

Gravity blankets offered by a European band come in various packings. These amazing blankets contain moisture absorbing and mink fabric and help you stay cool overnight. A grid is used in gravity blankets to keep the inner fabric safe from clustering. These blankets come with many weight options.

Baloo Weighted Blankets

Heavy Quilted Cotton from Baloo-min

If you are a cold sleeper or living in a warm climate, Baloo weighted blanket is perfect. These weighted blankets come with cotton filling and keep you cool while sleeping. Light and soft cotton covers of Baloo blankets make them breathable and comfortable.

Yaasa Weighted Blankets

Yaasa’s Signature Weighted Blanket – Mini Version

Yassa weighted blankets are different from other blankets. These blankets are cozier than any duvet blanket because Yassa weighted blankets are filled with restored plastic. Other blankets use glass bread or glass to bring weight, but Yassa weights use restored plastic for extra weight. These blankets are so comfortable and breathable. Yassa weighted blankets are more costly than other blankets. If you can pay high for good sleep, Yassa might be a good choice.

YnM Weighted Blankets

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket with 100_ Bamboo Viscose-min

YnM is a good choice if you want a budget-friendly blanket. These blankets are less costly compared to other weighted blankets. YnM blankets keep you cool during summer and are good for a person who is a cold sleeper. These blankets come with 14 weight options and various color options.

Helix Weighted Blankets

One of the softest weighted blankets is a weighted helix blanket. These blankets come with fleece and soft velvety fabric on the other side. If you buy this blanket, you can get a 100-night trial to satisfy yourself before you buy the blanket.

Who Can Sleep Better Using a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets can be helpful for all sleepers, specifically for persons who are suffering from any stress or anxiety. These blankets are used for therapy used by people who have autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or anxiety

Anxiety and Depression

Some people can’t sleep well at night due to anxiety and depression. Anxiety affects these people badly and causes a disturbed sleep cycle. When the sleep cycle of anyone disrupts, it leads to an increase in stress and destroys mental health. Weighted blankets work amazingly to reduce anxiety and depression and help to get good sleep. Hence, anxiety patients can sleep better using a weighted blanket.

People With Temporary Stress

Many of us face stress due to our daily workload. This stress is not a high level of stress or anxiety, but this may disturb our sleep and make us lazy, upset, and down. Weighted blankets can reduce your daily stress to get a calm sleep.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Weighted blankets may also help people with ASD autism spectrum disorder. The high weight of blankets puts deep pressure on the body and comforts it. Anxiety-reducing chemicals produce and reduce stress.

Kids Above Ages 3+

Weighted blankets might be heavy for kids under the age of 2 years. For kids under two years, Kids weighted blankets may cause suffocation. But weighted blankets can be safe for kids above three years.

Chronic Pain

People with chronic pain can benefit by using weighted blankets. Research in 2021 proves that chronic patients can get relief from weighted blankets. These blankets are more effective, especially when a chronic patient is also an anxiety patient.

Insomnia Patients

Insomnia is a disease in which patients’ sleep is disturbed. Weighted blankets also reduce insomnia by adding pressure and relaxing the body. Due to relaxing the body, patients can sleep well, and insomnia can be reduced.

How to Choose the Weighted Blanket for Your Needs?

If you want the best-weighted blanket read our full guide and select the best blanket. When you select a blanket, you need to know some factors before buying. 

For Whom Are You Buying the Weighted Blanket?

It depends before you buy a blanket. Who are you buying the blanket for? Is it for a child or an adult? Is it for yourself? Is it for any couple? This will help you to know what blanket you need.

Weighted Blanket for Children

Weighted blankets for children should be selected carefully. These blankets cannot be used for a child under two years. Before buying a weighted blanket for children, you must consider the weight and size of the blanket. 

Weighted Blanket for Adults

Buying a blanket for adults is an easy task. You need to know the weight of the blanket and the size of the blankets according to your bed size.

Consider How Heavy the Weighted Blanket Is

It is essential to note the weight and the person you are buying blankets for. Generally, it is recommended to use a weighted blanket which is 10 per cent of your body weight. This makes it easy to determine a weighted blanket.

Which Filling should you get?

There are many options for weighted blankets in the market with various fillings. You can choose a blanket with a blanket that best suits you. If you are a hot sleeper, you can choose a fabric like bamboo, linen, or Tencel. But if you are a cold sleeper, fabric like cotton is best to choose.

FAQ’s About Weighted Blankets for Better Sleep:

Can you sleep on your side with a weighted blanket?

Yes, you can sleep on your side, but it is not recommended. A weighted blanket can add more pressure than you need if you are a side sleeper. This can put too much weight on your joints which is not good. So, if you want to sleep on your side, buy a blanket with a 7% body weight.

Can you sleep with a weighted blanket all night?

Yes, you can sleep with a weighted blanket all night without worrying. Weighted blankets are safe for adults to use and kids above the age of 2 years. In case, if you have an breathing issue, it’s recommended that you don’t cover your face. Because it can cause in breathing problem, excpet this, weighted blankets are safe and can be used to sleep at night. 

Who should not use a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are not suitable for kids under the age of 2 years. Weighted blankets might not suit some medical patients with asthma, low blood pressure, chronic issues, or type 2 diabetes. If you have such issues then you shoud avoid using weighted blankets. 

Do weighted blankets help you sleep on your back?

Yes, if you sleep on your side, you might take more place. It can be difficult to turn or toss with a heavy blanket. So, using a weighted blanket can help you sleep on your back and keep your body in place.


Weighted blankets are heavy blankets used for deep pressure therapy (DPS). Weighted blankets add extra pressure to your body and make your body relaxed. When your body is relaxed, it may cause an anxiety reduction. Reduced anxiety helps you to sleep well.

Weighted blankets also stimulate the production of stress-reducing sleeping chemicals like serotonin. 

You can buy weighted blankets according to your body weight. Choosing a blanket with 10% of your body weight is recommended. But if you are a side sleeper, you should choose a blanket with 7% of your body weight.

Weighted blankets should not be used for children under the age of 2 years. Some medical patients with asthma and some chronic issues should avoid weighted blankets.


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