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Do Weighted Boxing Gloves Increase Your Punching Speed?

do weighted boxing gloves increase your punching speed

If you’re interested in becoming a professional boxer or a better athlete in general, you need to boost your strength in many ways. Weighted boxing gloves are one of your biggest training tools. Whatever your level of expertise at boxing is, you need a good pair of weighted boxing gloves to enhance your performance.

If you’re thinking about hitting harder and faster, do weighted boxing gloves increase your punching speed?

Weighted boxing gloves offer excellent protection to your fists when you practice on a heavy or harder bag. These gloves absorb shock and reduce the intensity of impact on your hands. But everyone is wondering if weighted boxing gloves increase punching speed? Thankfully, I have an answer for you in this article.

Do Weighted Boxing Gloves Increase Your Punching Speed?

What are Weighted Boxing Gloves?

Title Weighted Boxing Gloves

These gloves are heavier than ordinary gloves. Even though they wrap around the hand, they are heavier at the back. Weighted boxing gloves increase workouts resistance, increasing workout intensity, and calorie expenditure. Additionally, weighted gloves can add variety to cardio activities like kickboxing, heavy bag boxing, and cross-training. The gloves can help you focus on your technique and maintain your balance. So, weighted gloves are a great addition to any form of cardio.

Do Weighted Boxing Gloves Increase Your Punching Speed?

increasing punching speed with weighted boxing gloves

Do weighted boxing gloves increase your punching speed? Weighted gloves have been proven to increase the speed of punching. Initially, boxers feel some resistance and fatigue as they begin to train with weighted gloves. Gradually, however, you become accustomed to applying greater force, and your hand movements increase after removing the weights.

Research shows that weighted gloves are used with exercise sets considering the player’s mass and arm weight ratio. The number of punches and the effectiveness of players’ performances has improved after six weeks of training. In this study, the added weight is recommended as a good tool for increasing punches and performance effectiveness.

Weighted boxing gloves are designed to adapt your arms and hands to the added weight. In this way, your regular gloves will move faster when used for boxing. They are also meant for training and improving the strength and tone of one’s arms. When boxers train with heavier gloves, they aim to build strength and speed up their movements.

For strengthening shoulder and arm muscles and improving cardiovascular endurance, weighted gloves are just as effective as dumbbells. Compared to dumbbells, weighted gloves prevent you from losing your grip and dropping weight. With weighted boxing gloves, your hands remain free to grasp your water bottle, adjust your mat, or tie your shoes. Furthermore, weighted gloves do not affect your workout in any way.

When choosing the ideal boxing glove, there are several factors to consider. Weighted boxing gloves come in different ounces, sizes, and features depending on whether you are sparring, training, or working on a heavy bag. While lighter gloves allow you to practice punching with speed, heavier gloves are better for fighting or sparring.

If you want to increase your strength and endurance, it’s a good idea to train with a heavier glove. Lighter gloves are recommended if you are working on building speed, as one can move their arms faster with lighter gloves. Lastly, a glove size of 14oz to 16oz is a good choice if you use it for more than just hitting bags since it helps protect your hand when sparring and against punch bags.

Increasing Punching Speed with Weighted Boxing Gloves: Frequently Asked Questions

Does a weighted boxing glove hit harder?

In short, no. Heavy gloves do not hit harder or cause more pain to the opponent. Choosing heavier gloves is more about ensuring your safety and your partner than damaging him. With heavier gloves, you get more padding, which helps soften the blow of a hard punch as you leverage your body weight. If you want to hit harder, you need to improve your technique.

When should you use 14oz to 16oz boxing gloves?

The heavier gloves have more padding. Most people of average size use gloves weighing 14 oz – 16 oz to train and spar. Boxing gloves below 12 oz should be used if you are hitting pads or a heavy bag, whereas gloves over 16 oz are recommended if you want to protect your sparring partner. You can train your body to adapt to a heavier weight by using 16oz boxing gloves, which will help you reach your fitness goals quicker.

Does shadow boxing with weights speed you up?

You can improve your hand speed and precision with shadow boxing. The benefit of weighted gloves is noticeable after just five minutes of free shadowboxing. Hence, if you have precision and technique, you can easily enhance the power of your strikes. However, you should not overdo it as it puts more stress on your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Ideally, you should stretch for 10 minutes a day so that it does not affect your joints in the long run.

How can you improve hand speed?

As a sportsman, you can increase your hand speed in several ways. For decades, sportsmen have used dumbbells to increase the force with which they could move their arms. Holding dumbbells requires you to wrap your hand around them, which is unlike what you do for your sport. This results not only in you developing the incorrect form but also in you straining your joints.

Weighted boxing gloves are a relatively new invention that has proven far the most effective intervention to date. Most instructors recommend training with gloves that are +/- 20% heavier than the gloves they will use in competition. Thus, boxers will become accustomed to training at greater and lighter resistance levels, resulting in a stronger, faster hand movement.


Weighted gloves are an excellent investment to improve your cardio and strength workouts. Weighted gloves can boost any cardiovascular exercise, from walking to running to shadowboxing. You will burn more calories and increase your strength by adding resistance.

With this said, do weighted boxing gloves increase your boxing speed? While it’s recommended to not use weighted boxing gloves all the time, it’s best to mix in these heavier boxing gloves with lighter gloves to get the most out of your boxing training in order to hit harder and faster.

Based on your size and the type of boxing you plan to do, you’ll need to choose the right weight of boxing gloves. The type of boxing gloves should be determined by the weight class, not by gender. Moreover, if you have ever suffered an injury to your hand, you should consult a doctor before wearing weighted gloves.

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