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How Much Does a Weight Rack Cost?

how much does a weight rack cost

For any home gym, a weight rack is essential. But how much does a weight rack cost? In my research, I reviewed several racks and their prices. In a short time, you will see that these storage racks are not as expensive as you probably think. Read this insightful blog to know how much a weight rack costs.

How Much Does a Weight Rack Cost?

What is a Weight Rack?

KICODE Weight Rack for Dumbbells

A weight rack is equipment gym owners, or instructors use to store workout tools such as kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, or weight plates. It is usually subdivided into multiple layers to create as much as possible to place these tools. 

Additionally, it has multiple safety features, such as rubber caps to keep the tools in position. Therefore, you can organize your workout nicely with all the workout equipment at a specific place for accessibility purposes.

How Much Does A Weight Rack Cost?

Unlike what some people might believe, the cost of a weight rack is not fixed. It differs considerably depending on several factors like product features. For your consideration, I have compiled an in-depth comparison of the weight storage rack cost.

Dumbbell Weight Rack Cost

JOLISTEN Weight Rack for Dumbbells

The manufacturers consider the weight rack’s features when pricing their products. On that account, let us discuss the prices based on the number of tiers. As you read, you will understand the importance of considering the weight rack type before placing your order.

2-Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack Cost

Understandably, 2-tier weight racks are the cheapest compared to 3-tier and 4-layered storage racks. Usually, different brands set moderately varying prices for their 2-layered storage racks. For instance, a 2-layer BalanceFrom storage gym equipment is $48.56.However, the price is this affordable thanks to Amazon’s 31% percent the company is offering to their customers.

On the other hand, a JX FITNESS 2-tier rack is $63.99, excluding the shipping charges. Time Wave is the cheapest weight rack available for only $50.99.Ordinarily, the rack costs $53.99, but Amazon is offering a kind discount of 6 percent.

3-Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack Cost

3-Tier dumbbell weight racks are the second most expensive racks on sale. Similarly, the cost differs a bit from one brand to another. Aside from that, the cost depends on the features of the rack.

Predictably, a rack with weight plate posts will cost more than one with just three simple layers. That notwithstanding, on average, 3-layered racks’ cost ranges from $99.99 to $159.99. For example, a Royal Fitness weight rack will cost you $119.99 on Amazon. On the contrary, a new Marcy storage equipment at $159.99.

4-Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack Cost

These dumbbell storage racks have more levels than a 2-tier and a 3-tier. As a result, it is more expensive regardless of the brand. We must admit that different manufacturers set varied selling prices for their products.

Generally, most 4-level racks cost $39.99 to $300 regardless of their features. For example, a Teri dumbbell rack is $210.55, especially if you do not pay immediately. On the other hand, an AITYAM dumbbell storage tool is just $39.99.Unfortunately, an ADER 4-tier dumbbell rack is the costliest rack on Amazon right now.

5-Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack Cost

5-layered dumbbell weight racks have more holders than all the other multi-leveled racks. On average, one 5-tier rack has 20 heavy-duty dumbbell holders. Perhaps that is the main reason these racks are high-priced. An A-Frame 5-tier dumbbell will cost $65.99 if you buy it on Amazon.

Contrarily, an AKYEN (considered the priciest) rack stand’s price has been reduced over time to $109.99. Therefore, you can get a high-quality rack for $24.19 to $109.99.

Weight Plate Weight Rack Cost

Marcy Weight Racks for Weight Plates

Weight plate racks are currently available at varying prices depending on their design.

Tree Weight Plates Rack Cost

For the most part, horizontal plate racks prices fall between $75 to $125. However, this price range is only for racks with five plate holders. A brand-new Topeakmart weight plate rack will now cost you $85.99 on Amazon.

Enticingly, a FITORON is currently $199.98 despite having over 12 weight plate holders. Therefore, I suggest you check out as many racks as possible and select the most budget-friendly weight plate rack.

Horizontal Weight Plates Rack Cost

Tree Weight plate storage equipment prices change depending on the number of holders. For instance, a CAP barbell rack (with five holders) goes for $33.25. Conversely, a CAP Barbell with 7-plate holders will cost any customer at least $62.99. Thus, I consider it intelligent to choose the most discounted weight rack, especially if it has multiple holders.

I must draw your attention to the fact that prices vary depending on the quality. For example, racks made from thick steel can be pricier than those manufactured from iron. For example, a Letusto storage equipment costs a whopping $119. Do not opt out of buying this rack, as not all of them are unaffordable. It might be encouraging to learn that the prices range from $25.99 to $150.

Multipurpose Weight Rack Cost

Weight rack manufacturers design different types of racks for their customers. Some racks are for specific gym equipment such as dumbbells. Therefore, they have a limited number of features that suit the target equipment. A multipurpose storage rack has more features to accommodate as much gym equipment as possible. Consequently, they tend to cost as low as $115 on world-class platforms such as Amazon.

For example, the PLKOW rack will cost you $149.99 right now. The rack has three long tiers and a few weight plate posts.

Best 3 Affordable Weight Racks

3 Affordable Weight Racks for Dumbbells

PITHAGE Weight Rack (Budget-Friendly)

A PITHAGE weight rack is the most low-priced storage equipment for dumbbells. Each of these racks goes for as low as $33.99.It is not only long-lasting but also has six pairs of dumbbell holders.

Marcy Combo Weight Rack (Best for Beginners)

 I can’t think of a better rack for beginner’s dumbbells than the Marcy Combo Weight rack. It is easy to assemble and use by everybody, including fitness beginners. It only goes for roughly $99.61 unless there’s a discount on the offer.

JX FITNESS 3-Level Rack (Best for Gyms)

I confidently recommend the JX FITNESS weight rack as it is multipurpose. Therefore, a gym instructor can conveniently store their weight plates and dumbbells on the same storage equipment.

3 Affordable Weight Racks for Weight Plates

Yaheetech Horizontal Rack for Weight Plates (Best Pick)

A Yaheetech weight plate rack is the perfect equipment for storing plates. It features a long handle and wheels. Apart from that, the equipment has five tough steel plate holders. You can quickly get it from Amazon for $77.99.

Royal Fitness Horizontal Rack (Best for Beginners)

Royal Fitness Horizontal Rack is the best storage equipment for beginners. It has a long steel handle; hence it is easy to transport the equipment. Additionally, it has six large holders for storing at least six weight plates.

Dripex Weight Rack (Best for Gyms)

A tree weight rack for plates occupies much less space than a horizontal rack. Again and again, this beautiful weight rack takes up a limited floor space of 24 inches by 24 inches. Get it from Amazon for only $99.99.

Weight Rack Cost: FAQs

How Much Does a Dumbbell Weight Rack Cost?

Dumbbell weight racks’ prices vary depending on the brand and the dealer. Apart from that, the prices rely equally on the weight rack’s features. For example, a 3-tier weight rack will cost from $99.90 to $149.On the other hand, a 2-level weight rack for dumbbells is $38.97. Similarly, the more the number of holders, the more expensive the rack becomes. For instance, a HelleX rack that has ten holders costs $49.99.

How Much Does a Weight Plate Rack Cost?

Most weight plate racks fix the prices of their products between $33.99 to $230.More often than not, tree-weight plate racks cost somewhat more than the horizontal ones. The more the number of features any weight rack has, the costlier it becomes. For example, heavy-duty racks with a weight limit of more than 1000 pounds are more expensive.

Is a Low-Cost Weight Rack Durable?

Yes, it is! It can be misleading to bank on the selling price to determine the durability of a weight rack. Everything depends on the material and design. Remember that some racks are cheap due to the price the manufacturers or online stores offer their clients. Therefore, do not be alarmed to see a low-cost storage rack last for many years. Rather, pay more attention to the weight rack’s brand, design, and thickness.

How Much Space do You Need to Place a Weight Rack?

Technically, the design of any weight rack determines how much space it takes up. Most of these storage racks have an estimated length of 42 inches and a width of 20 inches. On the contrary, weight plate racks take up less floor space. A standard weight plate rack occupies a floor space of roughly 23 inches by 12 inches.

Which is the Most Cost-Effective Weight Rack for a Home Gym?

A CAP Barbell weight rack is the most budget-friendly storage equipment for dumbbells. On the other hand, a BRTGYM is the cheapest weight plate rack on the market at this moment in time. These weight racks have all the needed features, such as a sturdy stand, smooth finish, and a lock mechanism. On top of that, the racks have a relatively high weight capacity.

Are Dumbbells Storage Racks Too Costly for Beginners?

No, they are not! It might thrill you to know that you can get a high-quality weight rack for as low as $34.99.This rack will have all the required features, such as a good stand and multiple dumbbell holders. It all depends on the features you are looking for when ordering the product. For example, the more the number of tiers, the deeper you will have to dig in your pocket. Therefore a beginner can choose the most cost-friendly weight storage rack available.


As I wind up this guide, I emphasize that customers should pick the best weight rack with caution. Do not go for the cheapest rack just to save money as it may be of poor quality. Instead, I’d advise you to focus more on the price offers available for the customers. 

For example, HTNBO weight plates are of the best quality imaginable, yet it is only $89.99 now. Apart from that, Amazon will reduce the cost further for customers with an active Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

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