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How To Use Herbalife for Maximum Weight Loss?

How to Use Herbalife for Maximum Weight Loss

We all have our reasons to desire the body of our dreams and be in the body shape possible, and if you’re trying out Herbalife, then this article is perfect for you if you want to know how to use Herbalife for maximum weight loss. 

For some; it’s the urge to achieve their ideal summer body for a vacation to Aruba. Meanwhile, others want to fit and look their best in their wedding gown.

Losing weight can be a lifesaver for those struggling with cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and many others threatening anomalies. If none of these reasons resonate with you then perhaps you are doing this just because you want to feel a bit more connected to your own body.

Yet, whatever the reasons are; it is impossible to deny that losing weight can be just so exhausting for so many reasons. Yes, the rest of the journey can be hard on its own, but finding an initial solution is an even more tumultuous process. 

There are so many companies in the market trying to advertise their way into your life, but Herbalife has made its mark on people’s lives through authenticity. If you’re spending a valid amount of time and investing your hard-earned money on products, it should reflect the results you desired in the end.

What if I told you that you can lose around 0.5 to 1 pounds each week with the help of Herbalife? You are probably scoffing at the thought of this after facing defeat so many times despite trying every herbal tea you could find online. But, trust me, it’s possible to jump right back in shape and pluck stagnancy right from its roots.

Here’s more on Herbalife and how you can use Herbalife for maximum weight loss;

How To Use Herbalife for Maximum Weight Loss?

What Is Herbalife?

Herbalife Weight Loss program

Herbalife is a globally recognized company that mainly manufactures nutritional supplements. During the course of 40 years, their business ventures have expanded to 90 different countries and Herbalife’s meal replacement protein shakes have since then caused quite the stir. 

Their wide range of protein shakes alongside other nutritional supplements have gained popularity because of their role in inducing a quicker or more convenient weight loss journey. Additionally, their products are manufactured ethically and are suitable for vegetarians as well as people that have dietary restrictions.

Simply working out, and including more steps in your workout routine never works the charm. This is something I have had to learn the hard way. No matter how hard you test your limits in the gym, test your core and how long you spend doing cardio, a calorie deficit is still needed. 

A diet charged with a calorie deficit is the one that’s slightly stingier in terms of carbs and saturated fats. You’d have to cut down on saturated fats and many other dietary sources because they can very easily undo the work you’ve been putting up in the gym.

Starving yourself simply isn’t an option more so many reasons. It can physically exhaust you beyond limits, it’s ethically wrong and you’ll probably find yourself feeling much weaker than anyone should be. This is why it’s a popular ritual for those who are losing weight to opt for meal replacements.

How Can You Switch to Herbalife for Maximum Weight Loss?

Herbalife’s weight loss program features meal replacement shakes and teas that help you lose weight much more significantly. What’s even greater about them is their nutritional value. Each product’s packaging is labeled with the major nutritional components you’ll be receiving through their meal replacement shakes. 

If you are trying to reduce your calorie intake for the day, you’ll be needing something that fulfills your dietary needs, keeps your energy levels up, and also provides you with the essential nutrients you need to stay healthy.

You can switch to Herbalife by getting in contact with a distributor. With an added expense of their service fee, they’ll be able to sell you an entire range or the specific supplements that you need. 

It is important to note that Herbalife’s products vary in their price and according to the plan you are opting for. Here’s a look at their most popular items and relevant pricing so you can make a mental note of whatever you are going to be needing;

  1. Herbal Aloe Concentrate: $121.95 for ½ gallon (1.89 liters)
  2. Active Fiber Complex: $30.30 for 30 servings
  3. Formula 1 Select meal replacement shake: $43.30 for 30 servings
  4. Formula 2 capsules: $26.40 for a 30-day supply
  5. Formula 3 capsules: $28.95 for a 30-day supply
  6. Herbalife24 Enhanced Protein Powder: $81.60 for 20 servings
  7. Protein Bar Deluxe: $27.70 for 14 bars
  8. Protein Drink mix: $53.10 for 30 servings

Moreover, if purchasing specific products seems too much like a hassle you can always opt for a weight loss program.

Herbalife: A Brief Look at The Weight Loss Programs

In order to learn how to use Herbalife for maximum weight loss, you need to know the 3 main Herbalife weight loss programs that feature specific meal replacement products. The charges for these programs also vary based on the items included in each program;

  1. The Quickstart Program: $125.05 per month

The consumers of this particular category will receive one container each of Formula 1 Select meal-replacement shake, Formula 2 multivitamins, Formula 3 Cell Activator antioxidant capsules, as well as a powdered Herbal Tea Concentrate.

  1. The Advanced Program: $189.40 per month

This program features Cell-U-Loss for the sake of reducing fluid retention as well as Total Control for boosting your energy levels. In addition to this, you can expect the supplements included in the Quickstart program.

This program features Snack Defense for blood sugar management and Aminogen for digestion in addition to everything that is included in the Advanced Program.

How Can Herbalife's Tea Concentrate & Shakes Be Affective for Weight Loss?

In order for you to be successful with Herbalife or other weight loss program an maximize weight loss safely, hitting your local grocery store is the first step before starting the Herbalife diet. Instead of opting for the canola oil, I was previously using, I started relying on olive oil and avocado oil for cooking lean protein during meal prep. 

This is also the time for a pantry deep cleaning session. Remove those old cartons of instant ramen and chips. That space will now be taken up by raw/roasted nuts and whole-grain legumes.

Now, that we have established the need for a calorie deficit diet, it is essential to discuss the role Herbalife’s teas and shakes played during my weight loss routine. My plan of action consisted of consuming 2 shakes, 2 healthy snacks, a cup of tea, and one healthy meal during the day.

Starting The Day Right with Herbalife for Maximum Weight Loss

The day typically began with mixing 2 scoops of Herbalife’s F1 nutrition shake with 8 ounces (240 mL) of nonfat milk. In addition to this, I relied on Herbalife’s aloe supplements to fulfill my need for essential nutrients. 

Both of these products were accompanied by 2 high-protein pancakes to start the day right. Just make sure you are skipping out on butter, syrup, or any kind of processed sugar while consuming high-protein pancakes for breakfast.

A Lean Protein Based Snack for The Noon

If your stomach has started growling by now, help yourself to two hard-boiled eggs topped with your favorite sauce, or black pepper. Another popular choice would be munching on some boiled chickpeas, pistachios, or roasted edamame.

Time For Lunch

During lunch, you’ll opt for Herbalife’s meal replacement F1 Nutrition Shake. This would be your second shake of the day which is why it’s essential to buy two jars at the start of the month if you’ll be consuming two scoops of the F1 shake in a day.

Treat Yourself to a Final Snack

This was my final snack break for the day so I found myself switching between sweet and savory every day during the entire week. If your calorie deficit for the day allows you, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a low-fat low-carb mug cake. 

Don’t rely on those easy-to-bake ones because they do the exact opposite of what they claim by bombarding your system with processed sugars. Instead, I counted on this recipe every now and then to satisfy my evening snacking urges. 

Meanwhile, on days when cooking simply wasn’t an option, Herbalife’s Protein Bar Deluxe ensured my snacking needs were fulfilled while staying in my calorie deficit.

An Easy Breezy Dinner

Remember, don’t consume anything after 8. So your dinner should be timed for that. I personally, love treating myself to a lean yet saucy dish for dinner. A popular suggestion on my end would be this Tomato Basil Salmon recipe that’s going to keep you full for the night. It’s quick it’s easy and packed with nutrients that you are going to need for the next day.

Matching The Right Mindset with Herbalife Products

Knowing how to use Herbalife for maximum weight loss comes with the intent of doing something which usually decides how the rest of the journey is going to end up. That’s why you can’t improve what’s on the outside without having the right mindset on the inside. Having a negative mindset regarding weight loss is surely going to set you back a few more steps.

This is why you must invest your time in finding the right headspace before trying anything. Here are a few ways to do that;

An Action Plan like Herbalife

Retaining a positive mindset can be hard which is why you must prepare some reminders for yourself in advance. I suggest creating an action plan for your weight loss journey. This will help you keep track of how much water you’re consuming daily and how much physical activity you have taken up ever since you began.

Additionally, keeping an organized chart also helps you in remembering the amount of each Herbalife product you have consumed during this journey. 

Keeping tabs on your daily weight might become even easier if you’re also keeping a record of each day. This way you can look back at your recorded journey to examine the days you did not act in accordance with your plan.

Let Imagination Work Its Magic

It’s obvious, that you plan on being much thinner than your current body mass. But visualizing the future “you” is something that can gradually push you towards doing better and is CRUCIAL if you want to use Herbalife for maximum weight loss or any weight loss regimen really. 

Whenever you find yourself slipping towards a mindset that isn’t favorable for your weight loss journey, just close your eyes.

Now, imagine the new “you” you have always desired. It’s the version of you that can fit into the summer dresses you’ve always fawned over. It’s the summer body of your dreams that won’t make your self-esteem start dwindling. You’re trying to break old habits and get back in the shape you miss the most.

So, it is time to whip out some old photographs that could inspire you into making the right choices. Something that stays in front of you every now and then can remind you what your end goal is by keeping you on track.

Trick Your Mind into Doing the Impossible

As humans, incentives have a huge impact on the way we perceive things. Everyone wants to work hard at the workplace when a bonus has been promised to the person who makes the most numbers. 

That’s the thing with incentives, they push you to try harder and harder because the end product can be just so appealing. So, why not apply this method to your weightless journey for improved results while also using Herbalife tea and shakes.

Side note, these incentives will not have anything to do with dietary items because you are already working hard on your weight loss journey.  

Using food as an incentive will only set you back a few more steps and disappoint you in the long run when the inches you lost start showing up yet again. A great incentive that you can promise yourself for this week could be an hour-long aromatherapy session at your favorite holistic center. It’s something you can look forward to for the rest of the week.

Additionally, the need to achieve this added bonus will keep you on track and motivate you to achieve your weight loss goal for this particular week. 

You can promise yourself a trip to your nearest amusement park, a much-needed foot massage from your favorite masseuse, or quite simply a day off from work while spending a picnic near the lake. It can be something so simple but so motivational that helps you get through the rest of the week with ease.

Setting Small Goals Will Keep You on Track

It’s something so simple yet people do get overboard in their hustle to lose as much as they can. Believe in yourself, you will lose the inches you wish to gradually but don’t distort your mindset in the long run. Putting a lot of pressure on yourself and setting expectations higher than the ones you can reach, always backfires.

We’ve all heard the story of the hare and the tortoise but none of us actually retained the lesson it taught us. If you actually want to achieve maximum weight loss and continue on with your desired body you have got to give yourself some time. 

Not witnessing satisfactory results after a single day can dwindle down your morale but you have got to keep it pushing. So, don’t test your limits too much by expecting too much in such little time. Going overboard can tarnish the rest of your plan and push you into starting from the very beginning.

Don’t Let Procrastination Win This Round

Pushing things to the back of your mind or pushing them onto the future will absolutely annihilate your weight loss plan. 

Even while utilizing Herbalife products, you have got to maneuver a way of erasing your bad habits. Start replacing things now because now’s the time to do it, no one has seen what the future holds for you.

Replace your unhealthy snacking routine with something healthy right now. Run to the store to purchase low-carb popcorns right now instead of pushing the idea to tomorrow while munching on those good old chips. Changes require immediate actions and your mindset should reflect the goals you have set.

If you have the urge to achieve what you want then a minor setback or random excuses will not hold you back. Start slow but start now. Just remember, if you compromised on your mindset set you’ll probably end up doing it again tomorrow, so don’t even think about taking any chances.

Here Are Some Product Recommendation for Using Herbalife for Maximum Weight Loss

After indulging myself in Herbalife’s product range for a while I have finalized the products that at least did the job for me without poking holes in my wallet. Here are some product recommendations that you’ll surely appreciate;

The Herbal Life Tea Concentrate

I was a bit skeptical at the beginning with this but it took its sweet time to show results. I can positively admit that it can burn up to 80-100 calories per serving. Personally, it is better to incorporate it as a post or pre-meal drink as it boosts metabolism rapidly. Prior to including this in my routine, I found myself dozing off post-workout quite often but now that’s not the case as I feel more upbeat.

Additionally, the raspberry flavor adds an extra touch of amazingness to the flavor if you are trying to avoid a bitter mouth. Still, if added flavors aren’t your thing you can purchase the original tea concentrate, or give the lemon, and peach tea concentrate a shot.

Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake

Let’s be honest, making a healthy shake from scratch is a tedious task. So, who wouldn’t want to simply whip out some scoops for a jar, mix it in low-fat milk, and get done with the whole thing? It’s an extra perk that Herbalife’s Formula 1 nutritional shake is available in more than 10 different flavors.

Café latte is a personal favorite but I find myself switching to the caramel apple, and French vanilla flavor every now and then. This shake should surely be in your cart when you get in contact with an independent distributor because it’s so worth the money as a meal replacement twice a day.

The Collagen Beauty Booster

Losing a significant amount of weight can take a toll on your skin as well as your hair. If you have taken part in some extremely unhealthy diet routines then your hair might’ve also faced the worse they possibly can. Consequently, some people struggle with severely dehydrated skin and sometimes extreme cases of hair loss.

Now, that you have landed on the right track with Herbalife it’s time to give your skin and hair the attention they need so badly. The collagen beauty booster isn’t a miraculous product but it gradually adds a natural bounciness to your hair. 

I have noticed the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks in the areas where I had shed some inches which is why it’s a top 3 recommendation from Herbalife’s product range. You can count on it for reducing the bald spots that have resulted from hair loss on your scalp.


Remember, finding a quick fix will give you temporary satisfaction but it’s a waste of time because you won’t be able to maintain that same satisfaction for long. It’s not something you should regard worthy of your attention, time, or money. 

In this guide on how to use Herbalife for maximum weight loss, along with the tips explained, Herbalife tea and Herbalife shakes ensure that you get the best of both worlds. Drinking plenty of water, lowering those stress levels, and consuming fruits as snack alternatives can also fuel this journey for the better.

Before you pick the products remind yourself once again, that until you change the way you perceive yourself, you can’t really change yourself physically. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before trying any kind of diet or supplements even if they are herbal. 

Herbalife products are totally safe as proven by the multiple evaluations they have conducted. Yet, it’s better to be completely sure by consulting your personal physician.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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