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iTrackBites Better Balance vs Weight Watchers (WW)

itrackbites better balance vs weight watchers

Getting rid of excess weight can be frustrating and challenging for many people. You may feel discouraged if you do not know where to begin or how to lose weight.

Losing weight can be accomplished in various ways, but the most popular and effective are those that limit calorie intake.

If someone follows a diet with an appropriate caloric intake, they won’t see much change in their weight as long as they meet their needs. To achieve measurable improvements, you should try a weight loss program.

The market is currently flooded with various weight loss programs, so finding the right one can be difficult. However, in this article, we provide two of the most effective methods for losing fat in your body. You can select between Healthi (formerly called iTrackBites Better Balance) and WW (formerly called Weight Watchers). Throughout this article, we will examine these two programs to help you choose the most suitable one for your needs.

iTrackBites Better Balance vs Weight Watchers (WW): Summary

Healthi (iTrackBites) vs. WW (Weight Watchers)

Compared to WW, Healthi shares many similarities. You can track your nutrition with the Healthi app using food score values (like WW points). You can easily move from WW to Healthi if you currently use or previously used the WW app.

Essentially, both track your food using the same points system. Moreover, both provide a barcode scanner–it’s even included in the free plan on Healthi. In both apps, you have the option of choosing a plan. The Healthi app Pro membership offers a greater variety when it comes to meal plans.

There are several differences between these two apps, such as the fitness devices they support, their prices, and the in-person seminars. Among the other differences are that WW offers you one-to-one coaching and guided training through Digital 360 and Unlimited Workshops + Digital.

In addition, WW supports and connects with more fitness apps, trackers, and watches. Many different apps and trackers to choose from, including Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, Withings, Misfit, Garmin, MapMyRun, and Daily Burn. In contrast, Healthi works with Fitbit (Pro subscription) and Apple Health (free and full subscription).

Despite the lack of in-person workshops, one-on-one coaches, and a robust community that WW features in its app, Healthi has a community section with support groups tailored to its users. There is also a Healthi Facebook group where users share their experience using the app, helpful tips, and other tools to motivate themselves.

Healthi (iTrackBites) vs. WW (Weight Watchers): How Do They Work?

How does WW Works?

WW Weight Watchers weight loss program

WW, once called Weight Watchers, recently introduced its PersonalPoints program. Even though you still get to eat what you enjoy, the program steers you toward healthier foods and habits, using a new approach that creates a personalized plan for you, the company says.

WW works on your plan by asking you questions about yourself, including your eating and exercise habits. You are given a daily budget of points based on how much you spend on food, and you are encouraged not to exceed it. The point value of each food is determined by calories, saturated fats, protein, fiber, and added sugar. With PersonalPoints, you are encouraged to enjoy foods high in fiber, unsaturated fat, and lean protein. Basically, it tells you to cut back on saturated fats and added sugars.

Additionally, you will receive a customized list of healthier foods that you can eat without counting points. ZeroPoint options include fruit and vegetables, fat-free yogurt, brown rice, whole grain, and fish. Additionally, you can now earn points for spending within your daily budget.

For example, eating carrots, broccoli, and spinach are non-starchy vegetables that qualify for these bonus points. Moreover, you can earn points simply by drinking more water, exercising, and moving around during the day.

How Healthi Works

iTrackbites (now Healthi app) weight loss program

The Healthi app basically allows you to keep track of every bite you take. The lunch tracker works by clicking on the green plus sign, clicking on the search bar, typing the food item you want, and clicking search. There is an extensive list of food items you can choose based on your particular needs. The app allows you to search for menu items at a particular restaurant after finding the restaurant.

Healthi also offers you the option of connecting your Fitbit to automatically track your activity points. With the exercise tracker, you can see what you’re doing, what you’re eating, and how you’re progressing.

Like Weight Watchers, Healthi will help you lose weight by allowing you to log your weight and then calculate and adjust your allotted points every day as you lose weight. Healthi suggests thinking of bite as the equivalent of your savings account at the bank. If you let Healthi track your activity with Fitbit or Apple’s Health app, you are given BITES points daily, an extra BITES allowance weekly, and BITE points for your exercise.

There’s no set way to spend your BITE each day, which varies daily. One of the interesting features is that the app has a message board where fellow iTrackBiters can cheer each other and ask questions. This allows you to interact with other users who are on the same journey.

Healthi (TrackBites) vs. WW (Weight Watchers): Cost

In WW, you can choose between three kinds of plans. The “Digital” plan starts at $4.84 per week and is a self-guided experience. With “Digital 360,” you receive more support, and it starts at $4.23 a week. Furthermore, a plan called “Unlimited Workshops + Digital” offers more face-to-face time with a WW coach and group and costs $5.96 per week. Alternatively, you can hire a WW expert for $11.08 per week for private coaching.

However, the Healthi app has been known as the free app from Weight Watchers. You can download Healthi on iTunes or Google Play. Using this method, anyone with an Apple or Android device can lose weight at a fraction of the cost.

Despite its easy-to-use nature, the Healthi app shares many similarities with the Weight Watchers application. Like Weight Watchers’ version, it is organized by breakfast points, lunch points, dinner points, snack points, and activity points. If you don’t want to access the restaurants and other useful features, the app can be downloaded and used for free. Nevertheless, if you want the full version, it would cost you about $36 per year, rather than Weight Watchers’ $22/month charge. That’s a substantial difference!

Healthi (TrackBites) vs. WW (Weight Watchers): Which is Best for You?

Weight loss with weight watchers do they work

The WW program is for you if you don’t have time to weigh your food or count calories. It requires no effort on your part. To help users stay on track, the website assigns a point value to each food, including restaurant food.

No matter how little cooking experience you have, you can still eat well with premade meals and snacks. They’re a quick and convenient way to control portion size and calories. It is not necessary to eliminate any foods from your diet; just limit portions to reduce calories.

As fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of fiber, this diet can make you feel full for longer. It’s also easy to follow, making it more convenient to follow.

On the other hand, Healthi is great if you want an app to help you keep track of your daily meals and snacks. The app Healthi formerly iTrackBites, allows you to set reminders so you’ll remember to log your meals. This is especially useful if you’re disorganized and busy or if you’re just starting to track what you eat.

Setting a reminder for every meal and snack is a good idea, or if you forget to track just one meal often, you can set a reminder just for that. Healthi (iTrackBites) lets you connect with other dieters, and you can achieve your weight loss goals. Even though their program is not as robust as we see from WW, it can still help you reach your weight loss goals.

Further, Healthi, formerly known as iTrackBites, costs a fraction of what Weight Watchers does. You have to pay $36 a year to use the regular version with the PRO version. Healthi, formerly iTrackBites, is clearly a far better deal than Weight Watchers, which charges almost that per month.


Both Healthi (TrackBites) and WW (Weight Watchers) are excellent weight loss apps. WW (Weight Watchers) and Healthi (TrackBites) might look the same, but they have totally different approaches. That depends on how you think and how easily you adopt a particular approach.

Healthi (iTrackBites) is a great option for people looking for basic food tracking and a community to connect with. In case you prefer the more comprehensive of the two programs, including the option of attending meetings in person or even working with a weight loss coach to achieve your goals, WW is the best fit.

I personally prefer the Healthi program due to my healthy lifestyle. Since it promotes weight loss and a change in eating habits, it has been demonstrated to reduce body fat. In addition, Healthi can be a good choice if you’re looking for a diet app or subscription that’s reasonably priced. A free version provides flexibility and isn’t overly restrictive. In addition, the app’s cost isn’t so high if you choose the extra features.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

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