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MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Gloves: Full Review

MaxxMMA Adjustable weighted gloves full review

Wearing gloves is mandatory for all mixed martial arts fighters. Unfortunately, nearly all substandard weighted boxing gloves jeopardize the fighters’ safety. That is why you should get MaxxMMA adjustable weighted boxing gloves very soon. These pair of weighted boxing gloves ticks every box imaginable in terms of fitness and boxing skills.

MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Gloves: Full Review

My Experience with MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Gloves?

I always have the best time whenever I lift heavy gym weights while wearing these weighted gloves. I have noted that my muscle mass has steadily increased since I started wearing these weighted MMA gloves.

I used to twist my wrist when lifting weights with bare hands. The wrist wrap helps anchor my wrist appropriately as I work out with my gym equipment. In addition, the gloves have reduced the stress on my hand muscles.

MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Boxing Gloves Reviews

What attracted me the MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted boxing gloves is that they are washable. Therefore, I wash the gloves occasionally with no danger of tampering with their quality. I must admit that I like these gloves’ padding as they are not just thick but also soft. The enthralling part is that each of these padded weights is removable. Therefore, I only use this protective part when I feel the need to use them. 

I will not lie; I tend to be quite over-fastidious regarding colors. I am so happy that MaxxMMA makes colorful MMA weighted gloves. I bought two high-quality gloves: one was black & gray and the other pink & black.

About MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Boxing Gloves Company

MaxxMMA is a well-thought-of firm that deals with protection gears such as weighted gloves. The brand manufactures gloves for both kids and adults. It does not matter whether it is a male or female; MaxxMMA has you covered. Today, the company has several branches in China and Taiwan. 

Additionally, the firm has multiple distributors in diverse parts of the world. You, too, can become an authorized MaxxMMA adjustable gloves distributor. Kindly go to MaxMMA and click the ‘Become a Distributor’ option at the bottom of the website.

As of 2022, MaxxMMA weighted boxing gloves manufactures products such as weight bags, boxing gloves, punching bags, speed bags, headgears, and reflex bags. Therefore, you can visit MaxxMMA to buy whichever gear you need. MaxxMMA Company sells its products on global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Additionally, the company has its online platform. Luckily for you, MaxxMMA weighted boxing gloves offer a product warranty.

Features MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Gloves

  • Each glove has an adjustable wrist strap
  • Gloves mainly weigh 2 pounds
  • Black, orange, purple, and pink color options
  • 0.5 weight that can easily be removed
  • Made from polyurethane
  • Full and fingerless weighted gloves
  • Color Options


MaxxMMA designs weighted MMA gloves of different colors. For example, you can get black & gray, pink & black, black & green, black& yellow, red & black, and white & black. Therefore, both men and women can select weighted boxing or MMA gloves that will appeal to their color preferences.

Weight and Distribution

MaxxMMA gloves have two weights for each glove that are distributed uniformly. Boxing gloves have equally sized non-removable pads, which are equivalently unfluctuating in weight. Frequently, MaxxMMA arranges the foam material in different layers for shielding purposes. 

That being the reality, MMA fighters’ and boxers’ punches can be more impactful. Therefore, you should strongly consider not removing this cushion if they’re removable.

Quality and Design

MaxxMMA gloves are the most high-quality MMA weighted gloves on Amazon. More often than not, these fighting gloves have a fingerless design. They feature removable weights to meet different customer needs better. Further, the gloves feature one long hook-and-loop strap on the edges to adjust the gloves accordingly on your wrist. MaxxMMA designs weighted boxing gloves of different sizes such as:10 oz,12 oz, and 14 oz.

Technically, the foam is pre-curved to take the shape of a human hand. This design helps lessen the pressure on your hand muscles as you work out or fight in a sports match. Lastly, these weighted MMA gloves come with a thick wrist wrap to support your wrist and hold the gloves in position. 

You would not want the gloves to fall out during the match. Your opponent would not hesitate to capitalize and knock you out in seconds.

Material and Craftsmanship

The majority of MaxxMMA weighted boxing gloves are manufactured from neoprene and polyurethane materials. Because of this, over 96% of these weighted gloves are breathable. I must include the fact that these gloves are non-slip. 

You will instantaneously like the smooth texture of these weighted gloves. If you’re keen enough, you will notice that the protective shield of a full glove covers the entire backside of the hand.

Neoprene and PU fabrics are smooth and tough: hence these hand gloves are tear-resistant. In addition, these materials do not soak in water. Therefore, your hands remain warm and dry throughout. The beauty of all weighted boxing gloves is that they have an elastic layer. This amazing layer is excellent for rebounding. Not to add that it reduces excessive strain on the hand muscles hence customer-friendly.

MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Boxing Gloves Price

Here is some sensational news, Amazon is currently giving customers a good price offer. Because of this offer, you can get MaxxMMA adjustable weighted gloves for as low as $24.99. Weighted boxing gloves are cheaper to some degree, costing $23.99 as of 2022. Washable weighted boxing gloves tend to be slightly more budget-friendly such as the MaxxMMA heavy-bag gloves.

It is noble to note that prices may vary significantly from one online store to the other. For example, MaxxMMA prices the same weighted hand gloves slightly higher. However, to be optimistic, you are assured of getting genuine MaxxMMA products on this platform.

Why wear MaxxMMA weighted gloves?

Protect your hand: some sports, such as MMA and boxing, can be dangerous. Thus, it is prudent to put on heavy-duty, padded MaxxMMA before the start of such a match. Further, gloves cushion your palms from excessive pressure by weights that can trigger the development of painful blisters.

Enhanced grip: Weightlifting is fun, but it can be risky, especially when you do it with your bare hands. Good MaxxMMA weighted gloves will help grip the weights tightly and for longer.

Lessens punch impact: all sports such as MMA and boxing are, for the most part, for entertainment purposes. However, these matches could easily cause tragic deaths if care isn’t taken. MaxxMMA weighted boxing gloves help to soften the blows a bit. Therefore, boxers can punch each other professionally with zero risk of death.

Enhances muscle building: weighted gloves cushion your hands from direct contact with the weights. It provides a nice surface around your palms; hence you can lift any weight equipment for much longer.

Why Should Professional Boxers Use the MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Gloves?

Professional boxers will find MaxxMMA adjustable weighted boxing gloves good for training and their upcoming boxing matches. These gloves protect your knuckles and wrist bones against any injuries. Similarly, these weighted boxing gloves protect vital body parts such as the head and inner parts against the impact of punches. Remember that the gloves have multi-layered foam, particularly on the backside section of the hand.

MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Gloves: FAQs

Will MaxxMMA's weighted boxing gloves help fighters?

MaxxMMA weighted gloves have a thick inner layer (made of foam and palm) that shields MMA players against their opponents. Similarly, these gloves cushion your hands as you fight your opponents. If you watch UFC matches, you may have seen a fighter injure their hands after missing a target.

Funny enough, weighted MaxxMMA gloves have broad padding, especially on the knuckle area. For this reason, it is hard for any MMA fighter to miss their opponent. The more you knock your opponents, the higher the possibility of knocking them out.

Are MaxxMMA weighted boxing gloves multi-purpose?

Oh, yes, they are! For example, you can use these gloves for kickboxing, weight lifting, MA fighting, or similar activities. Customers use the Pro-Style Weighted boxing gloves for both boxing and weightlifting. However, we can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that some MaxxMMA weighted gloves are designed for a specific purpose. Hence, you need to peruse manufacturer details before you make any purchase.

MaxxMMA designs its products smartly to target nearly all sportspeople, such as boxers, MMA fighters, and weight lifters. For instance, you will only need to add headgear to participate in an MMA match.

What should you consider before buying MaxxMMA Weighted Boxing Gloves?

Sadly, not all MaxxMMA weighted gloves will meet your expectations. On the grounds of that, I think you should have some considerations in mind. For instance, determine why you are buying gloves. For example, if you want these gloves for boxing, go for the MaxMMA Pro Style gloves. The secret is to pay more attention to the actual name of the gloves when making your purchase.

Secondly, check out MaxxMMA weighted boxing gloves prices with more interest, if you please. It may sound comical, but prices can guide you to picking the perfect MaxMMA gloves. Many people do not know that quality informs the pricing of these products. Finally, shop for these weighted gloves from dealers of repute. Online stores such as Amazon and MaxMMA sell original weighted MMA gloves.


Lastly, I can bear witness to the fact that MaxxMMA weighted boxing gloves are high-quality products. The inner thick and well-padded material is pivotal in protecting one’s hand from impact and cold. You’d think that MaxxMMA would price these good products highly. 

Instead, the company is not money-hungry: hence they offer reasonable rates for these weighted gloves. Good luck; you can order any of these pairs of weighted MMA gloves regardless of where you reside. You have the option to buy them on Amazon, MaxxMMA, or eBay.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

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