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Nested Bean Zen Sack Review - Is this Weighted Sleep Sack Safe for Babies?

Nested Bean Zen Sack review weighted sleep sack

Sleeping problems among infants have long been an issue that is experienced by an almost 8 out of 10 parents in the US. However, with the introduction of Nested Bean Zen Sack, this problem has been ideally taken care off while assisting parents in improving sleep qualities of their babies. The hype is huge and benefits are enormous, in which we will dive into in this Nested Bean Zen Sack review. 

Well, contributing to the hot debate I have tried to come up with my valuable words being a parent myself. Therefore, this Nested Bean Zen Sack Review has answers to all your questions. Let’s start!

Nested Bean Zen Sack Review: Summary

Nested Bean Zen Sack: Review & Overview


The Nested Bean Zen Sack is a sleep sack similar to a wearable blanket, that is designed to help babies self-soothe and fall asleep independently. The Nested Bean Zen Sack is one of the finest craftsmanship for toddlers, that is already making parenting easier and smarter these days in the US. The adjustable and lightly weighted design help ease the transition from the swaddle to the sack, and ultimately prevents sleep disruptions and regressions in babies.

It makes your babies to feel as if they’re sleeping in the arms of their parents The fact is, a reassuring touch from parents can sound love, comfort and security to the child which makes him/her to feel calm and comfortable, ultimately promoting healthy and peaceful sleep. Exactly, this is the type of sensation that Nested Bean Zen Sack stimulates among babies that makes them sleep, easier and longer. This also makes the Nested Bean Zen Sack a perfect sleeping tool for babies, which play a crucial role in health and growth.

A Brief History of the Nested Bean Zen Sack – A Special Weighted Sleep Sack for Babies

You must be thinking about the person behind this innovative idea and amazing craftsmanship? Well, she is herself a mom for a boy who also had sleeping issues during his early days. The baby wouldn’t sleep unless his mom held her hand on his chest. This is where she got an idea to design a clothing set that stimulates the boy to sleep. 

For this, she added lightly weighted parts on the chest area that mimic pressure similar to the hand of mom. Her idea worked, and her baby started having a healthy sleep with a longer duration of time, without the need for a mother’s hand. In this way, Manasi Gangan founded Nested Bean Zen Sack, also known as a Zen Swaddle.

Is the Nested Bean Zen Weighted Sack Safe for Babies?

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The Nested Bean Zen Sack is definitely safe for your baby, since it is specially designed to help your baby sleep better and longer. While improving sleep quality, it will also help reduce moro reflex in your baby.  However, make sure to use Nested Bean Zen Sack whose total weight must not exceed 10% of your baby’s body weight. This means, if your baby is around 20 pounds of weight then make sure the sleep sack he/she will wear, must not exceed 2 pounds. Similarly, a baby with 30 pounds of weight needs a sleep sack with 3 pounds of weight, and so on.

Moreover, the Nested Bean Zen Sack has been tested at numerous stages in laboratories that are accredited with Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also supports the use of Nested Bean Zen Sack. They recommend parents to stop swaddling as early as possible if the baby shows signs of rolling over, which makes the Sleep Sack a perfect choice. However, the AAP also indicates that the Sleep Sack must be soft and breathable, so the baby must not feel any suffocation, entrapment or damage to the skin.

The Nested Bean Zen Sack is a Special Baby Sleeping Aid

The following features perfectly defines the specialty of Nested Bean Zen Sack:

  • Design

The lightweight and adjustable design brings maximum comfortability for your baby. So that he/she can experience healthy and peaceful sleep all the way. According to the medically proven benefits, the Nested Bean Zen Sack is included with soft areas on both center (where baby’s arms go) and sides (where baby’s palm go). This stimulates feelings in the baby as if he/she is in the arms of parents.

  • Size

Two sizes are available in a single piece of clothing. Although, the interior part is small but it keeps your baby’s legs snug in the first few weeks. The exterior part is an extra-long sack that provides more space to legs, while your baby is growing till 6 months.

  • Material

Crafted from 100% soft cotton which is extremely comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin. Moreover, there are weighted pads filled with non-toxic poly beads, which is exactly same as you will find in children’s stuff toys.

  • Safety

Meets all safety standards according to the US Safety regulations, as it passes 12 mandatory and 7 voluntary tests. Moreover, every material used in manufacturing is Toxic, BPA and Phthalate free.

  • Unlimited Options

The availability in beautiful colors and multiple design options like Zen Bodysuit, Zen PJs, Zen Footie PJs allows you to style and dress up your child in a perfect way. Making him/her always ready for any occasion or special event.

How Fast Does the Nested Bean Zen Sack in Helping my Baby Sleep?

Well, according to the parent company Nested Bean, the Sleep Sack is suggested to help your baby sleep better within 1-3 nights. However, this also depends on the type of sleep quality that your baby is already having. Subsequently, if your baby has a good sleep routine but is not persistent to a schedule, then you’re very much likely to achieve positive results in a matter of time. The Nested Sleep Sack would improve and make your child’s sleep quality, better than before. On the other hand, if your baby is found to have a bad sleep quality with an irregular bedtime routine, then the daily use of Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack can bring timely improvements.

Different Types of Weighted Sleep Sacks from Nested Bean:

The popular Nested Bean Zen Sack is available in two types, Zen Swaddle and Zen One; where both acts as swaddles for your baby.

  • Zen

Zen Swaddle is mainly targeted towards newborn babies. It basically mimics pressure the baby feels when held by his/her parent. Therefore, it will help the baby to self-soothe and sleep peacefully during the night, without being in the arms of parents. Moreover, the availability of a large fastening zone, including the ergonomic double strips, make it easy to use and comfortable for the child.

  • Zen One

Zen One Sleep Sack is a convertible swaddle that could be utilized from birth till the time baby starts rolling over itself. In the first six months, the growth among babies is incredibly fast, likewise the sleeping patterns. Therefore, they need a sleepwear that operates within their bodies natural startle reflex. The Zen One is specifically designed with thoughtful features to ensure a safe, peaceful and comfortable sleep among babies. The availability of a 2-way zipper, inner secure band and removable mesh sleeves, makes Zen One a complete swaddle without being complicated. Moreover, the Zen One will help remove the guesswork from swaddling your baby, which determines that you do not have to keep purchasing to keep up.


I believe every parent must know the feeling when it is late night, you’re sleepy as well, but still you’re trying hard to help your baby get healthy sleep. Finally, when your baby is asleep after long hours of your struggle, you’re trying to get your hand away but suddenly the baby wakes up and the cycle continues again. This is a pretty funny story that is associated with every parent.

Being a parent, I was looking for a solution to this situation until I was referred to Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack by my friend. The Nested Bean Zen Sack is a promising weighted sleep sack for babies that helped me in improving the sleep quality of my baby. I’m seriously impressed with this swaddle. Besides, I still think sleep sacks weighted or unweighted should always be used in conjunction with other sleeping methods to ensure a good bedtime routine for the baby. People think that sleep sacks for babies is like a magical wand that will make their baby to sleep immediately, but it isn’t the case as every baby has different sleeping pattern. Therefore, some babies will take less time and some take more time in getting their sleep routine better and according to schedule. The role of the parents is very important in this case.

However, provided that your baby can independently turn themselves over and over again. This is where, you’ll find Nested Bean Zen Sack as a superb choice to enroll in your baby’s current sleep routine. We hope you enjoyed this Nested Bean Zen Sack review. Scroll down below to learn more about weighted products.

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