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In modern times, the number of people experiencing sleepless nights is growing alarming. Anxiety, psychological distress, depression, panic disorders have become a part of everyone’s life at some point where lack of good sleep is the common symptom associated with all of these. A survey states that around 31% of adults will experience anxiety once in their lifetime. Having a good sleep during the night is crucial for your health, which most people take seriously. If you lack proper sleep, it is like you are undermining all other efforts in your life.

Generally, you may come across several methods of getting a night of proper sleep, and you may also have vowed in your heart to follow them all. But besides other demands in your daily routine, you completely forget about having a good sleep. If you are one among the people, this article is for you.

As a result of several studies, I am here to tell you about QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets, which could be one reason to put an end to your sleepless nights. Following the reading of this article, you will gain a clear understanding of the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets. This product will contribute to getting quality sleep. To find out more, please continue reading.

QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket: Overview

A Quick Review of QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets

Are you looking for a weighted blanket that is soft and fluffy that can wrap your body gently to give a good sleep? QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket would be a perfect choice for you. The blanket is typically designed with a weight of approximately ten percent of your total body weight, which can give you a secure feeling of being hugged while you sleep.

The pressure created thus acts as a non-drug therapy that relaxes and calms you, thereby giving you a deep sleep. Glass beads are distributed evenly in each of the smaller pockets found in this blanket that does not shift after wash, giving you a calm sleep.

Despite being called weighted blankets, none of these blankets are too heavy. The fabric used is light and soft so that your skin can breathe easily, however it is not as light as normal blankets.

The blankets are designed in such a way that they can keep you warm throughout, but you may not feel overheated as well. The QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket design uses quality Egyptian cotton, which is long-lasting. These weighted blankets are durable and affordable and can be used throughout all seasons.

Quality and Pricing of QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket

The QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket is one of the best on the market and comes at a reasonable price. Below you’ll find information about the quality, design, and price of Qusleep weighted blankets.

Fabric and Design

QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets are made up of super soft microfibers constructed multilayered. These blankets are designed in a diamond pattern to improve their quality. High-quality Egyptian cotton is used to design this weighted blanket. The Egyptian cotton in the blankets gives the blanket a luxurious appearance while making them feel soft and cozy. They can be used during any season as the cotton used keeps them warm. Every square of the blanket is filled with tiny glass beads that prevent liquid from escaping. As far as quality goes, the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket is superior to all others.

Excellent Quality at a Low Price

QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket comes with the best quality at affordable prices. Unlike other blankets, this one is designed so that the pockets do not bunch up. The pocket-size of the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket is small, so the weights are evenly spread throughout the blanket. The blanket also does not smell, and there is no sound of beads clanking. The QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket price is just under $50, which makes it the best blanket for its price. This price makes it seem affordable to buy a weighted blanket with all these features.

Best Night's Sleep with QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets


With these super-soft QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets, your nights will be super amazing. When you use the weighted blanket to wrap your body, it covers your entire body gently and makes you feel warmer, like someone giving you a gentle warm hug. The blanket is quilted, and the glass beads are spread evenly in separate pockets, making the weight consistent throughout. The glass beads move around as you move the blanket, making you feel more comfortable while sleeping.

The QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets generate a gentle touch pressure in your body, and this pressure is capable of inducing your body to secrete more levels of happy hormones.

These happy hormones are responsible for a proper, deep, and relaxed sleep in the human body. Thus the blanket can be considered as a natural remedy for your restlessness and lack of sleep.

The weight of the blanket on your body when you sleep makes you feel secure and enhances your sleep cycle better. The warm temperature produced by the blanket keeps your body warmer but not too hot. No wonder to fall asleep like a baby when you get wrapped by a soft and fluffy blanket and make you comfortable by hugging you throughout the night. With the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets, restlessness will become a thing of the past in your life.

What makes Qusleep Diamond a Life-Changing Product?

Perhaps you’ve heard about QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets, but you haven’t tried one yet. Perhaps you’re thinking about whether they might be right for you. Try the Diamond Weighted Blankets from Qusleep, and they can change the way you sleep. The following are some benefits of using a Qusleep weighted blanket.

Improve Sleep Quality

If you work well throughout the day and eat well, but you lack proper sleep, then your total health system gets affected. In other words, lack of proper sleep directly affects a person’s entire lifestyle. From a customer review, it can be seen that many people get back their sleep with regular usage of these QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets.

Resolve Health Issues

QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets deal with insomnia and dementia very well. The QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket helps you with good sleep, but it also helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and other kinds of psychological distress. Persons with restlessness leg syndrome also benefit from the use of these blankets. Children with ADHD can benefit from a weighted blanket to get a better night’s sleep.

Relax your Nervous System

Quickened heart rate, restlessness, breathlessness, changes in thinking and mood are some of the symptoms that can lead to sleeplessness. These symptoms are troublesome and can cause a significant problem in your social and work situations and even in your relationships.

They can interfere with your normal daily tasks. They can take away the entire happiness in your whole life. The QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket creates pressure that can calm down your nervous system and can put your body into rest mode. With the nervous system calmed down in your body, your heartbeat rate gets normal, thereby getting a proper breathing rate.

Give you a Soft Feeling

The material used to design this blanket gives a soft and cozy feel that can make you more comfortable to get a relaxed and sufficient sleep. This weighted blanket is highly recommended for persons who have insecure feelings often, as wrapping the blanket around the body gives a similar feeling to a person hugging around you, making them feel more secure and sleep better.

Sleep with the comfort of the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket. It can help you reduce stress, get a better night’s sleep, and feel more comfortable. Furthermore, it helps you get involved in your daily activities, so why not call it a life-changing product? The product really does change lives for the better.

Who Can Benefit from QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets?

A weighted blanket like the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket is not only for people with sleeplessness but also for those who are healthy and do not have specific needs.

Among the great things about QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets is that they are suitable for a variety of ages, including children and the elderly. They provide a wide range of benefits that can improve your overall well-being and quality of life. Therefore, they are very popular with those who want to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and relax.

Persons with osteoarthritis, chronic pains, insomnia, sleep disorders, and children with autism attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can make use of the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets and get better results. The usage of weighted blankets has been medically proven to reduce the effects of a variety of problems and sleeplessness.

However, certain general rules are to be followed while using QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets. The ten percent weight rule must be strictly followed while purchasing a QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket to get better results. Older adults must use a weighted blanket of medium size.

Is QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket Worth it?

These QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets have better quality and durability, the same as that of many other expensive weighted blankets. With this weighted blanket, you fall asleep quickly, feel more comfortable while you sleep, stay asleep throughout the night, and even you can control the symptoms related to stress and anxiety.

Designed with super soft microfiber makes, the blanket remains soft, and the tiny glass beads give a soothing effect when you move the blankets. When all these benefits come with a single blanket that is also affordable, it is a really big deal. Comparing all the qualities of the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket together seems worthy to get one.

Is QuSleep's Weighted Blanket is Suitable for Children?

If you decide to shop a QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket for your child, make sure that your child’s weight must be greater than twenty pounds and age to be greater than two years. Weighted blankets are not recommended for children whose bodies weigh less than twenty pounds as they could cause suffocation if they cannot bear the total weight of the blanket.

Even children with certain disabilities are also not advised to use a weighted blanket. It is always better to consult a pediatrician before getting a weighted blanket for your child.

You should never leave your child unattended with a weighted blanket, as it is a bad practice to use the weighted blanket of an adult for a child. Overall, if you use QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets on your child, you should go with the 10% body weight rule. You should also supervise your child at all times when using a weighted blanket.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Qusleep Diamond Weighted Blanket

What is inside the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket?

QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets are quilted blankets made of smaller pockets. Tiny weighted glass beads are evenly distributed in each small pocket.

How do I care for my QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket?

QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets are not recommended to wash in the home because the standard washer could not handle the weight. It is better to go to the laundry mat for an industrial machine. You can take care of your weighted blanket by buying an outer cover that is easily washable.

What do I like most about the QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blanket?

The comfort, softness, and fluffiness of QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets are my fondest memories of them. One thing that attracts everyone most is that this blanket can make you stay asleep throughout the night, eliminating tosses and turns.


QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets can naturally provide you with better sleep cycles without any drugs and medications. Besides your daily routine, work environment, busy schedule, social activities, and relationships, you forget to think about getting a better night’s sleep. Sleeping calmly and relaxed may seem simple, but when it is affected, serious problems may occur.

It is common for everyone to face stress and depression-related struggles these days, and everyone comes across sleepless nights. But to what extent do we think about the consequences, and how do we find solutions is what matters. You can go with several medications, treatments, and therapies available in almost every nook and corner of this world these days.

But if something gives you a remedy naturally, why not consider them? If you agree with this thought, you can have a try on super-soft QuSleep Diamond Weighted Blankets, which can strengthen the relationship between you and your bed naturally. Tossing and turning the Qusleep diamond blanket will never be a problem anymore.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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