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Ringside Weighted Gloves Review: Should You Train With These Gloves?

Ringside weighted gloves full review

The idea of weighted gloves is such that it helps the trainee develop additional abilities that he can replicate in lesser-demanding situations. Adding extra weight to the palm of the hands while training causes strain on your body physiology. This is as your body tries as much as it can to meet the demands of this new weight on the whole body.

As the body tries to make this provision, it will find it very difficult. But as time goes on, it will get used to it. When the boxer eventually goes to the boxing ring without the weighted glove, he would find it easier to use the regular gloves as his capabilities have become enhanced from training with the weighted glove. Weighted boxing gloves are available from many companies. I will, however, review the Ringside Weighted Boxing Gloves, which is one of the most popular brands of weighted boxing gloves.

Ringside Weighted Gloves Review: Should You Train With These Gloves?

Ringside Weighted Gloves

Ringside Weighted Gloves

The Ringside Weighted Gloves are weighted gloves with a hook and loop closure made from a spandex material. It is used in boxing sport to enhance training and performance. The Ringside weighted glove is perfect to increase the benefits of shadow boxing and running. It comes in 4lbs or 6lbs; the 4lbs are blue while the 6lbs are red.

Should You Train With These Gloves?

A unisex glove is most comfortable to wear during training, but it should not be used if you want to attack a target. If you are a boxing fan or have watched any boxing sport, you would notice that the only time a boxer’s hands stay by their side is if they are not sparring. As long as a boxer is in the ring and boxing, his hands are always found either in front of his face trying to guard it or forward striking an opponent.

And while throwing punches at his opponent, his fists are moving a lot. Throwing 40-80 punches per round, depending on the fighting style and weight class. However, to maintain this number of punches and keep the first moving for several rounds up to 10, he must be able to develop a strong enough stamina. Training with Ringside Weighted Gloves is one effective way to do so.

Ringside Weighted Gloves prepare your mind and body for what to expect on the actual boxing day. It trains you to improve so you can fight easily and develop capability. If you would like to strengthen your punches, increase your hand speed, and enhance the muscular endurance of your shoulders, back and arms, then the Ringside weighted glove is for you.

Benefits Of Using the Ringside Weighted Gloves

The benefits of using Ringside Weighted Gloves can not be overstated. Ringside put in so much work just to get the best from this product. Anyone who wants to increase their muscular endurance should get this product. Here are the benefits that Ringside Weighted Gloves provides for the user;

Strengthen Your Punches

Using a Ringside Weighted Gloves helps to strengthen your punches and increase your stamina. The heaviest of your normal training gloves is just a little over one pound. In contrast, a Ringside Weighted Glove adds up to an additional 2 or 3 pounds to the back of your hand.

Training with Ringside Weighted Gloves will be exhausting to your body more than when you are training with hand wraps or traditional gloves. Initially, it may not seem like a lot, but by the time you throw a few hundred punches in one session, you will realize how soon you hit fatigue. You may not be able to complete your shadow boxing routine with the additional weight on your hand.

But as much as this may feel daunting, it is for the greater good. After some weeks, your body will adapt to extra weight by increasing strength and stamina. This increased strength automatically results in stronger punching power.

Increase Your Hand Speed

With the Ringside Weighted Gloves as your training tool, rest assured that you will have greater hand speed than your opponents or contemporaries. Having already mentioned that the weight of a Ringside weighted blanket is higher than what you are used to.

You should also note that by using this glove to train, you have just introduced a greater resistance for your body which equates to extra work by your body. That is to say, at this point, your body seeks to overcome this resistance and adapt to it.

Once it finally does this, you will notice that using your traditional training glove will make it easier for you as your hands move faster than before you started using the glove. Using a Ringside Weighted Glove will help you develop the speed that will giddy your opponent.

Enhance The Muscular Endurance

While your body adapts to the extra weight of the Ringside Weighted Glove, it increases strength and stamina. While increased strength helps you throw stronger punches, increased energy enables you to stand strong even when your opponent is tired and losing their guard.

As much as this glove develops speed and strength, it simultaneously enhances cardiovascular endurance. The more you push your body, your cardiovascular system(CVS) will start adapting to the greater demands placed on it.

Once you go back to using your traditional gloves, they should feel lighter. The less exertion you feel, the longer you will perform that activity.  Two more important benefits you will enjoy if you start using the Ringside weighted blanket include;

Evenly distributes weight. The even distribution of weight makes it easier for you to work your combinations in the exact way you would do when training in your regular gloves. Instead of using a dumbbell that would injure you if you ever tried to perform your nor aal routine. This weighted glove gives a natural feel to its user.

It reduces your rate of perceived exertion while using your regular boxing glove. The rate of perceived exertion refers to the difficulty encountered in performing an activity or how demanding the activity is. The less the RPE of activity is, the longer you will stand the activity.

After training with Ringside Weighted Gloves, you will be adapted to it hence reducing your RPE of using the regular glove, which also means you can stay longer in the sport despite the force you encounter.

Features And How It Works

The Ringside Weighted Gloves is made from a comfortable lycra material with Hook & Loop closures that create a perfect fit. It wraps the hand tightly enough to allow you to move your hands how you want them. You will not have to worry about the glove falling off while training. It is durable and can last for as long as seven years if handled properly. The sizes available include 4lb and 6lb, i.e., 2 lbs per hand for the first and 3 lbs per hand for the second.

Using the Ringside Weighted Gloves does not need a lot of science. It is very easy to use, and all you need to do is wear it, train with it continuously, and you will feel your muscles adapting to it and improving. With this Ringside Weighted Gloves’ hook and loop closure, you may need additional tape if it does not hold well. However, this is common with people that have small hands.

Price of Ringside Weighted Gloves

You could get the Ringside Weighted Gloves at a price that ranges from 12$ to 16$. For a 4lb set of Ringside Weighted Gloves, it is sold between $14-$16.

Ringside Weighted Gloves: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use weighted gloves to hit a bag?

No, you can’t use this to hit a bag or strike a target as you might even injure yourself. Normally, the weight and size do not let you close your first well enough, so hitting a bag with it would not be that easy. 

What does each Ringside Weighted Glove weigh on one hand?

For a set of 4lb Ringside Weighted Gloves, one hand would weigh 2lbs. But for a 6lbs weighted glove, one hand will be 3lbs.

Will the Ringside Weighted Gloves Fit on Big Hands?

And can you make a good fist while wearing it? You can not make a good fist while wearing the Ringside Weighted Gloves. The glove is usually okay for large male hands. But if you have a smaller hand, you might have a little issue adjusting to it.


Ringside Weighted Gloves were developed just for you. Being able to face your opponents with such advantages as strength and speed that will either match theirs or surpass theirs should give you the motivation you need to purchase yours.

As I already mentioned, training with weighted gloves is not just for boxers. People who engage in exercises involving the cardiovascular system like running should also get this weighted glove. It would not just increase your punching speed but also enhance your stamina. You should step up your next training with Ringside Weighted Gloves.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

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