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Should You Train with Weighted Boxing Gloves?

should you train with weighted boxing gloves

Boxing requires a lot of strength. When a boxer steps into the ring, his main goal is to knock out his opponent. Athletes must have sufficient strength to deliver blows with the necessary force. Athlete or not, should you train with weighted boxing gloves?

There are many exercises professional boxers and recreational atheltes can do to develop such strength. One of the best ways to improve your skills is to use weighted boxing gloves. This article will explore why you should train with weighted boxing gloves.

Should You Train with Weighted Boxing Gloves?

Should You Train with Weighted Boxing Gloves?

If you’re searching for a way to take your cardio routine to the next level, weighted boxing gloves are the way to go. It helps tone the muscles in your arms and shoulders and can also improve your speed and endurance. In addition, when you train with weighted boxing gloves, you will burn more calories without spending more time working out.

Weighted gloves help boxers develop speed, strength, endurance, and stamina. Even though the weight is only a half-pound or a pound per punch, it adds up to hundreds of punches, improving strength and endurance. During one study, a group of 18 young boxers was divided into two groups, “controls” and “experiments.” With weighted gloves, a set of exercises is performed according to the player’s weight and ratio of arms.

During the six-week training period, the experimental group showed an increase in punches and their ability to perform. As a result of the research, designing gloves with more mass than the legal weights may be beneficial for increasing the number of punches and improving performance.

Another study examines how bilateral hand exercises improve hand performance and performance time among patients who have suffered chronic strokes. There were thirty patients with chronic left-sided stroke who participated in this study, and they were randomly assigned into two groups. The first group (G1) received unilateral training on the hand, and the second group (G2) received bilateral training with the weight on the non-affected hand.

After two months of training, both groups were measured twice with the Fugl Meyer assessment scale, the Wolf motor function test, and the hand dynamometer for time and grip. Compared with G1, patients in G2 showed significant improvements in their hand performance and hand grip.

Reasons Why You Should Train With Weighted Boxing Gloves

Title Weighted Boxing Gloves

You can receive many benefits when you train with weighted boxing gloves.

Improves Punching Speed

By adding weight to the gloves, fighters can improve their punching speed. In the end, the added weight becomes the standard because the added weight causes resistance behind each punch.

Builds Strength

Punching with weighted gloves also develops strength since you must exert more effort. Over time, a boxer’s arm muscles will strengthen, and they’ll be able to hit harder.

Boosts Stamina

The weight of weighted gloves also increases stamina because they develop strength. Wearing these and throwing punches requires more energy, which translates into improved endurance.

Develops Coordination

Weight in the gloves also contributes to better coordination. As a result of the additional resistance, fighters must learn how to control their punches and avoid swinging too hard or jabbing with excessive force.

Cardiovascular Performance

One of the best things about weighted gloves is that they are all-in-one fitness equipment. Weighted boxing gloves exercise simultaneously develops muscle, strength, and endurance. Your cardiovascular system becomes more adaptable as you push yourself further.

Promotes Accuracy

Last but not least, weighted boxing gloves may improve accuracy since they can’t punch as quickly. As a result, you will have a much greater awareness and focus on hitting the right target.

Not just for boxers, weighted gloves are helpful for regular people too. All people can train with weighted boxing gloves to increase their overall stamina. Weighted gloves can be used for various exercises, but they are most effective when used with exercises that require lots of hand motions. These exercises include jogging, aerobics, shadow boxing, and cardio kickboxing.

Precautions While Using Weighted Boxing Gloves

When using weighted gloves for the first time, it is important to take some precautions. I suggest consulting your doctor before performing any activity with weighted gloves if you have previously been injured on your arms, wrists, or shoulders. Perform quick movements when you are injured to reduce the possibility of re-aggravating it.

No matter your fitness level, you should begin with 0.5- or 1-pound weighted gloves, gradually increasing the weight as you become more comfortable. Use a lighter weight if you feel unusual discomfort or pain after training with weighted boxing gloves.

Things to Look for in New Weighted Gloves

They Should Be Adjustable

Weighted gloves may have weights sewn into them or may be removable, depending on how they are designed. With the latter, you can easily adjust the weights as needed, making them more versatile. You may prefer heavier ones for some workout routines and lighter ones for others. Reducing glove weight when you are feeling low on energy may also be a good idea.


Weighted boxing gloves must be made of breathable and comfortable fabrics. In addition, they should be durable enough to withstand constant use and washing. The majority of weighted gloves are made with neoprene or lycra. Both materials are slightly stretchy and conform well to the hand. In addition, you can find options made of nylon, leather, and other durable materials.

Weighted Gloves Straps

Weighted gloves often come with a hook-and-loop closure system, but the width and placement of the strap differ greatly. There are models with wide wrist straps that help you retain your flexibility and others with thin wrist straps that help provide support.

Should You Train with Weighted Boxing Gloves? – Conclusion

Weighted gloves allow boxers to improve their speed, strength, stamina, coordination, and accuracy. There are several factors to consider when choosing the weight of your gloves. Consider your body weight and hand size when selecting a glove. Additionally, it is important to consider why you will use the gloves, whether training or fighting.

Most commonly, weighed boxing gloves are used for cardio and toning exercises. If you want to gain muscle mass, you still need to do strength training, such as body weight exercises or weightlifting. Your body will get stronger and more toned if you wear weighted boxing gloves.

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