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Therapedic® Weighted U-Neck Pillow Review

Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow

Often, people find themselves lying awake at night, looking for a way to cope with their anxieties and stress so they can sleep. According to the CDC, one in three adults is not getting enough sleep. In addition to stress and anxiety, many factors are associated with collective fatigue. It is now becoming more common for people to use weighted blankets for their sleep and mental well-being.

Although weighted blankets can reduce anxiety, their high price makes them unaffordable for most people. Suppose you’re uncertain about how sleep under thousands of tiny weighted beads feels. In that case, this may be a major turn-off for experimenters hoping to sample a weighted blanket without blowing hundreds of dollars. 

Thanks to lightweight pillows like Therapedic’s Weighted U-Neck Pillow, you can achieve the same calming effect as a weighted blanket. In this guide, I will share my full review of the Weighted U-Neck Pillow by Therapedic. Thus, you will know if you should purchase a Weighted U-Neck Pillow for yourself or not. If you want to know more about this pillow, continue reading.

Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow: Summary

Therapedic® Weighted U-Neck Pillow Review

Therapedic® Weighted U-Neck Pillow on woman
from Bed Bath and Beyond

If you’re looking for a neck pillow with multiple uses and can be taken anywhere, then this is it. It resembles a standard neck pillow. With a weight of 3lbs, the pillow fits comfortably around your neck. The pillow provides sufficient support without sacrificing flexibility. The outer fabric is made from 50% cotton/50% polyester, soft and supple yet easily cleanable and easy to maintain.

My Experience With Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow

I needed something soothing and pleasant during a long flight to make me feel refreshed. I found out about Therapedic’s Weighted U-Neck Pillow, and ever since, I’ve enjoyed traveling long distances. My experience with Therapedic was that it doesn’t stay plump around your neck like standard travel pillows. Instead, the glass beads lay flat on my neck and across my shoulders. These beads also add therapeutic pressure to the area, which helps to reduce pain and tension. Here is some information about the pillow that I want to mention.

Price of Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow

The best part of Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow is that it retails for just $25. Furthermore, it’s extremely cheap, and despite that, it boasts a limited lifetime warranty. Some shoppers may be skeptical of the calming effects of the pillow, but I can vouch that it is worth the investment. There’s never been a better time to invest in self-care than now, with all the turmoil in the world. Indeed, I would not blame you if your next step is to buy an affordable weighted blanket.

This Weighted Pillow is Suitable for Relaxing

With this weighted pillow, I have been able to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer without waking up so often. It feels super soft to lay on, and it isn’t too heavy, so I don’t feel squished under it. This pillow would be perfect for anyone who has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. It’s the perfect size for you to use in your living room when you are trying to relax.

Simple and Flexible Pillow for your Neck

Therapedic’s Weighted U-Neck Pillow is an excellent starting point if you’re not sure whether you need a weighted pillow. It will allow you to experience weighted support firsthand. The variable tool is something you will come to love and depend on. This u-shaped pillow supports the neck with the weight of 3 pounds of glass beads. In my experience, the weight adds comfort as it relieves tension in my neck shoulders and can even improve posture.

Designed to Perfection

With this Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow, you can wear it any time. My favorite places to wear this are on planes and on the couch. The cozy pillow is a great way to relieve anxiety while traveling, especially while on airplanes. Fortunately, the pillow’s outer cover can be machine washed, so you won’t feel bad using it in public spaces. Putting it into the freezer also soothes sore muscles and overworked minds.

Traveling with the Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow is Amazing

The miracle of human flight has made it possible to fly directly from Newark, New Jersey, to Singapore in just under 19 hours. Nevertheless, travel can be exhausting in itself, particularly if you’re flying or traveling long distances. Sleeping for an hour or two on the way can reduce fatigue and make you feel refreshed when you arrive. With bus and plane seats being so uncomfortable, a good travel pillow is essential for getting some rest. 

On my way to Singapore for a business meeting, I had to take a long flight from Newark, New Jersey. Since I had a long flight, I brought my Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow with me. I’ve found it helps me fall asleep and enjoy deep quality sleep thanks to its comfort. The upright position of this pillow also helps me to prevent snoring.

When Should you use the Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow?

When watching TV at home

Watching TV while seated correctly is possible. With my weighted U-Neck pillow, I am able to relax my neck and shoulders. I enjoy wearing it while watching television at night.

During Travel

The pillow is a great choice for long-haul flights and uncomfortable bus seats.

When sleeping

You can use it for more than just traveling. Anyone at home can use this weighted pillow for all activities, from sleeping to doing chores.

Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow - Who Should Buy It?

Therapedic® Weighted U-Neck Pillow white
from Bed Bath and Beyond

Adults for better sleep

This pillow can be used by adults who are experiencing pain near their necks and shoulders. It helps you feel supported and warm in your neck as well as relaxing. The small weight of this pillow makes it ideal for exercising your arms and legs.

Relax your neck and shoulders

If you are looking for a pillow that will relax your neck and shoulders, this is the one you need. In my case, I had been using a posture strap, but this pillow has been more effective for keeping my shoulders down while typing. It keeps me balanced without being as uncomfortable as a posture contraption. When my muscles are sore, I like to put them on my shoulders straight from the freezer.

If you are interested in trying weighted products

Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow was my first weighted product to try, and I liked it very much. Weighted blankets are familiar to me, but I had no idea about u-neck pillows. I can relax on my sofa with this pillow supporting my neck after a long, stressful day. This pillow actually relieves tension, and I find it calming and soothing. Also, you can try it because it has a good price tag and won’t cost you too much.

Anxiety & Stress Management

People who want to relieve stress or anxiety should use a weighted neck pillow. Whenever you feel stressed or have back pain from a hard day, you can use it. It feels amazing and is a great way to self-care.

Who Should Not Get the Therapedic Weighted U-Neck Pillow?

The answer depends on your personal preferences; some people cannot sleep without a weighted pillow, while others dislike it for various reasons, such as weight. Many people find weighted pillows suffocating, especially those who are claustrophobic, suffer from sleep apnea, have asthma, or have high blood pressure. If you have an open wound or rashes or are diabetic, you should avoid putting weight on a pillow to worsen those conditions. Additionally, the price of a weighted product is higher, so if you wish to save your money, you should stay away from these kinds of products.

There are no magic bullets that can provide everyone with a peaceful night’s sleep. Depending on your preferences, certain pillows and blankets will feel too heavy or too light. Experimenting will likely lead you to find one that works for you. Therefore, you should spend some money if you want to experiment. Therapedic® Weighted U-Neck Pillow is still a good option due to its affordability.


Weighted U-Neck Pillows provide you with therapeutic benefits as well as an inviting environment for sleeping. The pillow can be used in many ways. After a long, hard day’s work, this may be the perfect product to use. Compared to the fluffy ones you buy in the store, which are meant only for travel, this one is multiuse and comfortable.

These types of weighted pillows have many uses other than traveling; you can use it at the home, office, or simply to relax. It is so heavy, and it feels wonderful when you put it on. This pillow is a good buy since you can feel the weighted product advantage with this inexpensive product.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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