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ThunderShirt Sport Weighted Dog Vest Review

ThunderShirt Sport Weighted Vest review

Thunderstorms and fireworks often trigger anxiety in some dogs, making them feel fearful. The anxiety dogs experience would be one of the most unpleasant feelings if they did not find some relief from it. 

There is probably always something you want to do to calm and reassure your anxious dog. Medications may be required for some dogs with noise phobias, while constant, gentle pressure may alleviate panic for others. 

The best way to deal with this is to get vests for dogs! Anxiety vests have become increasingly popular among dogs suffering from anxiety and other ailments.

When your dog is feeling anxious or stressed due to travelling or visiting the veterinarian, anxiety vests promise to calm them down and lift their spirits. Many vests are on the market today, but the ThunderShirt Sport Weighted Vest is the best for anxiety. 

Do you have questions about how it works? Does ThunderShirt Sport Weighted Vest work for dogs? 

We will review this vest in this article to provide comprehensive information, so keep reading!

ThunderShirt Sport Weighted Dog Vest Review

My Experience with ThunderShirt Sport Weighted Dog Vest

ThunderShirt Sport Weighted Vest

The loud sound of thunder, fireworks, lawnmowers, etc., puts my dog in fight mode. For the past couple of months, she never seemed to be able to calm down. This year’s 4th of July celebrations were horrible, and she was in fight mode for a week. 

I ordered her a ThunderShirt based on my friend’s recommendation and after reading the review. It was challenging to convince me that this would work since she is so sensitive to sounds. As soon as it arrived, I read the directions gently and gradually introduced it to her until she got used to it. I think the shirt was quite comfortable for her, and she had no problem wearing it. 

Before the storm started, she started pacing, whining, and becoming worked up when thunder rumbled in the distance. Since it was storming today, I decided I should take the ThunderShirt for a spin. As soon as I put the shirt on her, she calmed down. The shirt fits like a glove, so I ensured it was snug but not too tight. During the thunder, she moved to the ottoman and fell asleep. As soon as the worst was over, she snuggled into bed.

Pet owners can easily put this product on their pets, and it fits a variety of breeds. My dog’s barking and acting out have improved noticeably. The treatment for my dog’s anxiety has been beneficial, and she now behaves less jumpy and is always in our room. For our dog, this vest has been a game changer.

About ThunderShirt Sport Company

ThunderWorks’ founder Phil Blizzard owned a dog named Dosi, whose fear of thunderstorms and fireworks caused him to come up with ThunderSport vests. Phil sought advice from many veterinarians and dog trainers to help Dosi sleep better. 

The friend suggested he should wrap Dosi snugly like an infant, similarly to swaddling one. He used packing tape to create mild pressure during a bad storm by wrestling Dosi into an old t-shirt. When the storm hit, Dosi calmed down almost immediately, lying down during the storm. ThunderShirt came from here!

Millions of dogs and cats have benefited from ThunderShirt’s calm-down effects in stressful situations. The Thundershirt is a tight-fitting top designed to make dogs feel more secure when showing signs of anxiety and stress. 

Review of the ThunderShirt Sport Weighted Dog Vest

ThunderShirt sport weighted jacket on dog

Even though not all dogs are scared of thunder, storms, fireworks, and other loud noises, yours might be one of those. You should get them the ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket, rated at 80% effective for handling that problem. 

The compression from a ThunderShirt can help anxious dogs feel more confident, just as swaddling new babies can make them feel more secure. A ThunderShirt’s calming effect relieves anxiety in dogs by applying pressure to their bodies. It has also been used in medicine to deal with anxiety in humans. The weight of psychiatric dogs can reduce anxiety in autistic or PTSD masters by lying on top.

Aside from its ease of use, the ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket is also very effective in providing comfort and reassurance to your pet with constant pressure applied to his body. This jacket also features breathable fabric, so your puppy can snuggle for a long time without feeling restricted. Moreover, the fabric is stretchy, which makes it very comfortable for your dog to wear.

Stylish & Lightweight

Several styles of the Thundershirt are available, including classics, sports, and polo shirts. If you’re looking for something your pup can wear on the go, you might consider the Sport option. Thundershirt Sport vests are lightweight and breathable. This vest is great for dealing with thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travelling, general anxiety, and vet visits. The ThunderShirt Sport vest is designed to apply gentle pressure, like a hug, that may calm anxiety, fear, and overexcitement from various environmental triggers.

ThunderShirt Sport Vest Sizes

The Thundershirts come in seven sizes, starting at XX-Small for dogs weighing less than 7 pounds and going up to XX-Large for dogs weighing over 110 pounds. The manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed when measuring your dog. Male dogs have special fitting notes indicating that belly straps should never cover or compress their manly bits. Use chest size to determine which is best for your pet. 

ThunderShirt Sport Vest Price

Prices for ThunderShirt Sport Vests range from $39.95 for the XX-Small size to $59.95 for the XX-Large size. Considering the vest’s price, you should try it for your dog. As many reviews confirm, the company claims an 80% effectiveness figure, justifying the price tag.

How Effective Is A Thundershirt?

Thundershirt is unquestionably effective. According to the majority of pet owners who have tried this vest, they find it to be both effective and comfortable. Several doggy parents have shared how great this product has been for their anxiety-prone dogs on different platforms. Thunder vests are made from stretchy, breathable, comfortable fabric and have an efficient fastening system. This vest reassures your dog by continuously applying gentle pressure in the right places. Many pup parents are undeniably thrilled with the Thundershirt, with the top marks being:

Easily machine washable. Cleaning this vest is simple when you throw them in the wash. It’s especially useful if your pup is prone to mess, such as puppies or older dogs.

A convenient method. This vest usually provides almost immediate relief rather than waiting for calming medications or supplements to take effect. You’ll be ready to deal with summer storms or your neighbour’s fireworks. 

An easy-to-wear design. Thundershirts are easy to put on, unlike over-the-head styles that can be tricky for wiggly, stressed dogs. This shirt is especially helpful for elderly dogs who may feel uncomfortable when their legs are lifted or manipulated.

Drug-free relief. The Thundershirt provides chemical-free relief for many fur families, as not every dog needs medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scientific evidence for calming vests?

The idea of dog calming vests was inspired by deep pressure therapy used to treat anxiety in adults and children with autism. There may be differences between vests made by different companies. Based on customer reviews and surveys, ThunderShirt is the only brand that achieves 80% success rates.

Do Thundershirt Sport Weighted Dog Vests work for anxiety?

Is your dog or puppy suffering from anxiety? Don’t worry; it’s a common occurrence. Using the Thundershirt Sport anxiety vest, you can manage symptoms of anxiety that are otherwise difficult to manage without taking medications. It is a great jacket for overcoming separation anxiety, celebrating the Fourth of July, or enduring loud storms. As a dog parent, I find it comforting to be able to provide some kind of solution to my pup’s unpredictable anxieties. The vest is even more rewarding when it calms her down.

Are Thundershirt weighted vests suitable for puppies?

Your dog’s growth plates should be fully developed when he is ready to use weights. The Thundershirt, on the other hand, is a lightweight anxiety wrap that pups can wear during stressful times to help calm them down. Weighted vests are safe for dogs which are two years and older. In any case, always consult your veterinarian before adding muscle or losing weight using weight.

What are the benefits of weighted vests for dogs?

The theory goes that dog-weighted vests work by applying pressure to the dog’s torso, similar to swaddling or hugging a crying baby. It is similar to swaddling a crying baby or hugging someone distressed when a dog wears a weighted vest. A weight vest allows your dog to push harder, which results in stronger muscles and a more toned body. Because they are close fitting, they won’t throw your dog off balance and can actually increase their agility, strength, and stability.

Are anxiety jackets necessary for my dog?

A dog anxiety jacket from a good brand like Thundershirt is a great option if you’re considering giving him medication to soothe him. You should consult a veterinarian or animal behaviourist if your dog still needs more help to overcome anxiety.

How do I choose the right size vest for my dog?

Dog anxiety coats shouldn’t be too tight or loose for your dog. When your dog’s vest is too tight, it may cause more tension and limit movement. If your dog is of a specific breed and weight, consider a weighted vest in various sizes. To ensure a perfect fit, check the size instructions from the manufacturer.

ThunderShirt Sport Weighted Dog Vest: Conclusion

Do you still wonder if the Thundershirt will help your dog? Although there is no clear-cut answer until you try Thundershirts, they are a great alternative for dogs with noise phobias or general anxiety. Anxiety is at the root of most dog behaviour problems. Investing in a Thundershirt can help you build a stronger, trust-based relationship with your dog and tackle anxiety.  

Even if you don’t have one yet, your dog will eventually need a ThunderShirt. As a dog owner, I appreciate how ThunderShirt calms dogs and makes them feel safe. Given the many anxiety triggers surrounding us, it is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your dog.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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