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TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves Full Review

Title weighted boxing gloves full review

A boxer can only win any match if they have the right protective gear. Sadly, many low quality weighted boxing gloves brands have flooded the market today. Do not lose hope yet, as TITLE weighted boxing gloves are up to scratch by all standards. 

Do not worry if you are not so familiar with this world-class boxing gear brand. Keep reading this review to know all the features of these weighted boxing gloves. I will share my personal experience with the TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves.

TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves Full Review

PowerNet are baseball experts. They’ve been in the industry for quite a while now, racking up thousands of sales of their popular weighted baseballs. If you’re just starting out with weighted practice, start with the lighest variation and work your way up. 
The balls are covered with a thick, pliable plastic designed to last for years of hard hitting and throwing. They’re one of the only weighted baseball products that a few of the pros have come out and endorsed. German Marquez of the Colorado Rockies and Andrelton Simmons of the LA Angels both stand by PowerNet’s baseballs.

My Experience with the TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves

Title Weighted Boxing Gloves

My TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves keep me warm as I train in the morning during my boxing classes. The inner cotton-like layers ensure that my hand remains snuggly and active even during my pay-per-view matches. I am thoroughly impressed that despite my hands being small, these boxing gloves don’t shift unnecessarily. I also like the fact that I have the liberty to either add or remove the weights as I like.

I was so happy when I discovered that boxing organizers had approved TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves for use during boxing competitions. Therefore, I can use these comfortable gloves for my upcoming match. 

I bought the red TITLE boxing glove with a mesh palm as the second layer. Therefore, the gloves are soft and breathable: hence no matter how long I wear these gloves, I rarely sweat. I feel persuaded to buy the Title headgear and disregard other brands. I genuinely got value for my well-earned money. Thus I can recommend them to any customer!

TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves Review

I noticed that the boxing gloves have a padded protective layer on the fingers and wrist area. Furthermore, each TITLE weighted boxing glove has a heavy-duty and secure wrist strap. Therefore, they cannot come off as I train for my boxing matches.

I like how smooth and comfortable these gloves feel on my hands. I feel safe when I train with these roomy hand gloves on. I am so grateful to TITLE Boxing for using leather and PU to produce these protective gears. 

Thanks to the material the manufacturer uses, their gloves are fully non-slip. The shiny aesthetic appearance endeared me to these boxing gloves too. I still can’t believe I bought these world-class weighted boxing gloves for just $79.99.You have my blessings to order these specific boxing gloves.

About Title Weighted Boxing Gloves Company

TITLE Boxing gloves Company is a US-based firm making protective gear such as gloves, headgear, punching bags, and hand wraps for 20 years. The manufacturer has a well-rated ecommerce platform where you can shop for any of these products. 

TITLE Boxing’s online stores arrange their products in categories. Therefore, you should select your product category of interest to check out all the gears in stock. You are very fortunate as Title Boxing has multiple payment options like PayPal, MasterCard, and American Express.

Stunningly, this online store is currently delivering TITLE training gloves worth more than $100 for free to all customers within the US. However, you can’t enjoy this irresistible offer if you order too many items. The company is fully committed to guaranteeing the safety of MMA fighters, boxers, and coaches as they train. Therefore, they design gears that meet all the safety standards requirements.

Why Should You Choose TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves?

All TITLE boxing gloves are unlike any other weight boxing gloves you have seen. They have multiple useful features that distinguish them from ordinary boxing hand gears. Firstly, these boxing gloves are immeasurably comfortable to use as they are breathable. Your hands will remain dry and warm due to the thick mesh palm layer. Therefore, they are perfect for training during the summer and winter seasons.

Secondly, the gloves fit the hands perfectly due to the adaptable wrap-around strap. You can adjust the wrist-round strap as you like, no matter your wrist size. Also, since the leather material is flexible, you can easily fold your fingers to form a fist. The gloves have a nice curved design that creates enough space for all the fingers.

Most gloves may snap after you use them for a while, especially since all fingers do not get sufficient space. This feature could be why these weighted boxing gloves have an extended life. Last but not least, you have a large set of sizes to consider depending on the size of your hands. When placing your online order, you can pick out sizes 14, 16, or 18 ounces. You will get feedback on whether the selected size is available at present.


  • Weights are removable
  • The protective layer is pre-curved to shield the hands
  • Highly tear-resistant
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Fits well regardless of the hand size
  • Wrist-wrap can be adjusted accordingly
  • Markedly impact-resistant
  • Covers the entire backside of the hands

Color Options

As of 2022, TITLE Boxing makes red & black, white & blue black & gray, black, white & black, and red, gray & black boxing gloves. Customers have the right to select any TITLE boxing gloves they like from the multiple lists available on Title.

Weight and Distribution

The weight of TITLE Boxing gloves is not standard. It usually varies slightly, depending on whether the PU foam is removable or not. However, on average, most of these weighted boxing gloves weigh between 4 – 5 pounds. Fortunately, the backside PU foam has a uniform thickness all around. Therefore, the impact of a punch in uniform throughout. Conversely, most low-quality boxing gloves have more foam around the knuckle area.

Quality and Design

Title Boxing makes both fingerless and full-weighted boxing gloves for their clients. Both varieties have a removable feel-good foam layer on the MCP region that is warm and soft.  Unlike crappy gloves, TITLE boxing gloves have a beautiful pre-curved design. Because of this, they can conform to the shape of any human hand, thus making you feel as if the gloves are a part of you.

Material And Craftsmanship

TITLE uses PU or leather to make over 65% of their weighted training gears.PU helps to keep the hands both warm and dry. Like leather, polyurethane is relatively elastic: hence you can twist the hands as you wish during the game. In addition, the manufacturer uses foam to design a thick cushion that protects the hands. That is not all the layer does; it anchors the hand muscles equally.

Aside from that, the company adds a nylon wrist strap for support purposes. Since the company strictly uses light materials, the gloves do not make boxers feel uneasy when wearing them.

TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves Price

Strictly speaking, TITLE weighted boxing gloves prices are way more affordable than other brands. Frequently, these boxing gloves cost $14.99 to $139.99, as of now. It all depends on the quality and the purpose of the gloves. For example, the Leather training gloves are for sale for $99.99.Contrastingly, the Title certified gloves will cost each client not less than $89.99.

Please, compare prices on TITLE Boxing and Amazon before buying boxing gloves. Some gloves may be cheaper on Amazon, whereas others may be cheaper on the Title Boxing online store.

TITLE Weighted Boxing Gloves: FAQs

Do TITLE weighted boxing gloves have a Size Chart?

Yes, they do! Therefore, you can refer to this sizing guide to know which specific TITLE fitness gloves to buy. Youthful buyers should consider gloves that measure 6 to 8 ounces. However, this is not an ideal tactic, as your hand size informs your choice. Adults can settle on either regular or extra-large (XL) boxing gloves. A better alternative would be to use your weight to know which fitness gloves to choose. For example, if you are more than 80+ kilograms, choose gloves of 16 to 80 ounces.

Which colors are available in TITLE weighted boxing gloves?

Breathe easy, as TITLE manufactures weighted boxing gloves of diverse colors. You can select white & black, gold & black, and black gloves. Thus, you can buy any of these boxing gloves instead of the black & red gloves.

How Will I Differentiate Between Genuine and Phony TITLE Boxing Gloves?

Real TITLE Boxing gloves have the company logo imprinted on them. More often than not, the manufacturer engraves TITLE’s official logo on the leather wrist strap. Therefore, you should pay no mind to any dealer that sells counterfeit TITLE Boxing weighted gloves. 

Another worthwhile strategy would be to order these gloves from online stores with a good reputation. The best online store has to be TITLE Boxing itself. There is no possible way the manufacturer would add counterfeit boxing gloves to its ecommerce platform.

Are there other boxing glove brands on TITLE Boxing's online store?

Yes, there are! Feel free to go for other brands of boxing gloves if that’s what you want. You can now get specific brands such as Rival, ADIDAS, Fighting, PRO MEX, and WBC boxing gloves.

All the five alternatives are just as good as TITLE weighted gloves. Therefore, you have all the reasons to go for either of them.

What kinds of weighted boxing gloves does TITLE company make?

TITLE Boxing manufactures numerous varieties of these boxing gloves. For example, you can decide on the Pro Style, Classic fitness training, Glory Super, and world-bag boxing gloves. As you may predict, the features of each of these varieties differ somewhat. Correspondingly, the prices of these products vary to a slight degree.


In conclusion, I see no reason why you should not go for TITLE weighted boxing gloves. They are comparatively smooth-textured, warm, and durable. High pricing notwithstanding, these gloves will serve for a long duration. You will find the hook & loop wrist-strap extremely useful.

I like the fact that the thick polyurethane foam is removable. This removable weight can be a nuisance when the day temperatures are high.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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