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Weighted Belts: Improve Your Exercise Routine in 2021

Weighted Belts Improve Your Exercise Routine in 2021

1. DMoose Fitness Weighted Dip Belt

It can hold up to 350lbs. It’s durable. It’s padded. It comes with a steel chain. And better yet, it’s already been field-tested and approved by hundreds of people just like you. This if Jayefo’s weighted belt which we’re sure wou’ll love.


2. Jayefo Weighted Dip Belt with Chain

DMoose’s weighted belt leads the way in this industry. Thousands of happy customers thanks to the extreme durability, functionality, and just pure effectiveness of one of the world’s top selling exercise belts.


3. All Pro Weighted Exercise Belt

It may not be the heaviest of weighted belts out there, but for those looking for just a little extra weight to increase the burn, this weighted belt by All Pro might just be the perfect companion during your next workout.

Everyone knows the benefits of weight training. But there are some exercises that, at first glance, seem difficult to increase weight with. Things like pull ups and dips, where your arms are otherwise occupied, or active training on the basketball court, box jumps or other plyometrics are almost impossible while holding a set of dumbbells.

So what’s the answer? Weighted belts.

Weighted belts have been used for decades by strongmen and other practitioners of physical culture. Now they’re a common sight in gyms around the world, for the simple reason that they work. A weighted belt can add extra resistance to common exercises, so you can push harder and increase your gains. Let’s face it, we don’t all have a hyperbolic time chamber available to use, so weighted belts and other types of weighted accessories are the next best thing.

If you’re looking to add a little more weight to your workouts, here are the best weighted belts for you.

1. DMoose Fitness Weighted Dip Belt

The best choice on our list for multiple reasons, this dip belt really does offer the works in terms of features.

To start, the belts are one size fits all, with a contoured, wide back design for extra comfort and stability. Construction is rock solid. Made from eva rubber sheet, thick polyester and play box fabric, it’s hard-wearing and incredibly tough, but still comfortable enough to wear for a decent amount of time. The hook and loop closure is effortless to open and close, so you can slip this off between sets, or get set up in the minimum time possible.

The chain is held in place with a large-sized double D ring and carabiner, which will fit any chain you prefer, but the included 36-inch long premium heavy steel chain is solid enough, with a maximum recommended weight of 225lbs.

All the metal parts are rust and corrosion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sweating too much or training outside. All fabric parts are made with reinforced craftsmanship, with solid saddle stitching to hold everything together.

It comes in multiple stylish colors, including solid blue, camo, classic black, and even the US flag, so you can be as loud and proud as you want. It’s also relatively inexpensive, as belts go, and there’s even a full refund and replacement guarantee.

The sole downside is that this is only a dip and pull up belt, so it shouldn’t be used as a squat belt, or for other types of training.

2. Jayefo Weighted Dip Belt with Chain

Tough and surprisingly reliable for the incredibly low price, if you’re looking for a dip belt on a budget, this is possibly the best option for the money you pay.

Built from triple-stitched heavy-duty neoprene, with padded semi-memory foam inserts, the belt is very comfortable at a decently thick 5mm, but still breathes well enough to help with sweat and stickiness. Fully adjustable, it’s one size fits all, but does come up reasonably short, so we wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who has a bigger waist or hips.

Strong metal clips and a premium 36-inch steel chain can supposedly hold up to 350lbs, which has been tested by weighted machines. But honestly, we wouldn’t trust a belt double this price with that sort of weight, so make your own decisions there.

It even comes with a lifetime warranty and a nice little travel case that makes storing it in your gym bag when you’re headed home much simpler.

  • Low priced and great value
  • Heavy-duty neoprene material
  • 36-inc steel chain included

3. All Pro Weighted Exercise Belt

Adding weight to a gentle walk or jog is one of the easiest ways to start building a fit and healthy body, but if you’re going to do it, you should do it right. A badly fitted belt will put a lot of pressure on your joints and can lead to long-term issues, undoing all of the work you’re putting in.

Enter the Power Stride. This 10lb exercise belt is specifically designed for full freedom of movement. It sits comfortably on the hips, making sure that your legs bear the majority of the weight.

Weight can be added in 1/4lb increments, and each individual weight sits inside its own pocket so you can start as low as you want and work up. One size fits all, the belt is around 32 inches, plus another 11 inches of velcro adjustment, so should fit most people. The velcro belt is quite narrow, however, so you might need to adjust it every so often to make sure the belt stays tight.

Once it’s on, the padded waist cushioning and lumbar cushion gives you completely unrestricted movement, and it can happily be used when walking, exercising, or just moving around throughout the day.

  • Low weighted for light exercises
  • Add weights in qurater pound increments
  • Cushioned padding for comfort

4. ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt

The best pure lifting belt we could find, the ProFitness is favored by lifters to the point that it keeps selling out, so catch it while you can.

4 inches of full leather offer comforting thickness and support, especially for core strength and around the all-important lumbar area. The belt is held closed with a massive, two-prong heavy buckle that’s simple to adjust and make sure that it stays stable throughout your whole range of motion.

Because it’s leather, the belt is stretch and tear-resistant (much like many of the best weighted blankets around). There isn’t much in terms of customization except for a difference in stitching, red or white, but the solid leather is classic enough that it goes with any gym gear.

You have your choice of three sizes, S (23-31) M (32-40) L (41-49,) and it’s generally better to size up if you’re on the periphery because there’s a little give to the leather after it’s been worn a couple of times.

Very reasonably priced, we’ve already mentioned how fast these sell out. It’s also covered by a 60-day full money-back guarantee, useful in case you need it resized, or you somehow decide that you don’t want it. (Which we think is unlikely.)

  • Premium price for premium quality
  • Three sizes available
  • Money-back guarantee

5. Ironwear Club Iron Belt

Flexible, thin, comfortable, with multiple uses, as a general weight belt the Club Iron has a lot to offer. It’s just held back by a prohibitively expensive price.

The main draw of the Club Iron is its weights. Unlike a lot of other weights, the ones in this set are soft and have some natural flex. That means that these can move with you, bending with your body, leading to no chafing or bruising.

Because they’re metal, it also means they’re very hard-wearing, because they can’t split or leak like sand or shot weights. Each weight slips into a stretchable pocket, keeping it safe, and they’re fully adjustable in ½lb increments.

The belt adjusts from 26 to 52 inches, so will fit absolutely anyone, with an open front and back that keeps all the weight, and the pressure, on your hips and off your spin. Another draw is the patented design that can be converted into two ankle weights, giving you a lot of options in how to use these.

Moisture resistant, they can be washed, worn under normal clothes, and are suitable for hikes and other activities where you might face rough weather. We’d probably still chose the All Pro, but this is a worthy contender.

  • One size fits all
  • Adjust weights included

What To Know: Buying Your Next Weighted Belt

Weighted belts have been around for decades now, with many athletes, both professional and amateur, taking advantage of the tool to improve their exercise routines.

The main benefit of a lifting belt is to support your body, specifically your torso, when you’re lifting heavy. The stability and coverage of a weight belt supports your sense of proprioception (your ability to read your own body’s position and stability, essentially how you can touch your own nose with your eyes shut) and lessens intra-abdominal pressure, which can lead to back injuries, strains, or hernias.


As well as reducing the chances of you injuring yourself, a well-fitting belt will allow you to lift heavier, which can go a long way towards reaching new personal records and increasing your gains.

You’ll also find that all of the belts on our list are useful for several exercises. Our top choice, for example, is a weighted dip and pull up belt. This is an essential tool if you’re hitting plateaus with these exercises, as it lets you add more weight and keep cranking up your numbers.

There’s a reason that a weighted belt is a key part of every serious athlete’s toolkit. They work, and they work incredibly well. Surprisingly, they also work quite well for your canine friends.

Weighted Belt: Exercises

Weighted belts can be used for almost any exercise, although what exercises your belt will be useful for depends on what you buy.

A weighted dip belt, for example, is useful for the vast majority of bodyweight exercises, including:

  • Dips
  • Pull ups
  • Walking lunges
  • Squats
  • Hangs

General weighted belts, on the other hand, are an excellent way to increase your general strength and fitness, as they can be worn for longer periods, and used when training in any sort of cardio or general exercise plans.


A similar addon many people find effective, if they’re not into the ultra heavy lifting, is a weighted hula hoop. They’re fun, effective, and a relatively inexpensive way to get a little extra burn during your workout.

You can wear a weighted belt when:

  • Walking or running
  • Playing or training sports
  • Hiking
  • Plyometric exercises
  • Bodyweight exercises

What to Look for When Buying Weighted Belts

There are several things you should be looking for when buying a weighted belt, including:


A stable belt is one that supports your body as you go through different movements and exercises. Stable belts will have strong construction, with stiff but comfortable materials.


There’s no point in having a stable, strong belt if you can’t move wearing it. Good belts will be made of flexible but tough materials like neoprene, polyester, and rubber.

The best belts will be easy to move around in, letting you perform multiple different exercises without adjustment.



Finally, your belt needs to be comfortable, especially if you plan on using it regularly. The best belts will put most of the weight on your hips instead of your spine, won’t dig in, and will be very easy to take off, put on, and adjust.

If you’re buying a belt for squats, you need a belt that’s tough and rigid, so it supports your body as you move throughout the entire range of motion. Look for a large, rigid belt such as leather, with a big buckle and thick stitching throughout.

Weighted Belt: Making Your Own

You can definitely make your own weighted belt at home. It’s not going to look anywhere near as good, offer the same support, or probably be very comfortable, but for a quick, easy ghetto workout, or a way to test if a weighted belt is right for you, it’s a solid option.

You’re going to need a thick belt of some description. A heavy leather belt, nylon web belt from the hardware or army surplus store, even a martial arts belt made from thick cotton are all strong enough to hold a significant slab of weight.

Make sure you test that your belt will hold the weights before you put them on you, so it doesn’t end up slipping and a weight breaking your toe, and try to keep the weight centered on your hips, to keep it evenly spread.


A weighted belt can be a useful tool for anyone interested in health and fitness. Hopefully our article has taught you how to differentiate between each variety of belt, what they can be used for, and given you some insight into which one is suitable for you.

Not 100% that a weighed belt is the right option for you at the moment? Why not try out some weighted boxing gloves instead.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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