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BEST Weighted Boxing Gloves: Accelerate Your Power & Speed

Weighted Boxing Gloves Accelerate Your Power & Speed

1. Ring to Cage Weighted Gloves

Dark red and a deep black will leave these weighted boxing gloves leaving a lasting impression. Add your weights for a total of up to 32oz per glove, bringing your training to the next level.


2. Powerhandz Weighted Training Gloves

Well designed, slightly heavy weighted, and perfect for those seeking a little more agility in their training. These heavy gloves from Powerhandz are highly rated and will most certainly leave your pleased with your decision to grab a pair.


3. Zoobgear Weighted Boxing Gloves

A relatively unknown brand, but a relatively brilliant pair of weighted boxing gloves. Zoobgear has really stepped their game up designing and manufacturing these all-black gloves. Heavy weighted and perfect for a wide range of training regimes.

Boxing has been around for thousands of years, literally. Research dates the origins of boxing all the way back to Egypt around 3000 BC – making it one of the oldest sports in human history. So it’s no wonder weighted boxing gloves have come into play, boosting the training capabilities of its millions of athletes around the world.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur boxer, or simply box for the exercise instead of for sport, adding a little box of extra weight to your gloves can greatly improve your training sessions. And thankfully, there are plenty of different ones out there for you to choose from.

There are many benefits to weighted boxing gloves including a greater cardiovascular workout, improved muscle mass and higher caloric burning during your workout, and higher agility once the weight of the gloves come off.

If you’d like to learn more about all the benefits of heavier gloves, scroll a bit further down. Otherwise, here are some of the best weighted boxing gloves available today:

Weighted Boxing Gloves: Summary

1. Ring to Cage Weighted Gloves

They aren’t the most well-known brand, but they’ve been in the boxing business for quite a while now and have developed quite the loyal fanbase. And when it comes to boxing gloves, Ring to Cage have plenty of different styles and variations available.

As you’re in the market for weighted boxing gloves, Ring to Cage have the almost-perfect product for you.

Their deep red & black heavy gloves come with a total of 8 weighted bars. Allowing you to add a maximum of 4 to each glove.

With each glove starting out at 14oz, you can bring them up to a total of 32oz (1kg) with all 4 weights added in – now that’s heavy. These gloves are great with the added weight, or standalone.

Keep in mind, they aren’t the most expensive, which may indicate their overall quality and durability isn’t on par with some of the others on the listed here.

  • 14oz gloves, weighted up to 32oz
  • Deep red & black color

2. Powerhandz Weighted Training Gloves

Just look at the brand name – Powerhandz. They’ve literally named their whole business after making your hands more powerful. If that’s not a good indicator these are quality weighted gloves, nothing is.

If you’re looking for something with a little bit of flair that’ll stand out as well, the design on these gloves are brilliant. Deep gold patterns plastered over a black background.

Powerhandz themselves, unfortunately, don’t mention how much their boxing gloves weigh. Which seems a bit counterintuitive given the weight is one of the main factors in the products. With that being said, all the reviews are pretty great so you likely won’t be disappointed.

Use these gloves consistently and regularly in your workouts and you’ll see results in less than 3 weeks. How’s that for a good investment into your fitness and health?

  • Fantastic design and elegant feel

3. Zoobgear Weighted Boxing Gloves

By far, some the priciest weighted gloves available today, but also one of the best quality and heaviest as well. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies here.

If you’ve never heard of them before, Zoobgear is relatively new entrants into the boxing and MMA equipment industry. But they’ve been quickly and quietly making a fantastic name for themselves – thanks to great products like this one.

Their TITLE BLACK weighted boxing gloves are some of the best on the market. And the heaviest. Each glove can be weighted down with an additional three (3) bars, weighing 0.5lbs each. They’re the real deal.

With full-black coloring, these no-frill gloves will leave you throwing fists with pure power.

  • No frills, full black design
  • Heavy weighted, up to an additional 1.5lbs to each glove
  • Exceptional design and durability

4. Ringside Weighted Gloves

They might not be the sexiest gloves here, but they’re most certainly some of the heaviest and most effective. Ringside slashed the costs in their design department, and are definitely passing on the savings to you – with these weighted gloves being very, very reasonably priced.

The only drawback is the weight on these gloves are non-adjustable. Meaning you choose the weight of the glove before purchasing, and that’s that. The two options are 2lbs per glove or 3lbs per glove.

If you’re not 100% on which one to start with, opt for the lighter weight (if you’ve never used weighted gloves before). Once your muscles have developed and can easily handle the 2lbs, jump up to the 3lbs.

  • Available in 2lbs or 3lbs per glove
  • Designs savings passed on to you

5. Shapelocker 3Ib Weighted Boxing Gloves

Shapelocker gloves are your best option if you’re looking for weighted gloves with upgraded material. Lycra fabric provides greater elasticity, breathability, and comfort throughout the glove. Further, the company has replaced the conventional sandbag load with a soft iron layer, perfectly eliminating sand leakage and unevenness after long-term use. These gloves are suitable for boxing, taekwondo, and other weight training. They can also be used for exercising daily, running, walking, and losing weight. The gloves not only improve exercise efficiency but also protect against hand injuries.

Additionally, you’ll receive wrist support, which ensures that the weighted gloves don’t get thrown away during training. By putting Velcro on both the top and middle of the wrist support strap, the firmness is increased. 

These gloves are uniformly stitched and snugly hemmed, providing nice wrap and firmness even after long-term wear. For customers to be completely satisfied, clean cars should be at home.

6. DarNio Weighted Gloves (2lb Each)

If you’re looking for a pair of minimally weighted gloves, DarNio Weighted Gloves are the ideal choice. Featuring fabric and soft iron composition, the gloves are breathable and non-slip. When boxing, lifting weights, and doing cross-training, can prevent abrasions, burns, calluses, and blisters. The magic stick wrist closure provides a secure fit and a strong grip for boxers. Moreover, the gloves are ergonomically designed to provide a natural feel and improved grip.

The gloves are of high quality and feel smooth and comfortable to wear. It is a very lightweight and sleek material that is stitched very securely. You can store it anywhere and take it with you whenever you need it. I am impressed with the stitching quality.

7. Title Weighted Boxing Gloves

The Title Heavyweight Boxing Gloves are popular with beginners and average boxers seeking to improve their hand-to-hand combat skills and build muscle endurance in their shoulders and deltoids. Amazing Infused Foam provides excellent impact resistance and coverage while being anatomically correct and fist conforming. Additionally, the engineered leather cover is equipped with angled wrist and palm straps to provide a secure fit that prevents slipping.

When new to the sport, boxers frequently lower their hands. With these gloves, you will be able to build the muscle strength necessary for longer rounds and a better workout. Additionally, the gloves include Aerovent perforated top palm insets that allow hot air to escape during training, helping athletes keep cool and dry even during intense workouts.

8. HONUTIGE Weighted Boxing Gloves 3lb for Training

My next pick on the list is the comfortable and quality weighted boxing gloves from HONUTIGE. You can increase your stamina and upper body strength with these gloves while adding a cushion to your workouts. It is beneficial to boxers in terms of hand speed, coordination, and endurance. You can develop and tone your arms and shoulders without putting stress on your joints and hands. Since your arms and shoulders will get an additional workout, you will feel the added weight.

These weighted boxing gloves are made of cloth and soft iron, which makes them very breathable. Stitching needle corners is even and fine, not easy to pull out, has a long service life. These gloves are also perfect for cycling, weight lifting, cross-training, and the gym.

9. MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Gloves

Meet the MaxxMMA gloves, the next best-weighted gloves on our list. These gloves are unique because you can adjust the weight to your preference. These gloves are available in several colors, so you can choose the one that matches your workout outfit. Moreover, the palms and fingers remain uncovered to preserve dexterity.

With these gloves, you can add superior benefits to your workout, whether you are doing aerobics or not. The gloves come with two 0.5 lb weight packs in each glove. Featuring a comfortable neoprene glove, which conforms to the hand for a snug yet non-slip fit.

10. Kost Weighted Boxing Gloves 4lb (2Ib ea)

Last but not least, we have the Kost weighted boxing glove, which is extremely comfortable and weighted. Furthermore, the material seems to be top-notch. This product is made of cloth and soft iron, which has breathable and non-slip properties. Koet boxing gloves are comfortable and adjustable, offering an excellent fit.

Magic stick wrist closures give wrists a stronger and more secure fit. These gloves have been ergonomically designed to provide a natural grip. This glove has a tight seal, fine needle stitching at the corners, is not easy to thread off, and has a long service life. Besides running and walking, these gloves are great for stairs and anything that requires an extra upper body workout. In addition, you can enjoy biking, weight lifting, cross-training, and gym equipment to prevent abrasions, burns, calluses, and blisters.

Your 2020 Weighted Boxing Globes Guide

Benefits of Using Weighted Boxing Gloves

We’re no strangers to the benefits of adding weight to everyday products, which is the exact reason we created Weighted Living. And fitness is one of the largest areas of our lifestyles where the advantages are quite great with extra weight.

Weighted hula hoopsjump ropes, and even weighted shoes are some of the most popular ones. The weighted boxing gloves you see here today, can benefit you in similar ways to them.


Benefits of weighted gloves are increased cardiovascular strength, greater muscle endurance, faster and more powerful punches, and increased stamina.

If those results aren’t enough to motivate you to get your very own pair of weighted boxing gloves, nothing will.

Weighted Boxing Gloves: How Heavy Should They Be?

The glove’s sizing may be a problem for some new boxers. To make gloves more accessible, the weight will be used instead of offering a range of sizes like headgear. Gloves typically range from 8oz to 20oz, with each option offering the best value for a certain weight class. 8 oz and 10 oz boxing gloves will have the least padding in terms of padding. Their lightweight and small size make them a preferred weapon among professional fighters. 


A 12 oz weighted boxing glove will protect you better if you weigh under 120 pounds since they are larger. Those who weigh 120 to 150 pounds may find 14 oz and 16 oz gloves to be ideal. Sparring generally requires gloves with a thickness of 16 oz, as these gloves offer very thick padding. People who weigh over 150 pounds should choose gloves that are 18 oz or 20 oz in weight.

How to Choose the Right Weighted Boxing Gloves?

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in boxing, your safety should always come first. You should choose boxing gloves with proper padding to protect your fists and wrists during high-impact activities. Performance and safety both depend on choosing the right type of boxing gloves. Having a basic understanding of the weights, sizes, types, and brands can assist you in making an informed purchase.

Sparring Gloves

These gloves tend to be 16 ounces in size. Basically, these gloves have thick padding so that neither you nor your sparring partner is hurt. Sparring with less than 16 oz is only possible if you weigh less than 120 pounds. Their purpose is to develop skills and techniques, not to go for the kill.

Bag Gloves

Most boxing gloves manufacturers prioritize safety as their main concern. The bag gloves are also used for protecting your hands, not the object you’re hitting. Training equipment such as heavy bags, speedballs, double-end bags, and speedball gloves are made with bag gloves. It is now the modern bag gloves that have replaced the classic bag gloves. These gloves are padded and are ideal for practicing punching bags. They are comfortable to wear, and they keep hands safe.

Training Gloves

These gloves are suitable for both amateur and professional boxers. You can use them for training with heavy bags, mitts, sparring, everything.


Sport is a good way to stay fit and healthy, and it improves stamina and overall makes you more patient. After sparring or training on the bag, your body releases endorphins, which act as a natural antidepressant. However, Weighted boxing is one of the most sophisticated things you can do in your life. Weighted boxing gloves help you relax and sleep better by calming your hands.

You can increase the strength of your hands and increase your the power of your punches with weighted boxing gloves. Furthermore, it improves your speed and stamina, especially when playing sports such as Boxing, MMA, and Basketball. Among the most important elements of boxing are weighted gloves. 

No matter whether you are an experienced boxer or a beginner, weighted boxing gloves can have a significant impact in your boxing power and strength. Additionally, the boxing gloves you wear determine your level of protection. Choosing the right boxing gloves can be difficult, but you can select from the best available with our guide.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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