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Best Weighted Lap Pad for Calming Your Senses

Best Weighted Lap Pad for Calming Your Senses

1. Florensi Lap Pad

Florensi’s tried and tested lap pad has been praised by thousands of customers already. Material, quality, durability – all of the highest quality. It comes in a easy to please design – a dark blue with constellations of various patterns.


2. ThreeHighChairs Weighted Lap Pad

Looking for a lap pad that’s been hand-made with love in New York? Look no further than ThreeHigherChairs. Their weighted lap pads come in a huge variation of designs and weights. Plus, if you get in touch they may even custom make whatever design you please.


3. Maxtid Small Weighted Lap Blanket

Maxtid have spared no expense in designing and manufacturing one of the highest quality lap pads around. And it’s weighted alright, coming in at 8lbs total and a color that’ll match everything in your home. Perfect for yourself or as a gift.

Lap pads, otherwise known as miniature blankets, are great little additions to have lying around your home. They’re comfy, easy to use and wash, and can be stored away in the smallest of areas. So, how can a lap pad be even better? When it’s weighted.

Weighted lap pads are a genius invention. Who would’ve thought that by simply adding a little weight to the classic lap pad, it would provide far more benefits. Some of those being calming anxiousness, improving focus over long periods of time, making traveling a smoother experience, and an easy to use mechanism to fight off any suddenly intense circumstances.

You’ll be happy to know, weighted lap pads come in a huge range of different sizes, colors, fabrics, and of course, weight. People all around the world have been using them for quite a while now, which means there’s hundreds of manufacturers out there selling them. Some good, some not so good, and some fantastic ones.

Find yourself using a lap pad to calm yourself down after your kids consistently spill their drinks? Maybe it’s time to take a look at some weighted straw cups to add to your kitchen.

If you’re already set on purchasing a weighted lap pad, here are some of the best fantastic ones available today. Otherwise, scroll on down to read a bit more about them and how they can benefit children, adults, and everyone in between.

1. Florensi Lap Pad

Florensi currently make one of the best rated lap pads on the market. It’s perfectly sized at 20″ x 23″ (50cm x 58cm) – making it large enough to cover your lap comfortably, but small enough so it doesn’t get in the way of whatever you’re doing.

In saying that, it also makes the perfect travel companion. Bring it on car journeys, planes, a visit to a friend’s house, or even to the movies. Doesn’t matter if it gets a little bit dirty either, it’s completely machine washable.

If you’re worried about whether the weighted beads are likely to leak or break out of their compartments, don’t be. They’re secured by 6″ stitching, meaning they can handle traditional wear and tear easily.

It’s soft, functional, looks awesome, and priced very well. What more could you want from a weighted lap pad?

Although only coming in one color, it’s a color that almost everyone already enjoys – a deep blue with star constellations, letting your imagination run wild finding patterns.

  • 3lb or 5lb version available
  • Soft, yet durable material and machine washable

2. ThreeHighChairs Weighted Lap Pad

Based out of New York, ThreeHighChairs has been in the weighted lap pad business for many years now, being founded back in 2012.

These lap pads aren’t mass-produced in a factory on the other side of the world, but rather hand-made with love just north of New York City. And because they’re hand-made, you’re able to completely customize what kind of pattern, material, and how heavy you’d like it.

You can choose weights in between 2lbs and 5lbs, as well as whether it’s made from cotton, fleece, flannel or minky backing under the weight. There are two sizes – the lighter weighted lap pads are around 18″ x 24″ (20cm x 61cm) with the heavier ones being around 20″ x 30″ (50cm x 76cm).

The lap pads are weighted with non-toxic polly pellets (commonly used in weighted blankets) and poly fiber fill for weight and extra fluffiness. Of course, customization if their thing so if you don’t want the poly fiber fill, just let them know and they’ll keep it out.

  • Hand-made just outside of New York city
  • Huge variety of patterns, fabrics, and weights to choose from

3. Maxtid Small Weighted Lap Blanket

Looking for something not as big as a blanket but found most of the weighted lap pads a little too small for your liking? Maxtid’s got you covered.

Their small sized lap pad comes in at a whopping 23″ x 39″ (58cm x 100cm) – almost double the area size as some of the others you see here today. That means it’s great for two people sitting side by side, or simply for someone who likes everything covered by their lap pad.

With its large size, comes a heavier weight. At 8lbs, this is one of the heaviest weighted lap pads on the market – make sure to keep this is mind as it may not be suitable for young children. It is, however, fantastic for everyone else.

Drape it across your lap, shoulders, back, or stomach for a calming stimulus helping you relax and maintain a true sense of comfort.

  • Dark grey blanket suitable for all tastes
  • One of the largest and heaviest lap pads available

4. CuddleCalm Cozy Weighted Lap Pad

We’re heading into the hand-made department for the final lap pad today. CuddleCalm, based in Indiana, USA along with a wider range of weighted blankets, animals, and scarves.

Despite only being open for a few years, they’ve quickly grown to become a fan favorite in the weighted products niche. Thousands of sales and thousands of happy customers – you know you’re buying quality.

You can choose from 65+ different designs for your new lap pad – in many patterns, designs, textures, and colors. No matter your tastes, you’ll likely find a combination perfect for you.

On top of the visual customization, you can change it up inside it as well. Choose just how heavy you wanted your weighted lap pad to be – anywhere between 3ls and 8lbs.

  • Widest range of patterns and colors
  • Choose your own weight
  • Hand-made in the USA

Your 2022 Weighted Lap Pad Guide

Benefits of Weighted Lap Pads

Weighted lap pads have been around for quite a while now, with early patents first introducing the concept in 2004 and 2008. In saying that, they’re still relatively new products which aim to achieve similar benefits to products such as weighted vests for children.

Both products have one sole purpose in mind – to calm the senses. Whether you’re a bit restless, have trouble focusing or sitting still, or simply want to enjoy a calming and comforting feeling wherever you are, a weighted lap pad can help you do just that.

On top of that, they also fantastically benefit children with sensory integration issues or those who have a bit of trouble learning.

It works by providing deep pressure stimulation.

When you apply deep pressure to the body, the body switches from running its sympathetic nervous system to its parasympathetic nervous system. This is the so-called switch from fight or flight to arest and digest.

In essence, it calms the whole body down.

If you’d still like to explore other options, why not consider a weighted stuffed animal instead? They provide very similar benefits, but are far cuter and cuddlier.

What’s the Best Material?

Weighted lap pads can be made from almost any material, velvet, cotton, polyester, minky, fleece – you name it. It all depends on your personal preferences and what you want to be able to do with yours.

Prefer the ultra plush and cuddly experience? Minky is your best bet. Want some not so fluffy but still smooth to touch? Why not give velvet a go? Of course, it’ll be hard to go wrong with the classic cotton. So, how do you choose?

If you don’t already know how each of the materials feels to the skin, head to your local textile store and try them all out. If that’s not for you, you can get a great understanding of how each individual weighted lap pad feels by simply reading the descriptions above 🙂

How Heavy Should Your Weighted Lap Pad Be?

If the lap pad is for the younger generations, you generally want to stick with the lighter variations. 8lbs laying on top of a young child’s lap may become a little uncomfortable after a while and end up causing more negatives than benefits.

With that being said – it all depends on the individual. If you prefer a heavier lap pad, by all means – go as heavy as you like. Unlike weighted hula hoops which could strain your joints and muscles if you go too heavy to begin with, a heavy lap pad is quite safe no matter the weight.


Remember – even the lightest of objects can feel like a ton after a while. If you plan on using the lap for long periods of time, it’ll be a wise option to choose something on the lighter side. After your body gets used to the light weight, then you can upgrade to a heavier lap pad to continue reaping the benefits.

Make Your Own DIY Heavy Lap Pad

Weighted lap pads for ADHD are a perfect way to battle the symptoms, but it may not be viable for you to purchase one already made. And, if even it may be viable, there’s plenty out there who simply love enjoying the art of DIY.

And so, you’ll be pleased to know, there are plenty of DIY guides and video tutorials already out there providing great instructions on how to make your own weighted lap pad.

Instead of joining the hundreds and creating a new tutorial, here are some of the best out there:

Rather read the instructions? Fairfield have a great tutorial on their website.

Lemon Lime Adventures also have a very simple (no-sew) weighted lap pad tutorial you can make from very few materials.

If you do end up DIYing your lap pad – we’d love to see it! Send us an email with the finished product!


All in all, although a relatively new product, weighted lap pads have vastly grown in popularity over the past 15 years. Their calming effect benefits people in all age groups, no matter if they have sensory issues or not. And people aren’t the only ones who can benefits from weighted products.

Some of our canine friends also need calming down every now and then, which is when bringing a weighted vest for your dog into your home may bring the much needed peace everyone needs.

Above, you’ll find some of the best items available on the market today, along with a little guide on how to choose the perfect lap pad for you, or whoever you’re buying for.

If you have any more questions about weighted lap pads, feel free to send us an email.

Enjoy your new calming sensation!

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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