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Best Weighted Shift Knobs & Why You Need One

Best Weighted Shift Knobs & Why You Need One

1. Mishimoto Weighted Shift Knob

Mishimoto has spent many years building up one of the most reputable brands in the industry. Ensuring no matter what you buy from them, it’s going to be quality. And their weighted shift knob is no different. Pure quality and excellence.


2. NRG Heavy Weight Shift Knob

Although not a massively popular brand, NRG Innovations have spent a lot of time behind the design and aesthetics of their weighted shift knob. Manufactured from aluminum and finished with a glossy/metallic coat – it looks damn good.


3. Skunk2 Six Speed

A recognized brand all of the world, almost no matter which country you’re visiting. Skunk2 manufacturers one of the highest quality weighted shift knobs on the market at a very reasonable price point. Definitely look into this one further below.

Time and time again, the question is asked as to whether a weighted shift knob really provides any extra benefit over a standard one. And time and time again, the answer is almost always a definite yes – weighted shift knobs can greatly improve your shifting – almost instantly.

Weighted Living was created to showcase the benefits of how everyday items (like weighted utensils for hand tremors) can be vastly improved in certain situations by simply adding a little weighted – and one of those items is a shift knob.

Upgrading and giving your shift knob a heavier weight will give your shifting experience and overall cleaner and smoother feel. Almost everyone who’s made the upgrade has repeated the same praise. *Almost – there are some out there who’ve realized no benefit from the switch, but they are the small few.

Whether you drive a BMW, WRX, 370Z, or any other car, there’s a heavy shift knob out there waiting for you.

If you’d like to read more about weighted shift knobs, you can scroll further down below. Otherwise, here are some of the best ones available today:

1. Mishimoto Weighted Shift Knob

Mishimoto has grown exponentially over the past decade and a half, growing to become one of the most recognised brand names in the automotive industry. Especially in their prime categories – high-performance add-ons. And when it comes to upping the weight on your shit knob, they’ve most certainly got you covered.

The black and silver weighted shift knobs they sell are some of the most reputable and trusted products in the market. They’ve been bought by thousands and praised by hundreds. But why?

Quality. Design. Experience.

They’ve perfected their own weighted shift knob to be universally fitting with a smooth grip made from an aluminum exterior. In total, you’ll be adding 0.8lbs by upgrading to this shift knob – allowing you to shift smoother and enjoy a more comforting experience behind the wheel.

It’s not the heaviest, but it’s not the lightest either, why is why many believe “the weight of the Mishimoto is just right and it causes the shifts to feel confident and accurate”.

  • Perfectly weighted at 0.8lbs
  • Universal fit with choice of color
  • Backed by lifetime warranty

2. NRG Heavy Weight Shift Knob

After they were founded in 2003, NRG Innovations has racked up quite a loyal fanbase with hundreds of thousands of followers across their social media pages. People don’t follow brands for no reason, and in NRG’s case, it’s for the simple reason that they make awesome auto accessories.

They focus on quick releases, steering wheels, short hubs, exterior products, engine add-ons, and interior products such as the one showcased here today – their Heavy Weight Shift Knob.

It’s a universal fit and built for Five-Speed transmissions. It’s also one of the heavier shift knobs available, coming in at 1.1lbs. Aluminum makes up the base of the shift knob, with a metallic and glossy finish for aesthetics.

It looks great – and gives you the benefits of sweeter shifting through a heavy shift knob.

  • Compact Five-Speed design
  • Aluminum construction with glossy, metallic finish
  • 1.1lbs in total

3. Skunk2 Six-Speed

Looking to cut through the crap and get the best for you and your car? This is it. Skunk2 is a world-wide recognized automatic brand with millions of customers and followers. That should say it all – they make quality products. And their Six-Speed Weighted Shift Knob is no different.

It’s one of the heaviest shift knobs out there, weighing a total of 1.45lbs. What does the extra weight do? Adds very noticeable precision and ease to each of your gear changes. Depending on you and your car, the extra weight of the knob will have a dramatic effect on the overall feel of the shifting.

Not only will it improve your driving experience, but it looks damn great as well. The slightly brushed yet still glossy billet stainless steel will last a lifetime if it’s taken care of.

  • One of the highest quality weighted shift knobs available
  • Heavy weighted at 1.45lbs

4. Euro Impulse Weighted Shift Knob

Although slightly less known and still growing, Euro Impulse is definitely a brand to consider when looking for considering the best weighted shift knobs available.

It’s made from aluminum (a common choice for shift knobs) and weighs a total of around 0.66lbs. Meaning it’s not the heaviest, and probably won’t achieve the same smoothness as the heavier shift knobs here, but can still provide some benefits.

All in all, it’s quite slim and has an awesome texture to touch – perfect for long drives or ones with high levels of shifting.

Unfortunately, it’s not universally fitting and only fits manual Audi and VW vehicles.

  • 0.66lbs total weight
  • Looks great and feels great

5. SXTH Element Spherical Weighted Shift Knob

Solid steel, machine manufactured to perfection, powder-coated, and available in a massive number of different finishes – this is a serious contender for the best of the best when it comes to choosing a weighted shift knob for your vehicle.

Not only are their magnitudes of different colors to choose from, you can also add your very own special engraving. Logo, symbol, text – whatever it is you want, SXTH Element can most likely engrave it into your new shift knob.

Worried about the quality? Don’t be. They’ve been in business for years and hundreds of happy customer. And this weighted shift knob of theirs has received accumulated many happy customers and five-star reviews.

Smoother shifting, customized finish to fit your car, custom engraving if you wish – all designed to bring your driving experience to a level you’ve never experienced before. And it does just that.

One customer even wrote: “This knob looks and feels amazing. Absolutely essential, if you’re reading this, buy it.”

  • Spherical knob available in different finishes
  • Heavy weighted at 1.2lbs
  • Custom engraving available

Your 2022 Guide to Weighted Shift Knobs

What are Weighted Shift Knobs?

Look. We’re not going to give you some thousand-word spiel on what weighted shift knobs are when it can be answered in a single sentence.

A weighted shift knob is just that – a normal shift knob with more weight. They’ve been around for quite a while now, but the earliest patent we found dates back just 2014.

With a shift knob, the weight is at the top end of a lever, the heavier the knob, the less effort will be required to shift.

Generally speaking, these shift knobs are also manufactured to a much higher standard and quality, given their end-users, such as yourself, generally care for their car and the overall driving experience.

If you’ve never tried a weighted shift knob before and are sitting on the fence as to whether to get one – have a read below.

Pros and Cons of Weighted Shift Knobs

One of the greatest benefits repeated by many who’ve made the plunged and opted for a weighted shift knob is that the overall shifting experience becomes far smoother and easier.

The other pro is that these shift knobs are designed and made to please folks who love their cars. So they’re generally exceptional quality and will last a lifetime if properly looked after.


Cons? It’ll increase your lap time by a few milliseconds. The added weight is unquestionably negligible for 99.999% of drivers (even for the street racers out there).

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons. Meaning the fence should be torn down and you’re now standing on the side with far greener grass, and a far heavier shift knob.

If you’re curious, another item which can benefit greatly from increasing its weight is stuffed animals, surprisingly. Weighted stuffed animals are great for calming children, reducing restlessness, and improving focus over longer time periods.


Hundreds and hundreds of automotive brands are out there – all fighting to produce and manufacture high-quality car accessories for you to drool over. Thankfully, only the best of the best have made their way into the weighted shift knob market.

It is quite a narrow niche, and there aren’t many out there who’ll go out of their way to seek out a weighted shift knob. So these manufacturers already know they need to be producing high-quality products because the folks who’ll be purchasing them aren’t amateurs.

Just about all the brands you see above – Mishimoto, SXTH Element, Euro Impulse, Skunk2, and NRG – are all well-reputable sellers in the industry.

Custom Weighted Shift Knobs

From our experience, there are only two companies you should consider purchasing a custom-made weighted shift knob from. Raceseng and Billetworkz.

Both have been around for many years with thousands of customers following their products.

Remember – custom made means it’s made just for you. So expect the prices to be quite a bit higher if you’re thinking about going down this route. In saying that, your car is pretty much an extension of you, so why not go all out?

Both companies are highly rated and have plenty of different ways to customize the knob just for you.

Check out their shop pages here – Raceseng and Billetworkz.


In the end, shifting is one of the primary factors which can influence your overall driving experience. And if you’re not 100% happy with how it currently feels, adding a little bit of weight could change it all.

A weighted shift knob can smooth out your shifting, and bring the overall shifting experience into something that blissful and pleasant.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us an email.

Enjoy your new shifting experience!

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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