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Weighted Shower Curtains: Your End-All Buying Guide

Weighted Shower Curtains Buying guide

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra relaxation to your shower, then you should consider investing in a weighted shower curtain. These curtains are designed to add weight and prevent unnecessary movement, which can help reduce stress and tension during shower time. Not only are they beneficial for your mental health, but weighted shower curtains can also improve your overall bathing experience. In this blog post, we will discuss the five best weighted shower curtains on the market today!

When it comes to weighted shower curtains, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you want to make sure that the curtain is made from a durable material. This will ensure that it lasts for years to come. Second, you want to find a curtain that is easy to clean. Weighted shower curtains can be a bit tricky to clean, so you want to make sure that you find one that is easy to maintain. Lastly, you want to make sure that the curtain provides adequate coverage. You don’t want a weighted shower curtain that is too small or too large for your space.

Now that we’ve gone over what to look for in a weighted shower curtain, let’s take a look at the top five best options on the market today. Down below are also our top 3 selections.

Best Weighted Shower Curtains: Buying Guide


1. mDesign Vinyl Weighted Shower Curtain Liner

mDesign’s Premium Quality Shower Curtain is made from heavy weighted vinyl with three magnetic clamps on the bottom to ensure it always stays in place.


2. Amazer Shower Curtain with Weighted Stones

Amazer’s weighted shower curtain comes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate all showers and bathtubs. It’s heavy duty with clear stones weighing the curtain down at the bottom.


3. Clean Healthy Living Heavy Shower Liner

Clean Healthy Living’s weighted curtain is made from non toxic PEVA, meaning it doesn’t use any vinyl or PVC. It’s eco-friendly and slightly frosted for added aesthetics.

1. Best Weighted Shower Curtains: mDesign Vinyl Weighted Shower Curtain Liner

mDesign is a highly-republe retailer of products for around the home. And this Vinyl Weighted Shower Curtain is no different. Not only is the curtain itself heavy duty, but it also comes with three encased magnets to keep the curtain in place. The grommets are rustproof and sturdy making it very easy to install. As well, the blunt cut sides and well-designed bottom ensure no mold or mildew and build up.

2. Amazer Shower Curtain with Weighted Stones

Amazer specializes in bathroom and kitchen equipment. Think weighted shower curtains, shower rods, shower hooks, and more. This weighted shower curtain in particular, is one of their best sellers. It’s slightly transluscent, anti-bacterial, mildew-resistent, and is fixed with three clear stones near the bottom of the liner to weigh it done. As well, there is no hem of the bottom for easier cleaning.

3. Clean Healthy Living Heavy Shower Liner

If vinyl isn’t for you, this non-toxic PEVA weighted shower curtain by Clean Healthy Living is the perfect option. It’s eco-friendly, washable, and doesn’t come with those nasty plastic smells. You’ll find three magnets on the bottom to hold it in place, as well as four suction cups on each side (8 total). It’s a frosty color and both mildew & mold resistent.

4. YoKit Heavy Weighted Shower Curtain

This trendy YoKii Tassel Fabric Shower Curtain is perfect to add a touch of boho chic to your bathroom. The white pom-pom trim on the bottom adds a playful touch, while the new resin coating technology keeps water from getting inside. The durable fabric is soft to the touch and features a visible weighted hem for extra security. The chic and lightweight shower curtain is designed to fly up in the air, but with visible weighted hem this doesn’t happen.

The extra long shower curtain is designed to make your bathroom more functional and stylish. The built-in metal ring holes mean that you can easily install this product on any standard door or window without worrying about damaging it with adhesives, which saves time!

5. Gelbchu Grey Shower Curtain with Weighted Hems

Looking for a quality shower curtain that will repel water and look great? Look no further than the Gelbchu Grey Fabric Shower Curtain. Made of 100% high quality water-repellent polyester, this shower curtain is tough and built to last. The reinforced and rustproof metal eyelets protect the top of the shower curtain from damage, while the easily fits most size shower/tub makes it compatible with most bathrooms. This Gelbchu Grey Fabric Shower Curtain is excellent for showers or bathtubs in your home, motels, hotels, dorms and more. The fabric shower curtain with a geometric ogee pattern is made to withstand damp, moisture-rich bathroom environments and will not mildew.

This polyester gray curtain provides perfect privacy as well! The high quality material makes this an excellent addition for any household that needs some decoration in their life–whether it’s just because you’re bored or if there has been bad luck happening at home lately (or both).

6. Dynamene Fabric Weighted Shower Curtain

Sometimes all you need is a little luxury to make your bathroom feel like a spa. With the Dynamene fabric shower curtain, you can get that luxurious feeling without spending a fortune. This curtain is made of high-quality cotton and has an elegant modern style that will complement any bathroom. So go ahead and treat yourself to some luxury with the Dynamene fabric shower curtain! Made from the highest quality materials, this bath mat will give you a touch that’s as soft and luxurious. The waffle pattern is elegant but not too busy so it can be easily decorated with your own style! The fabric is designed to be water-repellent, stain resist and oil resistant.

This weighted shower curtain also has three proofs in one package! The environmentally friendly material keeps you dry without any smell or unpleasant distractions from the outside world while providing privacy at all times – perfect for those who need extra protection against billowing clothes during windy days.

6. Aoohome Waffle Weave with Weighted Hem

A dark varient of a weighted shower curtain for full privacy. Aoohome’s shower curtain features a waffle weave design, which is both classic and elegant. It’s made from a premium polyester fabric which makes it nice to touch, yet also extremely durable meaning it’ll last for years. There are no magnets or suction cups to hold it in place, but its natural heavy weight will help it stay in place.

7. Shoeweights Magnetic Shower Curtain Weights

These are perfect if you currently have a shower curtain you’re quite fond of, but want to stop if flapping about. Instead of buying a new weighted shower curtain, you can hold it down place with these specially designed shower curtain magnets. There’s four pairs super strong magnets in total, and they’re easy to attach and adjust for optimal placement. Simply attach one magnet on either side of the curtain (so they bind) and they’ll weigh it down.

What are Weighted Shower Curtains?

A weighted shower curtain is just that: a shower curtain that weighs more than a normal shower curtain.

Shower curtains were originally called bath curtains, as everyone took showers in their bath previously (and many still do). Unfortunately, little is known of the origins of the shower curtains except for a few patents filed in the mid-20th century.

One patent, filed by John J Zogby in 1940 describes an invention to stop the bath curtain from falling outside of the bath by lowering the rail of which it is suspended from. Another such patent, filed by Janus B Wittrup in 1953 examined multiple ways to weight down the bath curtain in order to stop if from moving.

One of the original weighted shower curtain design patents

It’s safe to say, these findings by Janus were the start of the weighted shower curtain evolution. Janus – we thank you! Today, there are plenty of different types of weighted shower curtains you can choose from as you can see above (which we’ll explain a little more below).

Benefits of Having a Heavier Shower Curtain

There’s nothing worse than hopping in the shower, pulling the shower curtains across, enjoying your time under the warm water, only to find the curtain has decided to jump outside of the appropriate drainage area without even asking you. Or worse – like it’s either fall in love with you and won’t stop leaving you alone!

If it’s the first one – your floor mat’s soaked, there’s water everywhere it’s not supposed to be, and the most horrific part of it all is walking onto a wet bathroom mat right after you shower!

No one likes a wet bath mat

That’s where a weighted shower curtain steps in. A weighted shower curtain will ensure no accidental smacks, no wind from the open window, and no updrafts caused by the warm water will push the curtain to a place it’s not supposed to be.

In the end of a weighted shower curtain will ensure all water splash will drain through the shower drain. No more wet floors and no more soaking floor mat! Just bliss 😊

Shower curtains aren’t the only product that can benefit by adding a little extra weight to it. And for those with an essential tremor or tremors from Parkinson’s, weighted utensils can help them reclaim their eating independence.

What are the Different Types of Weighted Shower Curtains?

There are three main types of weighted shower curtains:

  • Shower curtains which have been designed and built with heavier material
  • Curtains which are built with a thin material as a base with a heavier hem on the sides and bottom, known as bottom weighted shower curtains or weighted hem shower curtain
  • Curtains which have pockets in them to hold specific types of weights, and
  • Shower curtains which are fitted with magnets on the bottom (although technically these aren’t weighted but they achieve the same effect and they only work with steel or cast-iron materials not fibreglass)

Shower curtains which are built with a heavier material vary wildly depending on the quality and manufacturer. There are many weighted curtains out there which have been absolutely destroyed by the reviews of the weightedness being completing ineffective, and there are also plenty of weighted-only curtains that are consistently praised by 99% of the buyers. See the above list for recommended weighted-only curtains.

Curtains with a heavier hem can sometimes be a hit and a miss, but most are fairly well weighted these days. Even though the hem is typically a minor part of the shower curtain design, these shower curtains with a weighted bottom tend to be quite effective because all of the weight is at the bottom (instead of spread out over the whole curtain). Meaning it’s doubly as effective in holding bottom on the curtain in place, which leads to the whole curtain not moving around either.

Shower curtain with a weighted hem

Curtains which have pockets designed to carry weights to hold them down are one of the earlier types of designs as they’re just simpler and easier to construct. The material of the shower curtain remains the same while all that’s added on is a little pocket which holds the weights (usually stitched on). These can be quite effective depending on the design, but can also be a bit fiddly as well.

Lastly, the magnetically weighted shower curtains. As mentioned, these technically aren’t truly weighted shower curtains, but they achieve the same effect (and can save you a bit of cash if you DIY). Keep in mind, these will only work with steel or cast-iron materials, not with fibreglass. This works by simply placing the magnet at the bottom of the shower curtain and pinning it to the material on the bottom and creating the weighted effect and holding it in place.

Shower curtain with a weighted hem

So which type of weighted curtain is right for you? That’s up to you to decide. Only you know your own circumstances. If you have heavy winds or updrafts, maybe magnets or a real heavy duty shower curtain is the way to go. If the curtain only slightly billows or tries to stick to you, a weighted hem will be the perfect solution.

Also – if you do go for the magnetic route, make sure you bath or other material is magnetic.

P.S. Suctions cups are also sometimes used in place of, or in combination with magnets to pin the curtain to the tub. These can be extremely effective depending on the strength and durability of the suction cups.

How to make DIY Shower Curtain Weights Instead of Buying Weighted Shower Curtains

DIY weighted shower curtains are quite cost-effective but can take a bit of time to make and won’t be as convenient. It’s fair to say you probably won’t be making a shower curtain from scratch, so they weighted hem and heavier material curtains are out of the option. So let’s focus on the magnetic and pocket weighted curtains.

Pocket Weighted Curtains

There are a few different ways you can create a pocket on your curtain to hold the weights – buy all require you sewing it on. So, if you have no experience with sewing, this probably isn’t for you.

You can either use a small piece of vinyl, a plastic glove, or even a ziplock back from the kitchen. All it needs to be is waterproof and able to hold something in it. A ziplock bag is perfect because then the item inside doesn’t need to be waterproof either.

Simply sow on the pocket near the bottom of your curtain, fill it up with as much weight as needed, and enjoy your new DIY weighted shower curtain.

This is a very similar method used by companies that make weighted blankets. Many pockets inside the blanket are filled with various types of beads, which help weigh down the blanket.

Magnetically Weighted Shower Curtains

Far simpler to make than the pocket version above, but also a bit more inconvenient. All you need to do is buy a few small magnets (but not too small otherwise the drain might swallow them whole) and pin the curtain to the tub whenever you’re in the shower. These ones would work quite well.

The only problem with this DIY is the curtain may slip out from under the magnets if pulled too hard and you’ll constantly have to position them in the right place.

In the end, why not just get a new weighted shower curtain? It’ll save you the hassle of the all the DIY efforts and it really doesn’t cost that much more than buying the magnets yourself.

Shower curtains aren’t the only area of your home that can benefit from adding a little weight. 


These best weighted shower curtains are a great way to decorate your bathroom and provide some extra weight for the curtain. You can find these at many different price points, from high-end fabric with metal grommets to inexpensive polyester options that offer privacy without breaking the bank. 

Best of all, you’ll be able to find just about any color or style to match your bathroom’s decor. So take a look around and see what’s available before making your final decision! 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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