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Best Weighted Sleep Sacks for You and Your Baby

Best Weighted Sleep Sacks Blankets For Children - The Verdict Is In

1. Nested Bean Zen Sack

100% cotton and fully machine washable, Nested Bean have worked very hard over the years to bring a weighted sleep sack to the market which is soft, comfy and incredibly safe. And still light enough for those warmer summer months.


2. Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleeping Bag

Wollino’s weighted sleeping sack is super soft and ultra comfortable, which is why it’s been one of the number one selling weighted sleep sacks in the US and Canada since 2010. And with an industry leading warranty, it’s one of the best on the market.


3. Bob Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

Coming with a hypoallergenic microfiber filling for warmth yet still very comfortable, Gunamuna’s Long Sleeve Sleep Sack is one of the best value products on the market. It’s been pediatric sleep consultant approved and exceeds the highest safety standards

Everyone wants their baby to sleep soundly, but even more important than comfort is safety. Thankfully for new parents, there’s an easy way to minimise any potential problems, as well as ensuring that your little treasures get a sound and long night’s sleep. And that’s by getting the perfect weighted sleep sack for your baby.

One of the biggest risks when your child is young is SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. The biggest risk for SIDS is blankets getting tangled in the middle of the night, which can cause suffocation or other problems.

This is why most parents have switched from the more traditional weighted blanket, to a weighted or normal sleep sack. Sleep sacks, which might also be called baby sleeping bags, offer all the comforts of swaddling or a thick blanket, without any of the risks.

A baby sleep sack is basically a big vest that tapers downwards into a big, sleeping bag like sack for your baby’s lower half. They come in armless and full arm varieties, the latter almost looking like a onesie, and, correctly sized, will let your little one wriggle around to their heart’s content, while making sure that, coming morning, their bedclothes are exactly where you left them.

1. Nested Bean Zen Sack

The best choice out of every sleep sack we’ve looked at, the Nested Bean Zen Sack is absolutely our favorite.

Made from toxin free breathable 100% cotton, it’s fully machine washable, soft, comfy and incredibly safe. In fact, it meets all industry safety standards 8 times over. The two way zipper is incredibly quiet and easy to access, which makes middle of the night diaper changes easy, and the twin tab shoulder snaps let you adjust sizing, growing as your baby does.

There are three sizing options, taking you all the way from 0 to 24 months, with multiple variants available that are perfect for every situation, including newborns, the winter months, light sleepers, and more.

We love the standard 0.5 TOG sack, because it’s light enough for summer, but you can easily layer another sleep set underneath to keep them toasty warm in winter. Finally, there’s a built in weight in the center of the chest, which mirrors your hand weight, and it’s completely reversible, so your baby can sleep on their front without any problems.

  • 100% cotton
  • Gently weighted with a 2-way zipper
  • Exceeds safety standards

2. Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleeping Bag

The number 1 selling merino wool baby sleep bag in the USA and Canada since 2010, the Woolino is super soft and ultra comfortable. Made from 100% natural, hypoallergenic merino wool inside a cotton outer, this sleep sack has near unmatched heat regulation, meaning a better, more comfortable nights sleep.

Universally sized, it should take your baby from 2 months to toddler, at least 2 years. A two way zipper design is simple to access, and sewn directly into the lining, making it scratch free. Underarm, instead of over the shoulder snaps, help with sizing, and when it comes to travel time, there are closable seat belt slots, so your little one can be placed directly into a stroller or bouncer.
won a Mom’s Choice award

US made, with US customer service, the Woolino boasts an industry leading warranty, as well as being odor repellent and machine washable, in case of little accidents. Finally, it comes with a dressing guide, and a nursery thermometer, so you get everything you need for the perfect night.

  • Merino wool material
  • Double shoulder snaps with a 2-way zipper
  • Safety zipper standards

3. Bob Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

Baby Merlin are a well known baby sleep aid brand, and their Magic Sleep Sack is the next big follow up to their successful Sleepsuit.

A 100% cotton exterior is soft, supporting another cotton inner layer that offers great freedom of movement and the same warmth and support that you get from swaddling. As with all good sleep sacks, there’s a two way zipper with a cover that runs most of the way round, making bed time easy and really helping with diapers.

There is a choice of two sizes, the small from 6 to 12 months, and the large is up to 18 months and 28lbs. The large sack has foot openings, turning it into a walker and helping your child be in their transition to mobility.

Many people try to improve their sleep by using Check price

  • Cozy cotton interior
  • Zip covers for safety

4. Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Sack

Designed by mums for mums, doctor approved and seen on Shark Tank, as well as over a dozen national names, the Dreamlands Baby Co Sleeping Sack is beautifully made, if a little expensive.

Made from extra long staple cotton it’s fantastically comfortable, with natural moisture wicking properties and a light TOG of 0.6 that’s suitable for the summer months, and warm enough for winter with another layer.

The internal weights are light, and should be less than 10% of your baby’s body weight, with wide, gently caressing internal beads. 3 size options, from 0 to 6 months, up to 12 months, and 12 to 24 months.

The Dreamland sleep sack exceeds all US safety standards, and additional optional testing. Large and comfy, it doesn’t restrict your little one’s movements, and will always be completely safe for sleeping on backs, sides and tummies.

  • Designed by a mom
  • CoverComfort™ Technology
  • 2-way zipper

5. Gunamuna Sleep Sack Long Sleeve

Our favorite newborn sleeping sack is fantastic value, as well as being incredibly comfortable. Designed with longer, wider armholes, with 26 inches of larger bottom room for a natural sleeping position and easy hip movement.

Made from stretchy viscose rayon with a down-like hypoallergenic microfiber filling, it’s warm without being stuffy and super comfortable. The diaper zipper is designed to open at the bottom for easy access, keeping baby warm when changing time comes, and the zipper itself is rounded with a full cover to stop inquisitive fingers. The shoulder snaps are simple to use, and the sleeping sack weight is gentle and evenly distributed.

Even better, this sleep sack is fully pediatric sleep consultant approved, and exceeds the highest safety standards. You also have a lot of options, including multiple TOG choices, with 0.5, 1, 1.6 and 2.5, and the option for sleeveless or long sleeve.

  • Gently weighted for extra warmth
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified
  • Sleeveless & long sleeve options

Your 2021 Weighted Sleep Sack Guide

It’s recommended that your child sleep in a crib until at least the age of 1, and it’s important to make sure that your child is warm and comfortable.

Reduced risk of SIDS

The biggest risk to a newborn baby is SIDS, and the biggest risk factor is a cluttered crib.

Until around the age of one, children are still at risk of SIDS, and the biggest reason is normally bedding that’s gotten tangled or wrapped around a child.

This is the main reason most parents are making the switch. Sleeping sacks fit more like clothes than a blanket, so they’re far less likely to move around in the night, meaning that sleep sacks basically eliminate the risk, by giving your child enough space and flexibility to move around, but sitting close enough to their body that it can’t go anywhere, massively increasing safety.


Your baby can wear their normal sleeping clothes under a sleep sack. A onesie is perfect, but it’s worth paying attention to the temperature of the room, as weighted sleep sacks can be quite thick and heavy, so will bring a lot of natural warmth.

Helping Your Baby with Long Term Sleep with Weighted Sleep Sacks

We all know that our little ones grow up too fast. And that means that you have to keep updating sleeping clothes, blankets, pillows, and more.

But a well sized sleep sack has a lot of give, and can last upwards of a year, sometimes even two or three if you buy a quality, adjustable brand. This can save you a lot of money in the long term, especially as it’s something that you’re going to use every single night.

Keep in mind, that once your babies grows out of using sleep sacks, why not try out a weighted stuffed toy instead? There’s plenty of great ones to choose from with many being quite affordale.

Are There Any Downsides to Having Weighted Sleep Sacks for your Baby?

Yes. Like most things baby, a sleep sack has to be correctly sized. No sleep sack should ever be so loose that it can move up and cover your child’s face.

Sleeping sacks like this can also get too hot, especially if they’re the weighted variety, so make sure that your baby is wearing appropriate clothing and that their nursery is the right temperature.

Weighted Sleep Sacks: Buying Guide

Safety standards

All weighted sleep sacks should meet industry stated standards. All manufacturers should state the safety standards they meet, and our top choices match or exceed all national safety standards several times over.

When you’re tucking in baby for the night, make sure that the neck opening is the right size and everything is correctly adjusted. A correctly fitted sleeping sack will be tight enough that it won’t slip down.

TOG rating

Just like larger, adult blankets, weighted sleep sacks will have a TOG rating. Make sure that you’re buying the correct TOG for your climate and the time of year.

A good general rule of thumb is that lower tog ratings, (under 1) are suitable for lighter weather, with higher ratings (over 2.5) means much thicker blankets, and are much better for winter months

It’s also worth making sure that your baby is wearing the correct clothing underneath. A lot of manufacturers will have recommendations for what to wear, and when.

Some brands also come with a room thermometer, making it much easier to measure the correct room temperature for perfect sleep!

Can I Use Weighted Sleep Sacks/Blankets with Newborn Babies?


All weighted sleeping sacks will have a minimum weight for the child. From our list, the blanket most suited for newborns is the Gunamuna Sleep Sack.

If you’re buying a sleeping sack for your newborn baby, you also need to make sure that it’s correctly sized and fastened before you leave them to sleep, so they can’t burrow down into it during the night.

DIY Weighted Sleep Sack

You definitely can, and sleep sacks are a relatively easy pattern to sew. There are multiple guides online, like this one, which can help you make your own sleep sack from home.

However, given the choice, I’d still choose to buy mine premade, as the guarantee that what you’re buying meets all the safety standards while keeping your little one safe and warm is too big to pass up


The safety and comfort of your little ones is worth more than anything, which is why you’re doing the right thing and looking for the best way to give your baby the perfect night’s sleep.

Hopefully, our guide has given you everything you need to understand why you need a sleep sack and our product list has given you enough information to make the right choice.

Did you use sleep sacks for your children? Is there anything we missed? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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