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Weighted Utensils: Reclaim Eating Independence

Weighted Utensils Reclaim Eating Independence

1. Vive 4 Piece Weighted Utensil Set

Vive’s set of weighted utensils are not only weighted to prevent tremors, but they look almost identical to traditional knives, forks, and spoons. Each utensil weighs around 7 to 8 ounces and is made from stainless steel. They’ve gone for quality and function.


2. Special Supplies Adaptive Utensils

Although these don’t look like traditional utensils, they still get the job done, and at an amazing price as well. The handles are extra wide, and have a non-slip grip so they’re extremely easy to hold. On top of that, they’re also completely dishwasher safe.


3. Kinsman Premium Weighted Utensils

If you want to get straight to it and buy the best of the best weighted utensils, this Kinsman set might just be the one for you. Stainless steel, ergonomic design, and heavy weighted at 7 ounces each. Tried, tested, and praised by thousands of customers.

For most of us, sitting down and enjoying a meal is as simple as picking up a knife, fork, or spoon, and enjoying whatever food is in front of you. But for a few of us, life has made it a little bit for difficult.

A simple, small hand tremor, commonly known as an essential tremor, also a symptom of Parkinson’s disease, can create a hindrance so large when it comes to eating food, that it drains folks of their dignity. And that’s exactly why weighted utensils were created.

Weighted utensils, just like weighted vests for kids do, apply a large force on muscles, calming them, and making them easier to control. This is a fantastic tool to use against hand tremors whilst eating, especially soup.

We all love to eat soup, especially the elderly. Unfortunately, it’s the elderly who are most likely to have Parkinson’s. Which is why a weighted spoon for hand tremors is the perfect remedy.

If you’d like to know more about weighted knives, forks, and spoons – scroll further down. Otherwise, here are some of the best weighted utensil sets available today:

1. Vive 4 Piece Weighted Utensil Set

Vive’s heavy weighted set of utensils, consisting of a fork, knife, tablespoon, and a soup spoon, are some of the best value on the market.

Not only have they been specifically designed to help with hand tremors, no matter the age of the user, but they’ve been designed with fantastic aesthetics as well.

The crispy stainless steel with leave a shine for years to come. And the attention to detail with a subtle pattern makes them look like any other regular utensils.

Each utensil has been weighted between 7.4 ounces to 7.9 ounces, which is about 3-4 times heavier than normal spoons. Each utensil in the set helps reduce spills, calm the tremors, and make for a much more satisfying, and independent meal time.

Two tips – purchase two sets. That way, if one gets dirty or misplaced, you have a backup ready to go immediately. Secondly, a utensil pouch is a great addition for those who still love to travel and eat out. There are plenty of different styles and design available, so you’ll likely find one perfect for you.

  • Stainless steel and elegant design
  • Easy to hand wash or put in the dishwasher
  • 3-4 times heavier than traditional utensils

2. Special Supplies Adaptive Utensils

Simply looking for some heavy utensils that’ll get the job done? These are for you. What these weighted utensils lack in design the elegancy, they make up for in ergonomics and function.

The front end of each utensil is made with dishwasher safe stainless steel. They’re strong, durable, yet still flexible. And their flexibility allows for something quite special.

Except for the knife, the weighted spoons and forks can be bent to whatever position is desired. Letting the person holding them get the best eating experience possible.

Moving to the back end, you’ll see each utensil has been fitted with a wider, non-slip grip. Although they don’t look and feel like traditional utensils, this design allows for greater dexterity and control over the spoons and forks, perfect for those with a weakened grip, or Parkinson’s.

In total, the weight of each utensil is 6 ounces – slightly lighter than others, but still heavy, nonetheless.

  • 6 ounce weight for each utensil
  • Flexible stainless steel and dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip grip and wider handle

3. Kinsman Premium Weighted Utensils

The best of the best? This is it. Kinsman have created some of the finest weighted utensils for tremors available on the market, and they’ve already been praised by thousands for their effectiveness again hand tremors at the dinner table.

So…how much do they weigh? In total, around 7.2 ounces each, around 3-4 times heavier than traditional utensils. Keep in mind, that’s for everything in the set – the knife, fork, spoon, and soup spoon.

You will be paying a slightly higher price for this set of weighted utensils, but if you’re after something stylish, durable, and already tried and tested to work, go no further.

The Kinsman weighted utensils will almost guarantee those with tremors will be able to reclaim their eating independence.

  • Stylish 18.0 stainless steel (0% nickel)
  • Praised by thousands of customers
  • Some of the best weighted utensils on the market

4. Elder Store Weighted Eating Utensils

These weighted utensils sold by Elderstore are some of the heaviest and longest available. Weighing around 8 ounces each, and coming in at 8-9″ long.

They’ve been specifically designed and weighted to reduce tremors whilst eating, perfect for those with Parkinson’s. Additionally, the handles are contoured with finger grooves to pick up and grasp easily. Unfortunately, they aren’t non-slip.

They’re made from stainless steel, a popular choice for manufacturers of weighted utensils, and with their handle, are completely dishwasher safe.

You can choose a 4-piece or 5-piece set, with the 4-piece containing a knife, fork, teaspoon, and soup spoon. The 5-piece comes with an extra tablespoon.

  • Some of the heaviest weighted utensils available
  • Stainless steel with countered finger grooves in handle
  • 4 of 5-piece set to choose from

Your 2022 Weighted Utensil Guide

What are Weighted Utensils Used For?

Weighted utensils were created for one purpose – to allow people to reclaim their eating independence.

Some people, unfortunately, are slightly different to the masses, which causes them to have hand tremors. One of the most common causes of hand tremors is by an essential tremor.

An essential tremor is a neurological disorder affecting the central nervous system. It causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking, affecting any part of the body, most commonly in hands. And as we do hundreds of tasks everyday with our hands, even a slight tremor can have a dramatic effect – particularly when eating or drinking.


Keep in mind, an essential tremor is not Parkinson’s disease – which can also cause hand tremors. An essential tremor is typically not dangerous, but can worse over time and become severe.

Whichever type of tremor you or someone you care for has, weighted spoons and other utensils are a perfect way to bring back eating independence.

It’s unclear exactly when weighted utensils were first used to treat tremors, but it can be safely assumed they’ve already been around for decades. And with the millions of users already praising their effectiveness, it’s likely they’ll continue to be used for decades to come.

Another took many people use to calm down, not necessarily for tremors, but for your overall senses, is by using a weighed lap pad. Many people, and studies, have shown they are wholly effective in calming restlessness, inability to sit still, and can help concentration over longer periods of time.

How Heavy Should Your Spoons and Forks Be?

Most weighted utensils are all made with a similar end-weight, around 6-8 ounces. They’re around 3-4 times heavier than traditional utensils.

So, should you go a bit lighter or a bit heavier? That depends on who’s going to be using them, and how intense the tremors are.

If the tremors are quite rigorous, you’ll want to get the heaviest spoons and forks available. On the other hand, if they’re slight, a lighter weight should do the trick.


You’ll also need to keep in mind the strength of the user. Put it this way, how would you cope using an everyday item, but now it’s suddenly 4 times heavier than before. Your muscles wouldn’t take to kindly to it.

Although a couple of ounces might not seem like that much of a difference in weight, it can be if you’re using items multiple times a day.

Another product in your home which may benefit greatly by simply adding a little weight to it, is your shower curtains. Weighted shower curtains are fantastic for stopping water from spilling outside and onto the bathroom floor.

Should You Go Motorized?

If you’re thinking about buying weighted utensils, you’ve probably already seen various other products using self-stabilizing technology and in-built motorizing to further reclaim eating independence.

Two of the largest companies creating these spoons are Liftware and Gyenno. Here’s a short video from Liftware showing you how the technology works:

Fantastic, right? So why would you both with weighted utensils when technology like this is available?

For starters – the cost. At the technology is still relatively new, there’s yet to be any major breakthroughs in cost reduction, meaning you’re going to be paying upwards of $150 for a single spoon.

On top of that, as the device is motorized, it needs a battery. And a battery needs to be recharged. Not everyone agrees with the thought of having to recharge your spoon every time you eat.

Traditional weight utensils are simply, easy to clean, relatively cheap, and still achieve the same outcome, even if the new technology is slightly better.


Tremors and involuntary hand movements can make the simplest of tasks become unbearable and difficult to complete – such as sitting down to enjoy an everyday meal.

One cost-effective, and practical way of reducing these tremors, commonly caused by a neurological disorder of Parkinson’s, is by using weighted utensils.

The weighted utensils you find listed above are some of the best on the market, and the most praised.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us an email.

Here’s to reclaiming eating independence!

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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