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Weighted Vests For Kids: Everything You Need To Know

Weighted Vests For Kids Everything You Need To Know

1. F&F Blue Weighted Vest

This is your stock standard weighted vest that ticks all the boxes a child’s weighted vest should. It’s minimal design and comfortable material means it’ll match with almost any child. Just two of the many reasons why this Fun and Function vest is our best choice.


2. ZooVaa Weighted Vest for Kids

One of the best value children’s weighted vests on the market today. It’s made from 100% cotton and comes in a generic dark grey/black color to match all clothing. 3lbs of adjustable weights are already included with the vest.


3. F&F Blue Weighted Kids Compression Vest

The weighted vest doubling as a compression vest for a sense of deep pressure along with the feeling of a constant warm hug. What more could you ask for? Fun and Function have been in the business of children’s weighted vests for many years now.

You’ve likely already heard of the famous weighted blankets praised by millions around the world for their benefits, but what about the lesser known alternative – the weighted vest. Specifically, how can a weighted vest benefit your children and do they actually work?

Keep in mind, weighted vests can be used by people of all ages, but we’ll be focusing on weighted vests for kids here. They’ve become so popular, some schools in Germany have them readily available in classes for children who need them.

Still on the fence on whether to buy one? Scroll a little further down to learn everything you need to know about weighted vests for your children.

Similarly, if you don’t think a weighted vest is right for your child, why not start out with a weighted stuffed animal instead. On top of providing a relief to restlessness, they’re warm, adorable, and perfect for cuddling.

Already set on buying one? Here are the best weighted vests for kids available today:

1. F&F Blue Weighted Vest

One of the main concerns for parents looking for a weighted vest for their children is the appearance. For kids who are already a little bit different than the rest, they don’t want to stand out even more by wearing something that’ll point out that they are different.

Which is why the low profile and simple design of this Fun and Function weighted vest if perfect for your child. It comes in three different sizes – small, medium, and large. If you’re child is between the ages of 2-11, there will be a size for them.

The weighted vest comes with up to 2lbs of additional weights, which can be adjusted to suit whatever your child prefers. The most common measurement to begin with is 5% of your child’s weight. But it’s also recommended to never exceed 10-15%.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a compression vest, just a weighted vest for your child. If you’re after a combination of both, scroll a it further down – Fun and Function have a children’s weighted compression as well. Although it costs a little more.

  • Different sizes suitable for children between 2-11
  • Simple, low-profile design so as to not stand out
  • Up to 2lbs of adjustable weights included

2. ZooVaa Weighted Vest For Kids

ZooVaa’s weighted vest for children is made from 100% cotton for a comfortable design. They’ve gone with a dark gray/black color for their vest which will match with almost any of the clothes they have underneath.

The vest itself also offers a cosy compression – letting the vest act as both a weighted vest and one that feels like a warm hug.

In terms of weight, the vest comes with 3lbs in total – 4 * 3/8lb weights for the back, and 2 * 3/4lb weights for the front. Play with different weight combinations to see which one your child prefers.

Although the vest itself looks to be quite warm, the material is quite breathable allowing it to be worn in warm conditions as well.

  • Two sizes available for kids between 3-8
  • 100% cotton with stretchy elastic sides
  • Weights secured in place with velcro pockets

3. F&F Blue Weighted Kids Compression Vest

Although we’re looking at kids weighted vest, this vest by Fun & Function is available for children between 18 months, all the way up to young adults. There are a total of 6 different sizes to choose from so you’ll be almost guaranteed a perfect fit.

It’s their best selling and their original weighted vest. Remember, this isn’t only a weighted vest, it’s a compression vest as well. Meaning it’s stretchy neoprene sides provide a feeling resembling a comfortable hug.

An additional 2lbs of weight can be added to the vest. 4 * 1/4lbs and 2 * 1/2lbs. Play with a few different weight combinations and see which one your child prefers the most.

  • One of the best selling vests on the market
  • Breathable, yes cosy material
  • 2lbs of weight included, can carry up to 5lbs in total

4. ZooVaa Denim Childrens Weighted Vest

If you want your kid to be stylish yet still feel the same benefits as similar weighted vests, this denim jacket might be almost perfect for your child.

There are two version to choose from, a simple denim jacket or a denim vest with a hoodie – both look fantastic.

This vest comes in two sizes, a small and a large. Fitting children between the ages of 3-8 years.

All up, the vest includes 2lb of removable weights. 4 * 1/4lbs for the back, and 2 * 1/2lbs for the front – letting you and your child adjust the total weight so everyone’s smiling.

This weighted vest also claims to be a compression vest, but based on the style of the jacket and vest it’s difficult to tell how effective it is in this department.

  • Brilliant denim design in two different styles
  • Fits children between 3-8

5. Sensory Hugs Weighted Vest

Sensory Hugs Weighted Vest comes in five different sizes to it’s perfect to fit all children in all shapes and sizes.

The total weight that comes with each vest depends on which size you order. If you’re go for the X-Small, you’ll get 2lbs extra weight. X-Large and you’ll receive 8lbs. Remember – they come in incremental weights, so you can adjust the total weight exactly to how your child likes it.

Weight packets are also secured into the weighted vest by velcro (located about half way up the vest).

  • Range of sizes for children of all ages
  • Simple design so as to not stand out

Your 2022 Weighted Vest for Kids Guide

What is a Weighted Vest for Kids?

Weighted vests are used by many people (and dogs) for a range of different reasons. Some use heavy weighted vests to assist in exercise (similar to weighted jump ropes), which is similar for the case in dogs. In children, however, weighted vests are used for a completely different purpose.


Weighted vests have been around for quite a while now. Our research shows some of the earliest patents being filed in 1979 and 1984. Both of these, however, were designed for use in exercise, just like weighted shoes. Not similar to those vests you see above for children.

It’s all based on the Sensory Integration (SI) therapy technique of deep pressure.

The use of a weighted vest for your child applies deep pressure to assist them to relax and self-calm, allowing sensory stimulus to be far easier processed.

The vest puts pressure on the muscle and joints on the upper body, allowing them to feel and unconscious sense of calm.

Which is why weighted vests are perfect for children who are easily distracted, hyperactive, or lacking in concentration. They are also used to treat ADD, SID, and ADHD in children.

Weighted Vest Benefits for Children

The main benefits of weighted vests for children are those who experience symptoms relating to sensory overload. These symptoms can be behavioral, physical, and social.

Behavioral symptoms can include:

  • Withdrawing or disassociating when being touched
  • Reluctance to engage in creative activities
  • Inability to calm down after exercise or specific incidents

Physical symptoms relating to motor skills such as:

  • Poor balance
  • Becoming fatigued easily
  • General clumsiness

And finally, social symptoms range from some of the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Fearful of large crowds
  • Avoidance of basic social interactions

It’ll be a miracle to be seen if a weighted vest were to magically cure all these symptoms, but it’s highly unlikely.

What can be said, is that a weighted vest will be able to treat, with varying degree of margin depending on each individual child, each of the symptoms above (and more).

Don’t take our word for it, there are multiple studies showing the positive effects of weighted vests on children. A 2001 study found a significant increase in on-task behavior in children wearing a weighted vest compared to when not. A more recent study in 2014 found 110 children showed significant improvements to their attention, speed of processing, and responding.

Another study in 2011 found that:

"…learners diagnosed with ADHD have improved their in-seat behaviour and attention-to-task while wearing weighted vests in a school context."

It’s not all positive though, there are a few studies we found (one and two) which demonstrated no benefit for children using a weighted vest.

What Vest Material Should You Buy

As your child is likely going to be wearing the vest quite often, it’s quite important you select good quality material.

It needs to be durable, adaptive, comfortable, and easy to take care of and clean.


Thankfully, many of the manufacturers have been in the business for a while and have already ticked of all those requirements in the current weighted vests they sell.

Your child will more likely be happy in any of the five weighted vests for children you see above.

If you’re not 100% sure on which one you think they’ll like the best – ask them! Show them some pictures of each one and let them choose what they’ll be wearing.

How Heavy Should The Weighted Vest Be?

As a general guidance, you should weight the vest to about 5% of your child’s weight.

If they’re around 40lbs, weight the vest to around 2lbs (which is what most of the vests already come with).

If they’re a bit older and heavier at around 70lbs, around 3.5lbs should do the trick. You may have to purchase additional weights to fit inside as most of the weighted vests listed above only come with 2lbs initially.


It’s also recommended to not weigh the vest to more than 10% to 15% of your child’s total body weight. This could cause greater strain in their muscles and joints (similar to children using weighted baseballs – something no child should endure whilst their body is still growing.

On the other hand, once you’re an adult and your body is fully developed, using weighted products is a great way to further improve your endurance and strength. One of the reasons why weighted hula hoops have become massively popular all over the world.

Lastly – your child is your child. And they’re different from the child next door. If the recommended 5% doesn’t fit right, adjust it up or down slightly until they’re happy with what they’re wearing.

DIY Weighted Children’s Vest

Bit of a craftsy person and wondering whether or not you could make your own weighted vest for your child? Fantastic news! Plenty of folks have already proven it can be done.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we thought it’d be best to share some of the best tutorials we found.

The first one comes from the blog I Love My Kids. You can see the full tutorial here.

Alternatively, they also made a video of the tutorial:

The second one comes from Little Miss Kim’s Class. She uses a denim jacket similar to the one above in her tutorial.


To sum it up, although some studies have shown otherwise, many studies have proven the benefits of a weighted vest on children with experiencing difficulty with their sensors.

They help to calm, reassure, and relieve children of tension and anxiety relating from an overload of sensory using the Sensory Integration therapy technique of deep pressure.

Children’s weighted vests have been around for a while now, and there are plenty of different options to choose from.

We’ve listed some of the best right here at Weighted Living.

On a slightly similar note, if you have a dog in your family that can get a little restless at times as well, have you thought about a weighted vest for them? There are some amazing weighted vests for dogs available, all proven and tested to be well worth a look.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a message.

Mike Horton (head of Weighted Living)

by Mike Horton

Mike is one of the lead editors at Weighted Living and the author of this article. He's become fascinated with weighted products (a bit too much we think) and loves to see all the different ways they can improve our loves. He's written quite a few weighted product guides as well.

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