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What are Weighted Body Pillows Good for?

what are weighted body pillows good for

Good sleep replenishes our bodies and minds for the next day. Getting proper sleep allows our muscles and brains to recover from all the stress they’ve encountered throughout the day. This keeps us healthy and will enable us to go full-speed ahead the next day, no matter what. Nowadays, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy. Sleeping with a weighted pillow is becoming more and more popular these days. These pillows promote healthy sleep and are helpful in many ways.

Whether you sleep on your side, suffer back pain, or are pregnant, you may benefit from a body pillow. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive overview of what weighted body pillows can do for you. Continue reading!

What are Weighted Body Pillows Good for?

Weighted Body Pillows: What are they?

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Weighted Body Pillows are bulky pillows available in different sizes, lengths, and filling materials, depending on your preferences. The position of a weighted body pillow between your knees and against your length improves spinal alignment while you sleep on your side. Additionally, it can relieve pressure points caused by uncomfortable sleeping positions. People of all ages can benefit from weighted blankets because they can be used for various conditions.

What are Weighted Body Pillows Good for?

There are so many benefits to sleeping with weighted body pillows, including coziness and comfort. Here are a few reasons you might benefit from using weighted body pillows.

Reduces Tossing and Turning

The worst part of falling asleep at night is tossing and turning all night long. This causes your body to become restless, causing you to feel uncomfortable. There seems to be no end to the search for the correct sleeping position for your body. The tossing and turning can be reduced with a weighted body pillow. You sleep better when you hold onto something supportive, such as a weighted body pillow.

Enhances Body Performance

Weighted body pillows can do incredible wonders for your body, especially if you’re an athlete. A weighted body pillow helps athletes achieve the highest level of restorative sleep, thus enhancing the recovery process of their bodies at night. If athletes are well rested, they gain and maintain a competitive advantage. While ensuring deep, restorative sleep, a weighted body pillow provides comfort and support to athletes. An athlete can also greatly benefit from a weighted body pillow when recovering from an injury.

Reduce the Pain in Your Back

The use of a weighted body pillow can relieve back pain. An appropriate body pillow can help keep your spine in proper alignment and decrease your pain if you suffer from a herniated disk. When lying on a weighted body pillow, one’s spine and limbs are adjusted naturally, alleviating lower back pain, sciatica, and herniated or bulging discs.

Blood Circulation & Weight Distribution Improved

During sleep on your side, your hip and shoulder carry most of your weight. If you add a weighted body pillow to your sleep routine, the weight will be more evenly distributed throughout your body. A weighted pillow between your legs will also slightly elevate them, encouraging blood circulation.

Pregnancy Discomfort Alleviated

Pregnant women or anyone who prefers to sleep on their side will benefit from weighted body pillows as they balance the belly and the back. Back, hip, leg, and abdomen discomfort can be alleviated by a weighted body pillow during pregnancy. Unlike regular pillows, a weighted body pillow keeps the entire body aligned from shoulders to ankles. It eliminates the need for multiple pillows and the distractions of managing pillows.

Reduce Snoring

The position in which you sleep affects whether or not you snore. Snoring is most common among people who sleep on their backs. During sleep, the tongue falls backward, and the airways narrow. Snoring occurs when the walls of the throat vibrate during breathing. A weighted body pillow can also help reduce snoring when side sleeping, helping both the person snoring and their partner sleep better.

Taking care of your Stress

The comfort of embracing a weighted body pillow also aids in lowering the heart rate, aiding in faster sleep. A hug releases oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress, calms the nervous system, and warms us.

Avoid Hip Pains

Sleeping on your side involves crossing one leg over the other. Legs lower than the knee receive proper support, but legs above the knee do not. The hip muscles are put under pressure, which can cause hip pain. A wrong sleeping position can also aggravate hip pain caused by arthritis or tendon strain. To prevent hip pressure, you must ensure that your legs are properly supported. Since weighted body pillows can be easily adjusted to fit different sleeping positions, they are ideal for use. 

Ensures a Good Night's Sleep

Even if you don’t often suffer from insomnia, one bad night can make you feel fatigued the next day, reducing productivity and making you unhappy. There are many ways in which this can impact your work and relationships. Despite getting enough sleep, you may still feel tired if your sleep quality is poor. Using a weighted pillow can significantly improve your sleep schedule, especially if you wake up due to stress and anxiety. To ensure you get the rest you deserve, they can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Use of Weighted Body Pillows: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to body pillows, what should I look for?

You first need to consider how you will use your body pillow. Are you considering it as a way to relieve pain after surgeries or during pregnancy? Does the body pillow help you switch from back to side sleeping? Identifying how you will use it will help you choose the right type.

The shape is an important factor to consider when choosing a body pillow. A variety of forms can be helpful for a variety of conditions. The I-shaped pillow is the most basic, allowing you to rest your head and legs on it. Pregnant women can benefit from special shapes like the U-shape. Lastly, consider the pillow’s fill and its warranty and sleep trial.

What is the best way to wash a body pillow?

Some body pillows are machine washable. Most of these items can be washed independently, but the manufacturer should follow instructions. Pillow covers should be washed every one to two weeks, and pillows every six months. Some items are only able to be spot-cleaned. However, their covers can be washed. The life expectancy of washable pillows is reported to be longer by some users.

Weighted Body Pillows: Conclusion

Various materials, shapes, and sizes are available for weighted body pillows. Evidence shows that they can help some people feel more comfortable sleeping. Pregnant women or those suffering from posture-related back pain may benefit most from them. A limited amount of research has been conducted on the potential benefits of weighted body pillows. Patients with persistent sleep disturbances should consult a doctor.

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