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What is a Weighted Shift Knob? What Do They Do?

what is a weighted shift knob

Whether your ride is automatic or manual, you want it to be stylish, dependable and stacked with features. Anyone who’s driven a race car for a while will likely tell you how vital it is to have a good shift knob while driving. Despite its seeming trivial nature, this interior accessory does much more than one simple job. The difference that an aftermarket shift knob makes might surprise you once you install it. 

Automakers must take into account a variety of functions while manufacturing their vehicles, which is why most factory shift knobs are plain and boring. Even though some sports cars have better options, very few will feel as good as a shift knob installed aftermarket. A weighted shift knob makes it easy to shift and accelerate faster and shows off your sense of style.

What is a Weighted Shift Knob? What Do They Do?

What is a Weighted Shift Knob?

Mishimoto MMSK-BK Weighted Shift Knob Black

Shift knobs are also called gear knobs, gear shift knobs, and stick shift knobs, and they serve as the physical interface between the driver’s hand and the gear stick. The shifting knobs replace most manual transmission shifting knobs, adding a luxurious touch to your car.

The mechanism behind a weighted shift knob is what allows for smoother, faster shifting. These knobs have a metal construction and a weighted end. The knob has a hole in the middle. The weighted end rotates as you press the clutch pedal, allowing the gears to shift. Moreover, the weight and mass of a shift knob serve to dampen and thus reduce the vibrations you feel while shifting. 

Aside from looking great inside your car, the heavyweight shift knob also adds a bit of functionality and performance. They can shift faster and smoother with their solid construction and extra heft. This shift knob uses a modular, threaded insert design that makes it compatible with nearly any application.

What Do Weighted Shift Knobs Do?

On weighted shift knobs, the shafts are weighted at the ends. This allows users to grasp and lean on them for a better shift. Your car or truck will shift gears faster when you have this advantage. This is the same concept, apart from the fact that a weighted shift knob will greatly assist you in changing transmission gears in a car or truck.

Also, ensuring that your vehicle is properly installed with weighted shift knobs is vital. The way they are designed, you need to tighten them with a ratchet-like device. You can do this by turning the wrench under the steering wheel or behind the dashboard. Ensure that you have a firm grip on the shift knob and that it is tightened evenly and firmly. 

Please do not overdo it, or you may damage the shaft’s threads. It’s a good idea to grease your hands before installing the weighted shift knobs. By greasing your hands, the process will be easier and less frustrating.

How to Install Weighted Shift Knob?

Your next step is to choose where you want your weighted shift knob to go. Getting rid of everything nailed down is the first thing you should do. It is necessary to remove the boards, screws, and other types of fasteners that are holding things together. Check around to see if you can find anything that can be used as a weight. For example, you can use a small brick, a large stone, or even a few pennies. Make sure what you use is something you no longer need. 

To do this, all you have to do is place the weighted shift knob on the floor of the car, which is easy for you to reach. After that, you can take a few pieces of paper or cardboard and put a few pennies or other heavy objects on the paper or cardboard. Afterward, wrap a paper or cardboard strip around your weighted shift knob. Once that’s done, you’ll need to place the other end of the strip near your weighted shift knob on the car’s floor.

Choosing Right Shift Knob

Clidr 6 Speed Manual Transmission weighted Shift Knob

How can you narrow down your choice among dozens of aftermarket shift knobs? Even if you can feel the item’s weight in your hands, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Most enthusiasts shop according to style and finish, choosing an option that most complements their home. 

There are many options available for weighted shift knobs. However, many people only use mass series weighted knobs. In other words, all weights in the weighted system will be added and subtracted simultaneously. 

Others only use the hybrid knob system. Consequently, they will only make changes to some of the weights at the same time. However, others use a circuit series weighted knob. There will, therefore, only be one group of weights added or subtracted at a time. The stretcher, however, is a large plastic knob used to add or subtract large amounts of weight from the weighted system.

The most important thing is not what type of weighted shift knob you use but how well you use it. It doesn’t matter how good you are with the shift knob if you use the wrong type. To succeed, it is important to use the right tool for each job. Whenever you have questions about how to use a shift knob properly, ask a more experienced individual.

In general, a weighted shift knob makes shifting feel smoother and more precise since each shift is weighted. Choosing a weighted shift knob may be difficult if you’re unsure which one you prefer. We suggest trying one out before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Weighted Shift Knobs

Why is a heavy shift knob better?

As the weight of the shift knob makes it easier for the driver to shift into gear, the driver need not exert as much effort. On a manual car, you must focus more on selecting the right gear if the shift knobs are light. Contrary to this, the heavier the shift knob, the less you worry about it and can focus on driving.

So, which one should you pick for your car?

Getting a shift knob that is right for your transmission is important. Also, some knobs are only compatible with certain models, so check your car to ensure it is compatible. Universal knobs are also available, however. They are compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Another option that is even more versatile is a knob that can be used on manual and automatic cars.

What materials should be used for shift knobs?

Shift knobs made of metal tend to get very hot, so you might not want to use them if you live in a humid climate. You may want to opt for aluminum or stainless steel instead. Also, make sure the knob is heavy enough. While heavy, weighted knobs make shifting easier, you may prefer lighter knobs. It is all a matter of personal preference.

What is the best shift knob length?

When you increase the length or height of a shift knob, you increase the leverage within the system. Although your shift throws become longer, you’ve decreased the linear force required to impart the same amount of torque.

Is a weighted shift knob worth it?

Modern cars use weighted gear shift knobs for a specific and beneficial purpose beyond just enhancing the vehicle’s looks: improving the driving experience. Smoother Shifts Are Possible: Adding a weighted shift knob provides smoother shifts in several ways.

Why is a New Shift Knob Necessary?

You can control the different driving modes of your car with a shift knob. The knob can be customized to fit your preferences. Shifting becomes crisper and more reliable with weighted gear knobs. There is a noticeable difference! 

So what are weighted shift knobs? Weighed gear knobs provide a smooth and controlled shift. You can fine-tune your car’s gears with a weighted shifter, also known as a shift knob. Weighted shifts allow you to keep the clutch engaged while changing gears. As a result, it’s much easier to shift gears and maintain your speed.


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